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Book #Review: Falling For Rachel (The Stanislaskis 3) by Nora Roberts

Book Title: Falling For Rachel ( The Stanislaskis, Those Wild Ukrainians 3)
Author:  Nora Roberts |WebsiteFacebook
Publisher:  Silhouette
Genre: Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 3
Format: ebook, Mass Market
Cost: $4.99
Pages: 253
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: April 1, 1993
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Landlocked in Manhattan, rough-and-ready seaman Zackary Muldoon needed a street-smart, two-fisted attorney to save his kid brother's delinquent hide. What he got was a long-legged lady lawyer clad in sophisticated silks. Public defender Rachel Stanislaki made Zack's blood boil...and his loins ache.

No endless voyage had ever had him hungering for a female the way one day in court with this woman did. He'd have to give Rachel a wide berth...before she trimmed his sails forever...and anchored him with unquenchable desire.
This is the third siblings' story, and this is Rachel the only one born here in the US. A lawyer by trade she's living the life she wants in midtown Manhattan in a shoebox of an apartment (because really it's what she can afford on her shoestring paycheck), but she's made it hers.  I really enjoy these family stories where they get along so well and are tight-knit because that's my family, and they are also immigrants which make this also relatable. Rachel isn't the baby but she's close and she loves her family and her job. She takes on a client who has seemingly no one to help him after he gets himself involved with a gang and their crimes, and she knows if given the chance he would thrive, so she goes to bat for him.

In doing so she runs into her client's big brother who mistakenly believes she's just some girl his brother is dating. And the client doesn't help matters because even though he's nineteen he thinks he's grown and is attracted to her.  This leads to an interesting miscommunication that Rachel believed she cleared up but only made more complicated because she kept skirting the issue instead of meeting it head-on.

This story had the tightknit Stanishlaskis once again coming to the rescue of this smaller family who has little to no community.  The two brothers were wary around each other due to their circumstances growing up and the disappointment of having your hero leave you in a jam.  The two brothers were trying so hard to not need each other and yet they clearly did.  Being the awesome family that they are the Stanislaskis allow others to embrace being who they are without judgment and actually encourage the talents among them. I loved how Rachel reached Nick when he was still trying to hold himself back.

This is told from a few points of view to allow us to see how the story completely unfolds, mostly told from Rachel and Zach's POV. We get glimpses of the whole family because Sunday dinner is a thing. I loved that Kate as a baby embraced Nick and that the younger daughter was just in love.  The story has many great moments that embrace the differences in culture and what family looks like to everyone. I love Rach and Zach as a couple, as they work to figure out how they can work it out with him being his brother's guardian and she being his lawyer. I loved that she had mentors who saw what she could be and encouraged her to pursue those dreams.

In the end, we take on a bit of what happens when you embrace the streets when looking for family, what a found family looks like, what love can be and what healthy family dynamics can create. I love it and recommend highly.
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