Saturday, February 20, 2021

How It's Going so Far in 2021

Dear readers,( my loves) 

Normally by now, we would be in the full swing of things here on the blog, I would have had my 30 days (ish) of posts about the new year and goals and objectives, I would have shared the fun challenges I'm giving myself t this year and all the books I want to tackle.

Last year (2020 as a whole) was exhausting, the need to stay on top of all that was happening in healthcare (it's my chosen career field and where I currently work) and staying abreast of all the abuses of power taking place in the world really knocked me for a loop. I couldn't find it in me to get lost in a book, I was in preservation/ survival mode. I didn't really come out of it until after January 20th and to be real I'll probably never be the same.  As many of us will never be the same. We survived four years of gaslighting, four years of abuse, and trying to live in a panorama, it's beyond depressing.

I can honestly say if I hadn't gone to therapy and gotten some new techniques on how to handle trauma then I wouldn't honestly know where I would be and what kind of state I would be in. 2020 has been the first year since I've learned to read as a child that I can say I never read a pleasure book or any kind of book beyond work material ever. I've never not read for a whole year, I almost didn't buy any books last year either, I stopped using my planners, I stopped tracking everything, beyond March of 2020 I went into survival mode and focused on getting things done to stay ahead of what was happening and nothing more.

I want 2021 to be different. Already it is different. I have used my Scribd subscription I have borrowed books and listened and read them from the library. I've actually purchased books to have on my shelves (some of which were the ones from last year that I missed). I've actually gone back into my socials and am participating again. I've started filming for youtube again and here I am writing a blog post.  It feels like coming out a fog, I'm not just focused on survival now, now I want to go back to living & finding ways in which to thrive.  

I'm not setting some elaborate goals for the blog or the youtube channel. My goals this year are to get back into reading and enjoy it. 2020 really helped me realize with all the drama that was going on and all the people who kept outing themselves as trash authors that I don't want or need on my shelves anymore, 2021 is going to be a year of serious purging. I'm going to be getting rid of a few read & unread books by authors that are problematic and those that are just plain racist trash. Come along with me on this journey as I purge, curate, and purchase the kind of library I will love and hold onto.  (until the next author outs themselves as trash.) 

How has your year been??? Are you finding yourself struggling to get lost in a good book as well?? Or were you able to hide from 2020 between the pages??? Share some of your favorites with me cause boy do I need them. 

Thank You for stopping by and taking to the time to read, & comment (if you do comment).