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2017 Monthly Wrap Up: August

Yearly Goal: 365   
Current Balance: 281
Monthly Goal:   30
Books Read This Month: 7
Balance:  274

So this was a terrible reading month for me. I got stuck in a godawful book and I didn't want to be defeated but eventually I had to DNF for my sanity, all though I was maybe 75 pages left I just couldn't do it.  I literally hated reading because of this book, so yeah took a while to get over that funk and move on so that's why my month sucked.
  • Christine Feehan Book
  • Non Fiction Book
  • Lora Leigh Challenge Nauti , & Elite OPS
  • J. D. Robb 
  • Nora Roberts
  • Erotica Challenge book Bound to Submit by Laura Kaye
  • Book from my shelves: Chase The Moon Dinah McCall; Pride & Pleasure by Sylvia Day
  • YA Challenge book All I Need by Susane Colasanti; So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti
  • Paranormal Challenge book 
  • New Adult Challenge Book
  • Book from 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge
  • Ebook Challenge Books Taming Lily by Monica Murphy; Just One Night by Kyra Davis
  • Brenda Jackson Challenge
  • Randomly Selected Book from previous monthly list
  • Austin In August Reading Challenge
  • Witches and Witchcraft Challenge book
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This month would have been a better reading month if it wasn't for the slump creator Just One Night this book was clearly not meant for me and I will be sharing in a review soon all the dang reasons why.

Share down below how your month, and reading year has been going and we can chat in the comments.  Happy Reading and good luck with all your goals this month. You can definitely make it happen.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Book #Review: Styx's Storm (Breed 22, Wolf 7) by .@LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Styx's Storm ( Breed 22 , Wolf 7)
Author: Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Parnaormal Romance/ Sci Fi
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: mass market
Cost: $5.99
Pages: 293
How I got it: Purchased
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |
Publication Date: October 2010
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When Storme Montague's father and brother are killed by the Breeds, her father's research is also destroyed -- except for a crucial data chip that both the Council and the Breeds would kill to possess. Betrayed to the Council, she is rescued by Styx, a Wolf Breed who is different from most other Breeds she has ever known. Storme has something he wants too -- but it's not a data chip. There's never been a woman who bad boy Styx couldn't seduce. But can the charmer of the Wolf Breeds charm the enemy? Or has the enemy come up with a plan of her own? A plan that could destroy the tentative balance the Breeds have created in society and among their allies -- and that may ultimately destroy them both...
Ok I'll be honest, this one wasn't my favorite out of the series. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best. I kind of almost hated the female protag.  She has a rough start but her head is so far up her ass she doesn't realize she isn't the only one who has suffered.

Storme was also a fave character of mine simply because she was able to stay ahead of Jonas for over ten years.  When the Breeds were being rescued form the Omega Lab, Storm's family is destroyed and they entrusted her with a file that was supposed to go to the Breeds, she runs tot he meeting place but having witnessed the devastation that is the rescue of the lab, she doesn't stay long enough for her contact to meet her, and off she goes into the world trying to stay ahead of those who want her dead, or to get to her for the information she has.  Now I totally get that she was a teenager when her family was killed and she was deeply scared and yet none of the compassion her father and brother had for the Breeds seemed to be ingrained in her.  She can't seem to differentiate between the Coyotes that are bad and the Breeds that are out and in the world trying to stay ahead of the Council.  Having grown up around them you would think she would have some compassion for them, and yet she's so effing hateful.  Ten years of running and you still can't seem to know who is bad and who isn't??

Styx is a funny and witty character, and I loved him as a mate.  He's perhaps honestly one of the few that doesn't just shove this onto his mate, not only does his beast hold back, but Styx himself refused to push his mate into mating without her consent or understanding what it meant.  However, she didn't really do anything to be worthy of him at all, she was hateful to him, to his friends and to his Alpha.  Granted the way Styx got her to come to the compound was kind of effed up, as she's a woman that's been on the run for so long she's lonely and thought she was getting one thing ad ended up with something else.

This story was very character driven, yet it also has so much action going on and we get some awesome meeting of the different factions of Breeds.  For me at times the characters didn't come through the way so many others have and I didn't feel like I connected to their motivations or emotions, so it felt flat and distant.

For the story the plot was very believable, the series keep s building the world of the Breeds shown to us previously in the other books.  it also lays down the ground work for the next few books in the queue.  Once agian if Jonas would stop manipulating and instead speak to people about what he needs he wouldn't have half the issues he does because he insists on manipulating everyone.   Since Lion's Heat we know why Jonas is now doing the things he is, however he would find that others would be more willing to help him if he didn't push them into it.  Granted he doesn't believe everyone has the same motivation as him, but they do, this is the future of the Breeds we are talking about and everyone who isn't a traitors jackass is here for saving it.

One thing I loved and still remember about the book is Styx's love for chocolate, and can I say he's a man after my own heart?!! And i just picture Jaimie from Outlander as his voice actor, everything was in his accent (lol)

While I may not remember or like the mate in this one as much as the others the revelations for the overarching story are very well burned into my brain and I can't wait to see how this begins to shake out into the other stories.

Happy Reading my loves, 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Book #Review: Lion's Heat (Breed 21, Feline 13) by @LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Lion's Heat (Breed 21, Feline 13)
Author: Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Mass Market
Cost: $6.99
Pages: 342
How I got it: Purchased
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |
Publication DateJan 2010
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Bad boy Jonas Wyatt's personal assistant, Rachel, has had a child—an innocent new life that has been put in grave danger because of Jonas' perilous games and calculations played in the shadow-world in which he lives: the dark and sensual world of the Breeds. Now, Rachel is making only one demand of Jonas: that he finally take responsibility and deliver on the protection that only he can give. Jonas has known for a long time that it is destiny that Rachel become his mate. He can sense it. He can also sense her reluctance. And for that, he refuses to claim her. He wants her on love alone and not because of the urge of the mating heat. But it is Jonas' destiny to claim her. And he will have his way.
"It was his luck. Jonas entered his cabin,stood aside and watched as Rachel walked in, knowing that every curse every ill thought his Enforcers had had concerning his turn at mating were most likely coming true."  
I cannot explain how highly anticipated this book was for me.  Jonas is one of the main Pride members, Callan's right hand and the bogeyman of the Breed world.  The adversary everyone knows, behind his back his Enforcers call him the Matchmaker (because every time Jonas assigns someone a new job they end up finding their mates, some fear him for this others can't wait).  After Jonas's plans would either fall apart but work out or simply fall right into place I kept saying I couldn't wait to meet the woman who would bring him to his knees, and for Jonas she would have to be strong.

Jonas's mate came to him because Jonas kept scaring away his assistants.  Knowing her friend needed a new place to land and start all over Merinus Prima of the Pride offered her the job, because she hired her Jonas couldn't directly defy her by firing her.  Of course knowing her job is secure no matter what Rachel is able to go toe to toe with Jonas Rachel's heart has been broken by a man who she thought was the one and she's now single and pregnant.  She's not leaving this job when it means being able to provide for her child.

Rachel has a quite strength, at first I thought a go getter like Diane would have been better, but Rachel has a way of making Jonas rethink his choices and hen he doesn't she gladly goes at him for being way to arrogant.  She's not brash, loud or even imposing in anyway and yet she is endeared by the Enforcers and manages Jonas quite well actually.  Her sister has always been the wild, seeking out adventures type so Rachel balanced her out by being more grounded.

I really loved seeing Jonas get his own mate; most don't realize how much Jonas has sacrificed and how much of himself he has given for the Breeds, and seeing him finally get his own piece of happiness makes me love him even more.  However this is Jonas and nothing is ever easy, even getting his mate. So much happens in this book, the world of the Breeds really expands, we see more Dane who takes front and center quite a bit.  we also get to see the Leo, and a ton of the Breeds come into Sanctuary and we get the story to take leaps and bounds into the deep plots and many different strings get pulled and we are finding ourselves seeing just how vast and deeply funded and aided the Council is. There are times that the Prime Leo tried my patience because my gawd he is arrogant, &manipulative, in other words Jonas when he's older.  However I want Leo to realize being Prime Leo doesn't give you carte blanche to be a dick to everyone.

This book gives us access to Jonas' thought processes and why he does what he does, we also here from Rachel quite a bit and I loved how at times their thoughts lines up.  While I enjoyed the story, I truly expected more from Jonas's story & from his mate.  I know logically he needs someone opposite to his brash nature, but at time Rachel seemed way too calm for the situation, way too collected which sometimes translated to being weak.  I expected a little more kick ass and brashness even though she manages Jonas in a way no one else is able to.  

I'm glad Jonas got a mate, this makes him even more dangerous now that he has a personal reason to fight.  We learn even more about the shocker we got at the ending of Bengal Heat   There were a few plot threads that were untouched, I'm not sure hat the villain hopes to accomplish by making demands but not sharing any information that will help them.  He's a true idiot.  His plot would only work if the scientist were still alive and if the Pride had all the information he thought they did but as e learned in the first few books, when they were being rescued, they had to fight their way out and that meant several of the scientist died and the information was destroyed which is why they are flying blind on Mating Heat and their own physiology.  So no information hidden and you have no idea what you have done, so how does this work now??

As you can tell I argued with this book and the characters quite a bit, snapping at Jonas for being an arrogant jackass which he definitely comes by naturally. I laughed at some of the high jinks and felt the kick to the chest that I was supposed to.  I however still didn't see all that was going to happen in the end; we knew it was going to be brutal and wild because of the hints that we were leading up to something big.

I highly recommend the series and of course Jonas's story because my favorite moments are Jonas's interactions with Rachel and with Amber.  He's sweeter on her than he ever was with Cassie and we know he's a total pushover when it comes to Cassie.

Happy Reading my loves, let me know what did you think of Rachel for Jonas?? Share down below so we can gush/rant together.  

Monday, August 28, 2017

Book #Review: Bengal's Heart (Breed 20, Feline 12) by @LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Bengal's Heart Breed 20, Feline 12
Author:  Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitter| Facebook|
Publisher:  Berkley
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci- Fi Romance,
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: mass market
Cost: $6.99
Pages: 352
How I got it: Purchased
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: August 2009
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Reporter Cassa Hawkins has always supported Breed rights-especially in light of a specimen like Cabal St. Laurents, the epitome of the male animal. But when the Breeds are incriminated in a series of violent murders, it's left to Cassa and Cabal to discover the truth before they become prey.
This installment in the series is a great one that explores the theme of revenge and what that means hen you claim to love someone.  Cassa has always tried to cover the plight of the Breeds from the very beginning and when she learns about a planned rescue she wants to be a part of it, and film the degradation taking place in the labs.  Unfortunately for her she picks the worst people to trust and unbeknownst to her they betrayed her and the Pride of breeds in the labs and warn the lab and most of the Pride is destroyed. When they get there Cabal is the lone survivor a pit of blades and he is raging, his people; his loved ones, his family had all been slaughtered around him and he can hear the boasts of the person responsible, he seeks revenge right then and there and then vows to seek retribution from the woman before him.

Cassa inadvertently ingests a bit of Cabal's blood and this in her sparks the mating heat, unlike Cabal who hasn't been affected by the Heat, she seeks treatment from the scientist at Sanctuary for the next 11 years.   While Cabal and his brother engage in their games for which they become famous, she quietly suffers, and now the Heat has gotten worse.  Canal has no idea that night sparked Mating heat in Cassa, as he has done his level best to never be at the compound if she is due to be there.  He also takes the riskiest jobs out there as a way to make up for the loss of the men and women who gave their lives so he could survive.  Cassa had had enough however and has decided it's time to move on after suffering in silence for so long; Cabal's escapades were well documented and he flaunted his conquests as often as he could.  With Ely's help, and the knowledge they gained from Seth's journey ( Dawn's mate) she's about to take her life back, and this is when an old enemy sends her the information that can harm the Breed community if someone else covers it.  This will be her last mission and Jonas has decided to assign Cabal to be her liaison.

Cabal clearly hates Cassa for her part in the destruction of his family, to never wanting to be around her to be rude when he was, he did his best to make sure she knew of this disregard for her feelings and yet he never sought out his revenge the way he had struck at others who harmed the Breeds.  ith the development of this story comes Dog's greatest amount of screen time, I can't wait to see the woman or man ho tames him.  We never quite know which side of the battle Dog will come down on but for now he's helping out Cabal's team.

Cassa's been drawn into the plot taking place in this small town, someone is seeking revenge brutally for something that happened years ago, and like most small towns, they protect their secrets and their own.  The mystery and intrigue are very good and keep you turning the pages. As the story advances small clues began to be revealed that allow you to slowly begin to understand the villains' reasoning.  It's freaking sad, & scary to realize just how far some will go when they think there are no consequences for their actions because no one knows about the Breeds existence.  We finally see what happens when a mate survives the lost of another and it's not pretty.

Revenge is a motivator here and when pushed the primal nature of the beast comes out and those who deserve to bleed?  Well they should be afraid.  All of this happens because the breeds have their own that are traitors to their existence, how do you betray your own knowing what the consequences are??

Once again man's capacity for brutality knows no boundaries and all because of twelves men a night of betrayal brought out Death.  Lora's dropping serious hints to some of the stories that she is lining up and I seriously can't wait for the threads she's pulled to become their own.  While on the surface this should have been Cabal's and Cassa's story this one really focused on the main theme running through all the books and we really get some serious names dropped that launch the real look at the council and their co conspirators.  We begin to really see where the money is coming from and how deep the plot to help the Breeds, as there are whole towns dedicated to hiding the breeds and aiding them.

I will not that there are some inconsistencies within the story that are glaring.  We have sen cabal several times in other books and never has he mentioned Cassa.  Granted he never acknowledged her as more before the crime spree brought them together and another Breed tried to move on her, then all of a sudden he realizes she's a mate.  yet when in Tanner's book he as an identical twin to Tanner could have also been Scheme's mate.  Tanner did mention his rescue and the brutality of the labs and it was a bone of contention for him because he felt like he failed his twin.  But there is a moment hen another Breed passes and Cabal is mourning her, he still never thinks of Cassa when making a comment about his loneliness.

Cassa and Cabal both suffered the night he as rescued, and Cabal allowed his rage to cause Cassa even more suffering and while his mouth says he didn't blame he at times his actions most certainly stated he did.  They both clung to their pain too long in this book, and yet that is the most realistic reaction isn't it??

Happy Reading my loves, 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stacking The Shelves: August (3): The Non-Fiction Edition

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! If you want to find out more about Stacking The Shelves, please visit the official launch page!

Hi my loves these are the books I got in the mail this week.  I only ordered a few this week and they aren't my usual haul.  While I normally get lots of non fiction books I almost never share it here. However I thought that this is a way for me to share and track the books coming in even if they don't follow our normal genre.  

Sister Citizen Melissa V. Harris Perry
Jezebel's sexual lasciviousness, Mammy's devotion, and Sapphire's outspoken anger—these are among the most persistent stereotypes that black women encounter in contemporary American life. Hurtful and dishonest, such representations force African American women to navigate a virtual crooked room that shames them and shapes their experiences as citizens. Many respond by assuming a mantle of strength that may convince others, and even themselves, that they do not need help. But as a result, the unique political issues of black women are often ignored and marginalized. In this groundbreaking book, Melissa V. Harris-Perry uses multiple methods of inquiry, including literary analysis, political theory, focus groups, surveys, and experimental research, to understand more deeply black women's political and emotional responses to pervasive negative race and gender images. Not a traditional political science work concerned with office-seeking, voting, or ideology, Sister Citizen instead explores how African American women understand themselves as citizens and what they expect from political organizing. Harris-Perry shows that the shared struggle to preserve an authentic self and secure recognition as a citizen links together black women in America, from the anonymous survivors of Hurricane Katrina to the current First Lady of the United States.
This has been on my wishlist for YEARS. Melissa Harris Perry is goals she is everything awesome and I want to take a class with her one day but in the meantime...

Black Wall Street by Hannibal B Johnson. This was the February read last year on the #ReadSoulLit started by Didi over at Brown Girl Reading and I missed it.   I was really intrigued but I didn't have the time to get the book for the readathon, however I decided to get it for myself and have it for next year's year long Black Out Reading Challenge.  
Early in the twentieth century, the black community in Tulsa- the "Greenwood District"- became a nationally renowned entrepreneurial center. Frequently referred to as "The Black Wall Street of America," the Greenwood District attracted pioneers from all over America who sought new opportunities and fresh challenges. Legal segregation forced blacks to do business among themselves. The Greenwood district prospered as dollars circulated within the black community. But fear and jealousy swelled in the greater Tulsa community. The alleged assault of a white woman by a black man triggered unprecedented civil unrest. The worst riot in American history, the Tulsa Race Riot pf 1921 destroyed people, property, hopes, and dreams. Hundreds of people died or were injured. Property damage ran into the millions. The Greenwood District burned to the ground. Ever courageous, the Greenwood District pioneers rebuilt and better than ever. By 1942, some 242 businesses called the Greenwood district home. Having experienced decline in the '60s, '70s, and early '80s, the area is now poised for yet another renaissance. Black Wall Street speaks to the triumph of the human spirit.
And that's it.  What did you get this week?? Share in the comments down below so I can swing on over.  Happy Reading my loves.

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Erotic Book #Review: Bound To Submit (Blasphemy 1) by Laura Kaye

Book Title: Bound to Submit (Blasphemy 1)
Author:  Laura Kaye |WebsiteTwitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Laura Kaye
Genre: Erotic Romance,
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: ebook
Cost: $ FREE
Pages: 154
How I got it: Free on Kindle
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |
Publication Date: October 2016
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From the ruins of an abandoned church comes Baltimore’s hottest and most exclusive BDSM club. Twelve Masters. Infinite fantasies. Welcome to Blasphemy... He thinks he caused her pain, but she knows he’s the only one who can heal her… Kenna Sloane lost her career and her arm in the Marines, and now she feels like she’s losing herself. Submission is the only thing that ever freed her from pain and made her feel secure, and Kenna needs to serve again. Bad. The only problem is the Dom she wants once refused her submission and broke her heart, but, scarred on the inside and out, she’s not looking for love this time. She’s not even sure she’s capable. Griffin Hudson is haunted by the mistakes that cost him the only woman he ever loved. Now she’s back at his BDSM club, Blasphemy, and more beautiful than ever, and she’s asking for his help with the pain he knows he caused. Even though he’s scared to hurt her again, he can’t refuse her, because he’d give anything to earn a second chance. And this time, he’ll hold on forever.
I read this because I saw the new erotica preview for the third book Theirs to Take and it's a menage so I wanted to become a part of the world before the books launched, plus it was free on amazon that day.

I loved this book. It's a great introduction to this world and I loved how they came up with the name of the club and the location of the club, because omigawd that's hedonistic and hilarious and totally worthy of the name.  In this book we meet Kenna Sloan who is a Marine who has returned home due to being injured, while struggling to find herself again her mind runs to the reason she left in the first place and she decides to see if using BDSM as a way to get out of her head will help her recover, because it will force her to get out of her head and focus on serving a Master, so off to the club we go.

If you haven't figured this out yet, it's a second chance romance, at first you weren't quite sure because what if she turned up and he had someone else in his life?? Even though the ending was a forgone conclusion the journey there is where the real story takes place and I loved each of the steps necessary for them to end up together.  This reminded me of the book The Hard Truth About Sunshine, since it strives to discuss PTSD and how it affected the men and women returning from war.  While the honor of serving is always there, the reality isn't as beautiful or as noble as one might think.

There are moment within the story where Kenna's past come back to haunt her, where she discusses her time in the military and how she loved her job, her sense of loss and her sense of who she is so drastically changed due to the new circumstances she has.  We see how this shapes the way she feels about surviving the war, ho she interacts with her family, how she even views herself and we see how this affects her with her job and recovery.  Griffin's reaction to her is one of my all time favorites, and the way he made her feel ?!!!? There are just no words

I loved how the characters interacted from the friendships that the men had to the way Kenna and Master responded to each other to the fact that the other submissives weren't catty and mean.  The story flowed, the scenes were absolutely erotic, beautiful and well written.. They drew you in and made you feel as if you were right there experiencing it with her.  The description of both Dom Space and sub space were beautiful & pretty awesome to read.  Because this is a second chance romance, a lot of the finding out their quirks were already covered which allowed the story to fly by.

I enjoyed the pacing, the different POV from both main characters as it gave us a chance to see what the other was thinking especially during a scene.  The emotions drawn on during the scenes, the release each session brings, awakens more than Kenna realized and I as happy to read the way in which this as a positive influence in her life.  Kenna also had an awesome relationship with her sister and that as great to see, because that was a grounding influence as well.  I love that each of the Doms described so far have several different specialties and I can't wait to read them and their stories.

This is a planned 12 part series and wow mama the ones we've met so far?? Yeah I can't wait to dive into their stories and read all the fun, erotic and dirty things they engage in.
Happy Reading my loves, 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Book #Review: Coyote's Mate ( Breed 18, Coyote 2) by @LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Coyote's Mare (Breeds 18, Coyote 2)
Author: Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Parnaormal Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Hardcover 
Cost: $5.99
Pages: 341
How I got it: Purcahsed at Library Book Sale
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BAM
Publication Date: Feb 2009
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For six years Anya Korbin worked with Del-Rey Delgato--the genetically altered rebel known as the Coyote Ghost--to free a group of coyote women kept in her father's lab. As Anya matured into a woman, she and Del-Rey grew close…, but then he broke his promise and killed her father. Now she must deal with her animalistic desire for the one who betrayed her.
This story has a bit of a sketchy beginning, the first chapter actually started in the book before it and gets fleshed out more in this one.  This one was also highly anticipated for me because well, we never had a good coyote, and then bam here we go.  I believe this glimpse of the society of the Coyote's is the first time we are truly seeing a Coyote fleshed out as more than Council weapon.

After the cliffhanger in the last book, I couldn't wait to get to this and I'm so glad because this was an awesome read.  I loved the introduction into the world of the Coyotes.  I loved that the women were just as strong as the men and just as brutal.  So many of the characters were hilarious to read.  I loved seeing the developing world, their home and their stance as a society.  I loved the development taking place.  Seeing how the fit into the Breed society as a whole and watching them figure out how to e outside the world of the facilities.

The leading couple of course are at the center of the story and their development as a couple is what lends their pack into being a society.  As a warrior the Alpha Del-Rey has no concept of family and what that means and how it works, so he pushes back when Anya his mate tries to make the men more than just a fighting unit.  He believed it would soften the men and weaken them instead of giving them a reason to fight.

Anya and her pack however have always been a family and they want to bring that to the others and bring them into the fold.  This merge isn't going so well because the Alphas aren't on the same page. Anya does something unprecedented within the packs, she seeks somewhat of a divorce until she's more certain of his intentions and feelings.  This has never been done before.  And of course it doesn't go down so well especially because their packs are already split between those loyal to him and those loyal to her; as long as they didn't work together then the packs also didn't work together.

The way these two fight and come at each other, they are both so confused about how to blend in.  She wants to be a partner like the other women are, however Del-Rey only knows how to protect and he's not used to sharing authority, he doesn't believe she should be making choices and his belief is the catalyst from which their fights are based.  He wants to protect her so much he regulates her to menial tasks.

The two couldn't find their way out of a paper bag.  They couldnt' see how necessary what they wanted was for the other and when Anya tried, her needs were being neglected. I mean I get why Del-Rey felt it was necessary to do what he did, including not claiming certain litter mates, but he didn't see how far reaching his decisions where until too late.   Not only do they have to fight to figure how to blend their packs, they also have a traitor in their midst, someone is selling secrets to the blood hate groups and of course they aren't really fitting in with the other Alphas.

I loved the push and pull and that it wasn't easy for these two strong personalities to blend themselves and their ideals together, because it shouldn't be seen as just so easy to compromise and come together.  I loved that the two were so strong yet completely vulnerable to each other; their pain, their fears, were still so powerful and debilitating.  I loved that their story & their growth as a couple and his growth pushed the other alphas as well as Del Rey to learn to see their partners as more than just people to protect; more than liabilities, still love it even months later, because I'm writing this way after finishing the book and I still remember so much of the story.

There were definetly moments in this books I teared up and got in my feelings especially closer to the end. Del -Rey is so stupid sometimes, and so is Anya.  There are also moments in here I wanted to punch Del-Rey, but then I had to remember he's literally never had anyone to teach him at all.  The foundation of the next story is seen in here as well, and so many more are coming down the line I can't wait.
Happy Reading my loves, 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Book #Review: Mercury's War (Breed, Feline) by .@loraLeigh_1

Book Title: Mercury's War ( Breed, Feline)
Author:  Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitter| Facebook|
Publisher:  Berkley
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci- Fi Romance,
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: mass market
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 328
How I got it: Purchased Library Sale
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BAM
Publication Date: Sept 2008
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Nothing matches Lora Leigh's latest entry in the series about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA, and the humans who awaken their desire. Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary's secure information to a pharmaceutical company. Now it's up to Ria Rodriguez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak. Yet she has no idea of the danger she's about to encounter, or the passion she's about to ignite in one of the greatest Breeds ever created. Years ago, Mercury Warrant -- who, according to his file, is one of the greatest Breeds ever created -- thought he lost his mate, and he's had to live with the idea that he'll never know true bonding. Then he's tapped to protect the mysterious Ria -- and finds himself falling in love. But Ria is a woman of many secrets, and she fears being consumed by her feelings for Mercury. Little does she know that she has every right to be afraid. Because the woman believed to be Mercury's true mate is back from the grave, and she's not about to let Ria -- or anyone else -- get in her way...
ohhh my gawd did the plot thicken in this one.  I as so saddened for Mercury, hurt for Ria, scared of Ely and just couldn't understand why Jonas was sooo stupid.. well yes I do because he's Jonas.  Ria has been assigned to go over the files and the money that has been flowing into Sanctuary from Dane's company, he wants an accounting of everything so Jonas assigns Mercury to Ria to help her/ hinder her in anyway possible.

Mercury is considered a surviving mate as his mate was killed during the rescues of the labs.
Despite that Merc has begun to have feelings but no sings of mating heat with Ria.  They have an explosive chemistry and for some reason that worries Ely, she has become obsessed with studying Merc and as the weeks progress her behaviour goes from scientific curiosity to full blown obsession.

This story made me tear up because Ria wanted so badly to be accepted and loved and mated, she looked for the signs however they weren't there and each time she thought she got one it broke her heart a little bit more.  Everybody is lying in this one, no one is quite who or hat they seem.  Since the revelation that Jonas and Callan are really brothers, and we already know all about the familial bond with the Leo, they have been going crazy with Dane.  I really felt for Ria, because we have all loved men ho we want to be the right ones who aren't the best for us.

We get secrets galore that keep flowing up from the closets, more traitors are outed, a mad scientist is captured, and just general chaos as the enemies continue to strike at the heart of the Breed world.  I absolutely loved the character development within this book, Merc was hot, funny, compassionate and such a worthy partner, because he tried to be more for Ria even though mother nature didn't seem to be cooperating.  Even though this on was character driven the action was not missing, we get bombshell after bombshell the closer we get to the end and some I didn't see coming at all.

Merc and Ria had enemies coming in from all sides,  and so did the compound. With Ely's obsession gaining ground against Merc and threatening his freedom, a surprise that wasn't a good one comes back from the past.  And this is when we really meet the animal that is Merc, because he totally becomes even more that he has been in a long time and even Jonas wasn't prepared.

Reading the Leo's history you can start to see why he fights differently from Callan and Jonas,  and why he despise their judgment, being Prime having to eeek out a way to live with the entire Council gunning for you, your mate and your family when the world wasn't ready to hear about or protect the Breeds had to have sucked. I once read a book by Laurell K Hamilton in which the character Merry was a Faery Princess who was being hunted, and her bodyguard remarked that all their enemy needed as one day of luck, they needed to survive every attempt being made while their enemy needed just one successful attack and it would be all over for them.  This is the lives of the Breeds, those people know are Breeds and those that are like Cassie and are hybrids and hidden.  They always have to be on watch, and their enemies only need them to slip once to claim victory.  I can't imagine the pain the Leo and his mate have felt on having to live with their choices, knowing so many suffer and not being able to aid them.

For the first time that I can remember we get to see Jonas as more than the evil dictating manipulator he is.  So many things happen that advance the story beyond just mates meeting, and the reunions of the old mates coming back to Sanctuary. We learn more about the key players in the plot again the Breeds, we see so many of the traitors get caught and Jonas is brought to his knees.

I really enjoyed this one as it really brought me back into the world and made it worth reading again.  Very erotic especially between Ria & Merc. I just loved their banter and the way they pushed each other. Ria was holding back because of past experiences and Merc was held back because of the past; it was interesting to watch them learn to move forward together.  The last half of the book really packed a hell of a punch as things just unraveled .  
Happy Reading my loves, let me know what you thought of the story in the comments down below.  

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WOW (2) Dark Legacy by Christine Feehan, Theirs To Take by Laura Kaye

Hosted by: Jill over at Breaking The Spines.  This is a weekly book lust prompt, asking for us to share our absolute can't wait to get our hands on a copy books. Swing on over to find out how to participate and to see what others are sharing.

                         Adult Fiction/ Romance / Erotica

Dark Legacy by Christine Feehan
In a beautiful compound hidden away from the world, Emeline Sanchez tries to blunt the pain that has wracked her body ever since her terrifying ordeal in the labyrinth beneath the city—when she was forced to exchange blood with an evil master vampire.

Now, it’s his voice that haunts her...that calls to her in the dark...that never lets her rest. And while the children that she helped to free from his clutches struggle to heal, watched over by their Carpathian protectors, Emeline knows one thing: She must sacrifice herself to keep them all from harm...

Due Date: September 5
Print: Hardcover, Ebook
Pages: 304
Publisher: Piatkus
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I've been catching up on this series and I'm now current I can't wait to dive in and see how this one goes.  

Theirs To Take by Laura Kaye
She’s the fantasy they’ve always wanted to share…

Best friends Jonathan Allen and Cruz Ramos share almost everything—a history in the Navy, their sailboat building and restoration business, and the desire to dominate a woman together, which they do at Baltimore’s exclusive club, Blasphemy. Now if they could find someone who wants to play for keeps…

All Hartley Farren has in the world is the charter sailing business she inherited from her beloved father. So when a storm damages her boat, she throws herself on the mercy of business acquaintances to do the repairs—stat. She never expected to find herself desiring the sexy, hard-bodied builders, but being around Jonathan and Cruz reminds Hartley of how much she longs for connection. If only she could decide which man she wants to pursue more…

As their attraction flashes hot, Jonathan and Cruz determine to have Hartley for their own. But the men’s erotic world is new and overwhelming, and Hartley’s unsure if she could really submit to being both of theirs to take…forever.

Due Date: September 26
Print: Ebook
Pages: Unknown
Publisher: Author
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Polyamorous men looking for a permanent third?? I'm so there.

Are you getting any of these?? What's on your book lust list?? Share in the comments down below!!
Happy Lusting

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Book #Review: Dawn's Awakening (Breed 14, Feline 8) by @LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Dawn's Awakening (Breeds 14, Feline 8)
Author: Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Parnormal Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Cost: $5.99
Pages: 281
How I got it: Purchased from library book sale
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: Feb 2008
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The runt of the lab she was created in, Dawn Daniels endured years of torture by her pride brother and the council soldiers. Finally freed from her torment, she's now a Breed Enforcer, in control of her own life. Until she's assigned to protect the one man destined to be her mate—and realizes it's far too easy to lose total control. One of the Breeds' most important supporters, Seth Lawrence has spent years trying to forget Dawn, knowing that her lost innocence has made it impossible for her to get close to anyone. But suddenly neither of them can find the strength to fight the overwhelming passion between them. At least until the most brutal tormentor from Dawn's past reappears—and threatens to destroy their newfound love, along with their lives...
This was my most anticipated book in the series; and this is because Dawn has been in so many of the books previously and you can see her journey to here.  As the youngest of the original pride she as deeply betrayed by her pride brother, victimized and deeply abused, she kept what as happening hidden to protect Callan.  Eventually it all comes out, she believed as the runt of the pride she deserved what happened.  **At this point, trigger warnings for those who need it**

Dawn's story broke my heart from the very beginning. I wanted so badly for her to get a happy ending, but one in such deep pain can't just 'get over it' and move it on.  This is a another of the books that deals with the deep abuse the women of the prides, and packs where subject to from the very beginning of their lives within the facilities.  Given free reign over those they don't consider human, and therefore not worth being defended and protected, monsters are let loose among the children.

Dawn's always know who her mate was, however she's not in the best place to be a mate to someone, and so the Pride brothers trying to protect her in fact aide in making her issues worse because they never challenge her ideas of who she is.  Instead Dawn hides herself away by becoming a powerful enforcer, she becomes a warrior who creates a have for the women in the compound who need to feel in control again.

She's thrown for a loop when she discovers that her mate is moving on.  Heartbroken she confronts him and she's pissed, Her mate Seth Lawrence is willing to continue to support the Breeds, but he wants someone who will love him and he's ready for a family and with Dawn never claiming him, he's going to find someone who is willing.  Seth has always known Dawn's deepest pain and was willing to wait as long as she needed, but when she never claims him he's begun to realize Dawn's fears own her far more than he ever could and he refused to live a half life because his mate rejected him.  Which is of course unprecedented.  Seth tries many times to get to know Dawn and each time she meets his efforts with rejection; forced out by the need to protect his mate and of course not within range for the hormones to continue the bond, Seth begins to move on

When circumstances force them within close confines and Dawn realizes what is happening she begins to awaken, first to her power as a Breed, then as a mate, and of course in her sexuality and as a woman.  She begins to look beyond her past and see how her rejection hurt her mate, she also began to awaken to her place within the Breed community, instead of floating on the edges, she's beginning to see how integral she is to the Pride and of course to Callan.

I loved how Lora handled the story of the trauma, and journey to thriving and not just surviving which is what Dawn was doing for over a decade.  I'm glad she made them their own unique couple in how they handled their sexuality, their need for each other, and how they would handle being a couple among the pride.  She made them work through their issues including the dynamics of power within their relationship.  Dawn was able to learn to own her womanhood and not fear it, and I loved every second of that journey.

In this one, we get our first glimpses of the man who will be claimed by Cassie.  We see the deepening intrigue surrounding her, we begin to see her grasping onto her power and what she needs to become her own woman.

There are so many plots taking place around her an so many threats against the Pride, the Packs & Cassie herself, from within and of course without.  I can't wait to read Cassie's story, but more importantly to see how all the people fall into place.  I highly recommend, make sure to be ready for heartbreak and to rage against a world here a young child would be abused and it be considered par the course.
Happy Reading my loves, 

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Book #Review: Aiden's Charity (Breed 12, Wolf 4) by .@LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Aiden's Charity (Breeds 12, Wolf 4)
Author:  Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Ellorascave
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Trade paperback
Cost: $
Pages: 223
How I got it: Purchased
Purchase: OUT OF PRINT
Publication Date: July 2007
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The forces of survival and destruction swirl in the darkest corners of men's minds. The nature of the beast cannot be harnessed, and survival is the purest of all instincts. Survival of the species itself goes soul deep. But can the human heart accept and adapt as easily? Can Charity bestow the love and the acceptance that has always been a part of her, to the man whose very survival depended on the hardening of his heart, of his soul? And can Aiden maintain that cruelty now, in the face of the sacrifices she made? Only time and nature can tell.
Ohhh this book launches another of my favorite Breeds and I can't wait for y'all to catch up and read this one as well.

One of my favorite characters in this book has got to be Charity, despite all she's been through she still fights for the Breeds and fights to live, even in the face of absolute rejection and pain she still fights.  She's hilarious, bratty, funny and just plain fun character to read.  Despite the pain she's been dealt she still fights for justice anyway she can because it honors not just her parents and their work but her on sense of rightness with the world.  

I loved that we are getting so much more of the world surrounding the packs and the men and omen who make up the packs.,  Meeting several of the well known badasses and seeing how quirky they are, how brass, funny, sarcastic and in your face they are without their mates and just knowing when it happens for them it will knock them on their asses.  I loved how autonomic they felt especially when they became blindsided by emotions they had never felt before.

Aiden's journey in emotions were authentic to the characters, because he had never had anyone or anytime in which to learn the full range emotions being assaulted by them when in this relationship with his mate and his pack both frightens him into shutting down and then running into it as well.  The confusion he feels when confronted with the animals instincts to protect and coddle his mate and his very human desire for revenge for what he sees as her betrayal of him and the pack is such an emotional rolacoster to read.

Lora's writing enriched this story, even as she shared the brutality that is the life of a Breed and their mate's fate.  This story brought us into the compound; we got to see more of the world the Pack has claimed, how they set up security, their homes, their routines, and even how they are preparing for a future that includes children.  I really loved the glimpse of the homes, the description of it being in the woods made me feel like I was there.

I enjoyed that we got the majority of the story from our main character's POV, however there were moments when it switched so that we could get a great balance of the story from anothers' eyes, especially as it advanced the story and gave us major cliffhangers.  While the main story revolved around Charity and Aidan learning to accept their mating, we also got the beginning stories of several different couples, were given the glimpse of some of the secrets that form the packs, we were introduced to new characters, the plot around the mates thickens and once again Jonas is in the thick of things stirring up shyt.

There are so many things to love about this story, from the deep lessons being repeated about race, racism, classism and what makes a person human.  To the way in which each couple being portrayed has to learn about finding their own brand of happiness and what that looks like for them.  To understanding that being born human doesn't always make us the most compassionate people, which sadly is something that is reflected in our everyday world.  The last few pages of this one blew my mind, she dropped serious hints, outed a traitor, broke a Breeds heart and set up a good few books to come.

Because I simply went into this book blind because it's part of the series I as unprepared for the host of emotions I felt, from anger, to love, to fear for my characters, to happiness, to joy at some of the quirky moments, to laughing out loud at the funny moments, to serious need to coddle and protect my faves, this book ran the gamut of emotions and I loved every second of it.
Happy Reading my loves, 

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Stacking The Shelves: August 2017 (2)

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! If you want to find out more about Stacking The Shelves, please visit the official launch page!


Laura Kaye’s Bound to Submit. I've already read this and the full Review Pending. Next week Sexy's Saturday
From the ruins of an abandoned church comes Baltimore’s hottest and most exclusive BDSM club. Twelve Masters. Infinite fantasies. Welcome to Blasphemy... He thinks he caused her pain, but she knows he’s the only one who can heal her… Kenna Sloane lost her career and her arm in the Marines, and now she feels like she’s losing herself. Submission is the only thing that ever freed her from pain and made her feel secure, and Kenna needs to serve again. Bad. The only problem is the Dom she wants once refused her submission and broke her heart, but, scarred on the inside and out, she’s not looking for love this time. She’s not even sure she’s capable. Griffin Hudson is haunted by the mistakes that cost him the only woman he ever loved. Now she’s back at his BDSM club, Blasphemy, and more beautiful than ever, and she’s asking for his help with the pain he knows he caused. Even though he’s scared to hurt her again, he can’t refuse her, because he’d give anything to earn a second chance. And this time, he’ll hold on forever.
Purchased on Kindle: 

I'm In It by Tammy Falkner. It’s another Reed Brothers Series book, of course I bought it. Published: August 2017
What do you get when you put together one matchmaking doorman, some Reed brothers with good intentions, and five sisters, one of whom is a little lost? Get get Tammy Falkner's newest book, I'M IN IT. Mick fell in love with Wren at the worst possible time. She was in the midst of something wonderful, and then she wasn’t. Her life changed in the blink of an eye. And in this situation, it wasn’t a change for the better. He can still remember when she felt the first cramp. When she pressed her knees together tightly in the front seat of his car as though she could hold that life inside herself by sheer will alone. And if will were all it took, she’d have succeeded. But she didn’t succeed, and they were over before they began. She was too hurt. She was too raw. She was wishing for what could have been, while he was wishing for what was. And what was… well, it was nothing. At least not to her
Just Gotta Say by Laura Kaye, having read one of her erotica books already I’m all for reading more and seeing where this goes. Plus it’s a menage book, I had to. Published: October 2014
Just Gotta Say is an erotic romance short story. When Callie Davis stumbles upon two of her three male roommates in a surprising, molten-hot midnight tryst, she discovers a side of herself she never knew existed. Desire to play with them grips her, and she can’t stop fantasizing about having multiple men, particularly her three long-time best friends. Callie is thrilled when a guys’ night out gives her the perfect opportunity to recreate her fantasy—with the help of a threesome porn video and a bag of sex toys. That is until Lucas, Jack, and Noah return early and catch her in the act. More than anything, the guys want to make her fantasy come true. But Callie has a secret, and she can’t help wondering if being with all three men will risk the future she’s always wanted with one of them. As three strong sets of hands caress and undress her, Callie surrenders to desire, because sometimes you just gotta say…yes.

Drew and Fable Forever, I keep meaning to finish this series, but having read the shytshow that was the third book I’m justifiable afraid. Here’s hoping this one is better than the last. Published Jan 2014
Monica Murphy returns with her most beloved characters, Drew and Fable, in this eBook original 40,000-word novella that brings her bestselling New Adult series full circle. Fantasy. How I ended up with NFL player Drew Callahan, the guy every woman wants, is beyond my wildest dreams. All I know is that once he chose me as his one and only, I sure wasn’t looking back. I had past wounds and he showed patience and concern—even taking responsibility for my messed-up kid brother. Now, once again, he’s found a way to blow my mind: an exotic wedding and honeymoon miles and miles away from home. What else could a girl ever ask for? Reality. Now the honeymoon’s over. Drew’s football schedule takes him on the road constantly, while I need to stay put and look after my brother until he finishes high school—because God knows our sorry excuse for a mother won’t. I know Drew loves me with all his heart, and I’ll always be over the moon about him. This just isn’t how I imagined our life as newlyweds . . . dealing with the distance, missing him all the time. But we’ve gone through hard times before. We can get through this, too, right? We’re Drew and Fable, together forever. At least I hope so
Yes I still sometimes request these, when I remember I have a Netgalley LOL

The Witch's Quest by Michele Hauf. The title has witch, just give it to me and no one will get hurt. I'm actually in the middle of this one as well.  Due to be Published: October 2017
The witch's redemption… Kelyn Saint-Pierre always had a bit of a thing for Valor Hearst. But after he makes a harrowing sacrifice to save the tomboyish witch from a gruesome death, Kelyn's certain that any spark between them is gone forever. Valor wishes she'd known about Kelyn's crush before she ruined everything. There may be a way she can repay her smoking-hot champion…but it won't be easy. Circling the globe on a dangerous mission that pits them against deadly magics and dark creatures, Kelyn and Valor are pushed scorchingly close together. But surrendering to passion may only further bind them in pain… Harlequin Nocturne: Delve into dark, sensuous and often dangerous territory, where the normal and paranormal collide.

Yoga & Psyche by Mariana Caplan because duh!! Do you see that cover??  Due to be published Feb 2018
Has yoga improved your health and expanded your awareness, but emotional and relationship issues continue to challenge you? Have you found psychotherapy helpful, yet yearn for further spiritual discovery? With Yoga & Psyche, Mariana Caplan explores how these domains of transformation complement each other—laying the groundwork for a new merging of the two. “When we bring together yoga and psychology,” writes Caplan, “we awaken possibilities for growth within our body, psyche, and spirit. Together they form a seamless weave of insights and practices applicable in the yoga studio, therapy room, or amid the rush of daily life.” Through original research, clinical findings, Caplan’s own experiences, and actual practices, Yoga & Psyche takes us on an in-depth exploration of this emerging new terrain.
Lord of Night by Erica Ridley because Erica Ridley writes awesome hisotircal romance so of course duh.I got it.  Published: July 2017
Unlike proper debutantes, Miss Dahlia Grenville is secretly Robin Hood in a bonnet. Her home for wayward girls has too many dependents and not enough donations. But just as she’s about to pull off the heist of the Season, she tumbles straight into the arms of the handsome detective who has sworn to deliver Mayfair’s mysterious thief straight to the gallows. Highly principled Bow Street runner Simon Spaulding’s world is black and white. There’s no mastermind too clever, no criminal alive who can escape the hangman. Until he realizes the delightful young lady he’s been courting is a liar and a thief. Suddenly, his career—and his heart—are in peril. How can he bring her to justice when it means losing her forever?

And there you have it.  I have all of these now added to the shelf.  What did you get in the mail this week?? Share in the comments and I will swing on over and we can nerd out with each other.