2024 Brenda Jackson Challenge


Hi my loves,

Welcome back to another yeah of reading Brenda's catalog. We're talking about one of my favorites and a great author Brenda Jackson. This woman is a fantastic prolific author, so much so that I'm behind on almost all her series because she writes faster than I can read. however, my challenge to myself this year is to really catch up on all her series. Last year I kicked but on the Westmoreland series and really got started on the Steele's the goal is to keep rolling through each series while maintaining our place with the newest books. 

I've been working my way through her back catalog for a few years, I've also kept up with the newest books coming out and the newest series being launched.  So from the original challenge of reading the Westmorelands I have branched out and been making my way through all the books!! Let's take a look at what's on the challenge for this year:

Westmoreland Series 
Books In Series: 22
Read in 2019: 14
Read in 2020: 7
Read in 2021; 14
Read In 2022:
Remaining: 2
  1. Seduced by A Stranger
  2. The Rancher Returns CURRENTLY READING 
Westmoreland Legacy : Outlaws 
Books In Series: (So Far ) 10
Read In Series: 9

  1. The Rancher Returns 

Madaris Series: 
Books In Series: 
  1. Tonight & Forever
  2. Cupid's Bow
  3. Whispered Promises
  4. Eternally Yours
  5. One Special Moment
  6. Fire & Desire
  7. Truly Everlasting
  8. Secret Love
  9. True Love
  10. Surrender
  11. Strictly Business
  12. The Midnight Hour
  13. The Madaris Saga
  14. Unfinished Business
  15. Slow Burn
  16. Taste of Passion 
  17. Sensual Confessions
  18. Inseparable
  19. Courting Justice ( Madaris Friends)
  20. A Madaris Bride for Christmas
  21. A Very Merry Romance
Steele Series
Books In Series: 13
Book Read: 12
Books Read in 2021: 4
Books Read in 2022: 8
  1. Irresistible Forces
Jefferies Series: 4
Books In Series: 2

  1. Spontaneous
  2. Conquering His Heart   included in Tis’ The Season for Romance Anthology
Bennett Family Series:
Books In Series: 9
Remaining: 7
  1. Forever Mine 2.5
  2. What A Woman Wants
  3. Her Little Black Book
  4. Tis The Season..For Romance 4.5
  5. The Bennetts Wedding (02/2020) Duet (2 Stories) 
  6. A Family Reunion 
Men of Action Series: (Granger Series Spin-Off)
Books In Series( So Far):

Plays Series:
Books In Series: 4
Remaining: 4

  1.  The Playa’s Handbook - November 2004 
  2. No More Playas (Lance Montgomery) October 2005 
  3. What A Woman Wants (Lyle Montgomery) January 2007 
  4. At Long Last (Logan Montgomery) October 2018 
Catalina Cove Series: 
Books In Series (so far) : 7
Read: 7

Single Titles:
  • Entangled Pursuits
Bachelor In Demand Series: COMPLETED
Books In Series: 5
Read: 5
Remaining: 0

Perfect Series: COMPLETED
Books In Series: 2

The Grand Total is 37 Books to be read this year. if I break that down to 4 books per month that is totally doable. 

What are you challenging yourself to do this year?? Share in the comments down below and if you're looking to buddy read let me know.  

Happy Reading and Good Luck with your reading goals this year.

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