2022 Christine Feehan Challenge

 Hi my loves,

Once again I have decided to challenge myself to read all the books on my shelves by a single author and since I've been catching up on the Carpathian Series I figured I would read the other series and single titles on my shelves.  Christine is one of the few authors that I have several titles from her in each of her series and I want to get them read and moved to the read bookshelf this year. let's see how many I can complete.

Here is a list of the books from each of her series that I haven't read yet:

Torpedo Ink:
Books: 7
Read: 5
  1. Judgment Road June 2018
  2. Vengeance Road  August 2020
  3. Vendetta Road  August 2020
  4. Desolation Road   August 2020
  5. Reckless Road Published 2021
  6. Annihilation Road Publishing: December 2021 CURRENTLY READING
  7. Savage Road Publishing 2022
Drake Sisters Series:
Books in Series: 7
Read: 0
  1. Magic In the Wind
  2. Twilight Before Christmas
  3. Oceans of Fire
  4. Dangerous Tides
  5. Safe Harbour
  6. Forbidden Series
  7. Hidden Currents
Leopard Series:
Books In Series: 11
Read: 0
  1. Fantasy 
  2. Wild Rain
  3. Fever
  4. Burning Wild
  5. Wild Fire
  6. Savage nature
  7. Cats Lai
  8. Wild Cat
  9. Leopard Prey
  10. Leopard's Fury
  11. Leopard's Blood
  12. Leopard's Run
GhostWalker Series:
Books In Series: 18
Read in 2021: 16
  1. Phantom Game
  2. Lightning Game
  3. Lethal Game
  4. Toxic Game
  5. Covert Game
  6. Power Game
  7. Spider Game
  8. Viper Game
  9. Samurai Game
  10. Ruthless Game
  11. Street Game
  12. Murder Game
  13. Predatory Game
  14. Deadly Game
  15. Conspiracy Game
  16. Night Game
  17. Mind Game 
  18. Shadow Game July 2018
Single Titles (Not a part of any particular series)
  1. A Very Gothic Christmas
  2. Shadows of Christmas Past
Carpathian Series
Completely Caught Up!!!

Books in Series: 6
Read in 2020 : 6
  1. Water Bound
  2. Spirit Bound
  3. Air Bound
  4. Earth Bound
  5. Fire Bound
  6. Bound Together
Shadow Series
Books: 6
Read: 6
  1. Shadow Rider
  2. Shadow Reaper
  3. Shadow Keeper
  4. Shadow Warrior  2019 Release 
  5. Shadow Flight 2020 Release 
  6. Shadow Storm 2021 Release
For 2021 I'm only trying to read 10 of these books off the shelf so any ten will do from any of the series.  Let me know if you have read these before or if you would like to buddy read these and we can work something out.

Good luck in whatever challenges you are trying out this year my loves and I will check in periodically to let you know how I'm doing.

Happy Reading

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