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Book #Review: Better When He's Bold (Welome To The Point 2) by .@JayCrownover

Book Title: Better When He's Bold (Point 2)
Author:  Jay Crownover |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: William Morrow
Genre: New Adult Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Trade Paperback
Cost: $13.99
Pages: 400
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: Feb 3rd, 2015
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Some men are just better when they're bold. Welcome to the Point... In a dark and broken kingdom, a ruler has to be fearless to control the streets and the ruthless people who run them. Race Hartman is just bold enough, just smart enough, and just lost enough to wear the crown. Places like the Point will always have bad things and bad people, but the man in control of all that badness can minimize the devastation. Race has a plan, but can he prevent total annihilation without destroying himself? Brysen Carter has always seen her best friend's brother for what he is--too pretty, too smooth, and way too dangerous to touch. Basking in Race's golden glow is very tempting, but Brysen knows she'd eventually get burned. When she starts receiving threatening texts and someone tries to take her out in parking lot, the only person interested in keeping her safe is the one man she can't allow herself to have. Sometimes being bold is the only way to stay alive. But can she let Race save her life . . . if it means losing herself to him?
Welcome back to the Point my loves, strap in because it's going to be a wild ride.  We know Race is more than he appears, and now the Point wants him to prove it, the Point learned in the last book that Bax was not the one to test, so now it's Race's turn.

Race is from the Hill where the wealthy of this town reside, and yet so many of the people there have faces they don't want others to see.  Race's dad was one of these men, and his actions are what set the first book in motion.  As we met Brysen and find out how much she really likes Race, we start to see the human side of Race, now he's not just Dovie's brother and Bax's best friend, he's a guy who likes to see the best in people and is trying to do more for the city that's just about ready to burn.

As Race grows in power, so does an enemy; one who isn't stopping at just trying to get the money, no, this enemy is going for blood, because they want the city and aren't afraid to hurt those now in power to get it.   At the same time Brysen has someone working to tear apart her life and we don't get to see how badly they have hurt her until the middle of the book but damn, her stalker is hella crazy.  Brysen couldn't understand why this was happening and I don't rightly blame her, she's a good kid trying to stay afloat while her parents have just about given up on life.  As you're reading you realize trying to be the good guy doesn't always work and that being completely evil won't work either and you realize that Race, who is walking that fine line is going to have to make some decisions, on how far he's willing to go to protect the city from men like his father, and still not end up as one of them.  Because we all know absolute power corrupts absolutely.  It's interesting to see him realize this and watch as he and Bax figure out their way to not just being anchors, but creating and having their own safe anchors and safe zones.

Brysen and Race finally give in to their attraction and it's hot as heck to read.  I loved that they were so close before and even though they seemed to have very different lives, so much of who they were matched.  I loved how Race was with her, and how he made her laugh and want to be a regular college kid one who isn't carrying the weight that she was. I loved that Bry became someone who Race comfortable with.  I loved Brysen's sister and their relationship and how much Bry was willing to do to make life normal for her.  Where others might have called it quits she stick around and fights to help make life easier and she's doing so well before more and more of her family secrets become revealed.  As she realizes how far down the rabbit hole her family has traversed she seeks comfort from Race and here she gets to be herself. I loved seeing that as they both have so much going on yet they find each other.

As her stalker escalates, and the city starts to unravel and more bodies hit the ground, Race steps closer and does his best to help her and protect her and her sister.  I loved the glimpses of others we got to see as their relationship expands and they fight to stay alive. There are a few moments in this story where I was like "really" I'm not sure I could be with a man I know makes money via some shady businesses that might include prostitution (Let's be clear, Jay NEVER says that, however?? Nassir sells a whole lot of stuff, including sex, how do I know all of those girls are legal and are there because they want to be??)   This is of course one of the things Race brings up when he talks to Brysen, he pointed out that his life isn't easy and he can't always rely on the cops (the supposed good guys) to be the ones to help, I 'm glad he pointed that out because it's a big thing to not have that 'safety' net.  I loved reading Dovie's speech to her and realizing how much their stories were alike and yet so different. I really enjoyed seeing the couple again and watching Bax and Race work towards being where they were before.  I also loved meeting Titus even more than before and I'm sure that man is a whole lot deeper than we have been told.

 I want Race's partner Nassir ( because I really want to know what makes that man tick) to get a story.  I really want more from the point even if it isn't the story of the three friends and brothers. I want his nerdy friend who looked into Bry's laptop, the bodyguard who helped them in the end. I want her sister's story because I'm sure I know who she's going to end up with and I'm kinda excited for it.

This one had a bigger mystery than Bax's story and it helped to carry the story arc that was just beginning to be seen in Better When He's Bad. I loved that Jay didn't try to fix it all in this book and I have already ordered the next one (it's finally up for preorder y'all ).  I can't wait to learn more about their enemy, about Titus, about Nassir and of course see the Point from my nice safe home.

Have you read it?? If you haven't I suggest going in on Better When He's Bad and then getting this one
Happy Reading

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