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So this series is about the music listed in books or the author's website listing the music they listened to while creating the series as well as Music that popped into my head while reading.  When I was a kid I would always read with music on, after a while I noticed that when the song came on I would remember the plot, the characters, and even some fond memories of what I was doing when I was reading, was I traveling with my family to vacation, or was I with my girlfriends reading a 'dirty' book/magazine?? I have found many great artists, and bands all based on the books I have been reading and I thought I would share with you as well.
Each week, on Mondays, a book that has struck a cord with me will be featured with the soundtrack for the book, you will have the songs listed and then I will add in the Youtube playlist as well. They are arranged by book genre.


Young Adult/New Adult

Katie McGarry


Billion Dollar Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Check this page for all the playlists and make sure to check out the books and show the artists some love as well!!

Happy Reading
and Happy Listening

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