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Waiting on Wednesday (Jan 2015) 4: First Frost, Beautiful Redemption, The Trouble With Texas Cowboys

Hosted by: Jill over at Breaking The Spines.  This is a weekly book lust prompt, asking for us to share our absolute can't wait to get our hands on a copy books. Swing on over to find out how to participate and to see what others are sharing.  

Adult Fiction

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen 
From the New York Times bestselling author of Garden Spells comes a story of the Waverley family, in a novel as sparkling as the first dusting of frost on new-fallen leaves... It's October in Bascom, North Carolina, and autumn will not go quietly. As temperatures drop and leaves begin to turn, the Waverley women are made restless by the whims of their mischievous apple tree... and all the magic that swirls around it. But this year, first frost has much more in store. Claire Waverley has started a successful new venture, Waverley’s Candies. Though her handcrafted confections—rose to recall lost love, lavender to promote happiness and lemon verbena to soothe throats and minds—are singularly effective, the business of selling them is costing her the everyday joys of her family, and her belief in her own precious gifts. Sydney Waverley, too, is losing her balance. With each passing day she longs more for a baby— a namesake for her wonderful Henry. Yet the longer she tries, the more her desire becomes an unquenchable thirst, stealing the pleasure out of the life she already has. Sydney’s daughter, Bay, has lost her heart to the boy she knows it belongs to…if only he could see it, too. But how can he, when he is so far outside her grasp that he appears to her as little more than a puff of smoke? When a mysterious stranger shows up and challenges the very heart of their family, each of them must make choices they have never confronted before. And through it all, the Waverley sisters must search for a way to hold their family together through their troublesome season of change, waiting for that extraordinary event that is First Frost. Lose yourself in Sarah Addison Allen's enchanting world and fall for her charmed characters in this captivating story that proves that a happily-ever-after is never the real ending to a story. It’s where the real story begins.
Due Date: Jan 20th
Print: ebook, Hardcover
Pages: 304
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

I'm so excited to read this one, I read Garden Spells many years ago, and I can't wait to read this, because Sarah ended Garden Spells in a way in which you can either read it as the ending or as a cliffhanger.  She left a few questions unanswered and of course there were a few characters whose stories weren't told in Garden Spells.  I'm hoping she answers them all and I'm so pumped.

Young Adult/New Adult

Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers 2)  by Jaimie McGuire
If A Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever. But what if he didn't love you, first? No-nonsense Liis Lindy is an agent of the FBI. Deciding she is married only to her job, she breaks off her engagement and transfers from Chicago to the field office in San Diego. She loves her desk. She is committed to her laptop. She dreams of promotions and shaking hands with the director after cracking an impossible case. Special Agent in Charge Thomas Maddox is arrogant, unforgiving, and ruthless. He is tasked with putting away some of the world’s toughest criminals, and he is one of the best the Bureau has to offer. Though, as many lives as he’s saved, there is one that is beyond his reach. Younger brother Travis is faced with prison time for his involvement in a basement fire that killed dozens of college students, and the media want a conviction. Travis’s only savior is his unusual tie to the mob. In a deal that will spare his brother, Thomas has agreed to recruit Travis into the FBI. Liis is stubborn, defiant, and yet somehow softens Thomas’s rough edges, making her the perfect agent to accompany him to the ceremony. Posing as a couple, they must travel to Travis & Abby’s beach vow renewal and give him the news, but when the pretending ends, she finds herself wondering if they were pretending at all. In the second installment of the Maddox Brothers books, experience firsthand the mysterious world of the elusive Thomas Maddox, and how good love can be when you’re not the first, but the last.
Due Date: Jan 27th
Print:ebook, paperback
Publisher: CreateSpace

It's another Maddox Brother & I can't wait to meet him and learn all about his business. I really loved the original Maddox man that created this series and I can't wait to dive back into the world that Jamie creates.


The Trouble with Texas Cowboys ( Burnt Boot. Texas #2) by Carolyn Brown
When Sawyer O'Donnell takes a ranch job on a whim, he lands smack dab in the middle of a Texas-sized feud! The Gallaghers and the Brennans are at each other's throats to woo the red-headed spitfire, Jill Cleary, and stake a claim for the Fiddle Creek Ranch. Jill makes Sawyer's blood boil. They argue, they banter, but Sawyer soon goes from being driven crazy to crazy in love. Damned if he knows how that happened. But now that it has, how does he compete with two men that can give this cowgirl a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams?
Due Date: Jan 6th
Print: ebook, MM 
Pages: 264
Publisher: Sourcebooks  Casablanca

I've been a Carolyn Brown fan for the past few years and every time I see that she has a new book I'm all over it!! 

Having you read anything by Sarah?? If you love Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman you will love Garden Spells.  What's on your book lust list?? Share in the comments down below!!
Happy Lusting

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Book #Review: In His Keeping (Slow Burn 2) by Maya Banks .@maya_banks .@avonbooks

Book Title: In His Keeping ( Slow Burn 2)
Author:  Maya Banks |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Series/Standalone:  Series Book 2
Format: Trade paperback
Cost: $14.99
Pages: 422
How I got it: Publicist
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |
Publication Date: January 27, 2015
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#1 bestselling author Maya Banks continues her suspenseful and steamy Slow Burn trilogy with this second book-a twisting tale featuring a strong yet vulnerable heroine in danger and the sexy alpha hero who must save her. Abandoned as a baby to a young wealthy couple and raised in a world of privilege, Arial has no hint of her past or who she belonged to. Her only link lies in the one thing that sets her apart from everyone else—telekinetic powers. Protected by her adoptive parents and hidden from the public to keep her gift secret, Ari is raised in the lap of luxury, and isolation. That is, until someone begins threatening her life. Beau Devereaux is no stranger to the strange. As the head of Deveraux Security, he’s more than familiar with the realities of physic powers. So when a family friend approaches him about protecting his daughter, he’s more than ready to jump on board. What Beau isn’t prepared for is the extent of his attraction to his beautiful and powerful client. What began as a simple assignment, just another job, quickly turns personal as Beau discovers he’ll do anything at all to protect Ari. Even if it costs him his life.
I've been a Maya fan for years, so when I saw that she had a new series coming out I was all over it.  I recently read the Surrender Trilogy and I jumped at the opportunity to read the newest series and to share it with you.

I'm loving this book so much. From the beginning this one moves faster than the first novel and is way more action packed and I just. OMGosh love it to pieces.  Unlike the title says there is nothing 'slow' about this one, and I can't say I blame them. It moves quickly and the story goes way harder than the previous title did.  These books deal with physics and telekinesis Ari is an amazing character because despite her fears and her has good reason to be afraid she focuses and fights back even though she doesn't think she's brave.

We met the characters when they were being tested and they showed their metal quickly and we got to see the kind of bond develop that only those in tough situations form.  Because this is the second book it operates on the premise that you know the characters and their relationships to each other there is only a brief introduction

The opening chapters introduce us to Ari's past  and her family and how she came to be .  I felt so bad for her parents, because no matter how much money you have, if your health isn't good, no amount of money will make it come back.  I loved her dad, he kind of reminded me of Roarke from JD Robb's In Death series, he felt like what Roarke would be if given the chance, he became single minded just like Roarke did when it came time for him to pursue Eve.  I loved their relationship, and I was totally freaking out with the mom, when they thought someone was out there willing to hurt Ari.  The level of crazy was already setup so when it went sideways we knew it wasn't random.  Ari's family has stayed away from the US for a few decades and her dad has sheltered her but still made her learn to look out for herself.  At first I was like she's way too co-dependent, but then you realize she's been exhorting herself but slowly so that she and her parents wouldn't lose their delicate balance.  Beau is the brother who has taken over since Caleb is now dealing with his wife and her situation.  After book one the brothers realized that even though they were good, there were those that were better and they immediately began doing whatever was necessary to improve their security and the level of knowledge and level up their security as well.

Unlike the first book where we got to know Ramie through the guy first, this time we hear from both pints of view  and from Ari first and I gotta tell you I love her.  She's spunky, a bit sheltered but not a shrinking violet either, when push came to shove she met it head on.  She followed the instructions her father gave her and she was way more equipped than those hunting her had expected and she didn't just give up because it was too hard.  I loved that she had hidden depths, that she knew a little bit about personal security, that she had faith despite every reason to fall into despair. That she wanted more from her life than to be alone.  I loved her willingness to do all she could, she would take the advice of those with the experience but if it came down to it,she would do what she thought necessary.

The action was fast and while the romance come on fast,the action kept the pages turning. The focus was split between the romance and the mystery and the mystery kept us deeply interested, the romance fit in around without trying out do the mystery, which is s difficult balance for some but it managed to do it well.  I do wish they would find some way in which to get Tori help because she really is going to fall apart if she doesn't get help soon.

I enjoyed the wit, sass, spunk and sheer balls of Ari. I really loved how she and Beau interacted and how they were quick witted with each other.  I loved seeing the previous characters in this one, even if they served to make the tension stronger.  Since this is only a trilogy I'm wondering if she plans to spin off a different set of books, because there are some intriguing characters I would love to learn more about, and a few romances I want to see develop.  I would really love Zack's story.  Here's hoping we get a spin off.

There is one more book, I haven't looked at the premise I just went ahead and pre-ordered since I've already read the first two and loved them .
It moves quickly and is very entertaining and I can't wait until June.  Happy Reading

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Waiting On Wednesday: (January 2015) 3: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

Hosted by: Jill over at Breaking The Spines.  This is a weekly book lust prompt, asking for us to share our absolute can't wait to get our hands on a copy books. Swing on over to find out how to participate and to see what others are sharing.  

Adult Fiction

The Mime Order ( The Bone Season 2) Samantha Shannon
Paige Mahoney has escaped the brutal prison camp of Sheol I, but her problems have only just begun: many of the survivors are missing and she is the most wanted person in London... As Scion turns its all-seeing eye on the dreamwalker, the mime-lords and mime-queens of the city's gangs are invited to a rare meeting of the Unnatural Assembly. Jaxon Hall and his Seven Seals prepare to take centre stage, but there are bitter fault lines running through the clairvoyant community and dark secrets around every corner. Then the Rephaim begin crawling out from the shadows. But where is Warden? Paige must keep moving, from Seven Dials to Grub Street to the secret catacombs of Camden, until the fate of the underworld can be decided.
Due Date: Jan 27th
Print: Hardcover, ebook
Pages: 528
Publisher:  Bloomsbury

I'm sure this pops up on quite a few of the waiting on wednesday and book lusting posts because this is an highly anticipated release.  I can't wait until I get my hands on this baby so I can dive right in and roll around in all the intrigue and 'fun' Samantha has instore for us. Let's hope this one is as good as the first. 

Are you getting any of these?? What's on your book lust list?? Share in the comments down below!!
Happy Lusting

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Book @Review: Inked Destiny by Jory Strong.@jorystrong

Book Title: Inked Desitny ( Inked Magic Book 2)
Author:  Jory Strong|Website| Twitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Genre: paranormal Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Book 2
Format: e3book, trade paperback
Cost: $10.99
Pages: 336
How I got it: Purchased 
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date:
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The righting of an ancient wrong. A future foretold. The bands tattooed around her wrists are laced with a dragon’s green and more, destiny preordained… Mind Thief. Gift Thief. Feared for an ability to seize another’s thoughts and powers with a touch, San Francisco tattoo artist Etaín is such an elf—and the time has come for her to learn it. Close to the transformation and about to discover her place in a supernatural world, Etaín once thought intimacy and permanence were impossible. Now she’s bound to Cathal, the son of an Irish mobster. And claimed by Eamon, an Elven lord with powerful gifts of his own. Eamon is determined to keep her safe—from others as well as herself. But a quest for justice is more than it seems, leaving their future to hinge on choice and magic. On promises made and dangerous bargains.
While I get Etain's need to remain in control of her life, she constantly does shit that puts others in danger then gets dumb, when it blows up in her face.  she kinda reminded me of Anita in the earlier books, where everyone had to thread lightly because Anita hated to be told she was wrong, and when you did she tended to hurt those who told her.  Ugh this shyt was getting old fast. Take your head out your hindparts Etain. It kinda felt like they went backwards a bit, to like the first part of the first book before she really accepted the changes. I was getting kinda tired of them doing dumb shyt for prides sake.  Get it the eff together y'all bit things are coming and y'all are more worried about things that aren't going to last.

I however did not see the changes coming for our police officer friend nor for her bestie, that was seriously strong magic, that woman wasn't playing no games with Etain.  Etain wanted to prove she didn't need anybody and actually put herself in deeper trouble than she needed, because you know talking to the man that's been an elf his entire life, that might not make sense.AT.ALL.  I so badly wanted to shake her like Why?? Stop being stupid and stubborn.

At page 277 I started to panic because I went online and there isn't anymore information about other books, and this only came out in 2013, so there should be some buzz or something, there is nothing.  And the setup for the ending?? Chile listen I was laid out. All these things became clear, and we know based on what happened in the beginning that even more things are coming and Etain Eamon & Cathal are in the dead center of it all.  Cathal's family doesn't trust her, there is the weird new girl, Eamon's people, Etain's family, her missing mother, the trouble that was at the beginning of the book, and of course the Dragon.

They better get it together because the storm that's brewing is going to be huge.  And I can't wait to contiuue the series, when Jory puts out another. As for the price, ahhha, nope I paid way less than that, I paid $7.99 but still, damn for that I might as well get the physical book (which I'm going to have to get anyway because I have the first book in physical form.)

Have you read this series?? Share in the comments what you think.

Happy Reading

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Book #Review: Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry 1) by Simone Elkeles .@simoneelkeles

Book Title: Perfect Chemistry (A Perfect Chemistry Novel)
Author:  Simone Elkeles |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Walker Publishing Company
Genre: Young Adult Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Trade paperback
Cost: $9.99
Pages: 385
How I got it: Library Purchased It cost (0.50)
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks
Publication Date: January 2009
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At Fairfield High School, on the outskirts of Chicago, everyone knows that south siders and north siders aren't exactly compatible elements. So when head cheerleader Brittany Ellis and gang member Alex Fuentes are forced to be lab partners in chemistry class, the results are bound to be explosive. But neither teen is prepared for the most surprising chemical reaction of all-love. Can they break through the stereotypes and misconceptions that threaten to keep them apart? "Miss Ellis" Mrs. Peterson says. "It's your turn. Introduce Alex to the class." "This is Alejandro Fuentes. When he wasn't hanging out on street corners and harassing innocent people this summer, he toured the inside of jails around the city, if you know what I mean. His secret desire is to go to college and become a chemistry teacher, like you, Mrs. Peterson." Brittney flashes me a triumphant smile, thinking she's won this round. Guess, again, gringa. "This is Brittney Ellis," I say, all eyes now focused on me. "This summer she went to the mall, bought new clothes so she could expand her wardrobe, and spent her daddy's money on plastic surgery to enhance her, ahem assets. Her secret desire is to date a Mexicano before she graduates." Game on...
I loved reading this, I'd only read one other book by Simone and I had enjoyed the characters she created, so when I saw how many people loved this series I thought why not go ahead and get it. When I saw it at the library book sale for $0.50, I just knew I had to get it.  It took a while to be in the mood, but when I was, I found that I read quickly.  This story was actually both good and bad and I'll tell you why.

As a woman of color who grew up in NYC, specifically the Bronx during the 90s (which is when the gangs were starting to really act up, not that I lived anywhere close to it, but you took the trains in the city, you saw their tags on all the walls, some of them went to my schools and some even lived on our streets. They weren't confined to one neighborhood and that was a source of their major issues in the  city.)  Anyway not to make this a  sociology lesson, but Simone never gave a reason for the mother being ok with her son being in the gang, she worked, and she could have let her son work as well. Plenty of kids grow up in the neighborhoods with gangs without falling to them.  I do understand that his father being in the gang was his real reason for joining, but I'm sot seeing why she couldn't have moved before the gang became a real problem before.  Why wait until you get so deep that there is nowhere to go??  I needed more of a reason other than it's where they lived, especially because she was so strict about everything else in their lives, why not this??  Most kids join gangs for several different reasons mostly for a sense of family, but in this one he had a good family group, most of them not in the gang, so why was there no one to help keep him from the life??

I guessed way before he did what happened to his father and I kinda expected the outcome but I still enjoyed the story, the buildup was good and the story flowed in a way that you got invested in their lives.  He had good friends around and teachers who cared and even he was beginning to think this wasn't the life for him.  I liked that he questioned things and began to ask himself why, Why was he there?? Why did his mother not keep him from the gang?? What happened to his father??  What would life be like beyond these streets.

I loved their friendship, it challenged them to see beyond the stereotypes that they had of each other.  I loved that Mrs. Peterson was the major catalyst for their friendship, but they really began to see themselves as different before they started working together and only grew more due to their friendships.  I liked that they had detractors as friends and those who wanted them to see beyond what they thought they knew.  I loved that they still grew challenged and embraced themselves and who they wanted to be.

I loved Mrs.Peterson and Dr.Aguilera they fought on when most would have given up. It's funny the delineation wasn't so strong when I was in high school but I can see this happening now in high school.  As I said I went to an inner city high school and the student there intermingled quite a bit, you did have your kids that stuck to their own groups, but plenty of people dated and it wasn't that big of a deal.

I did enjoy the female friendships in this book, I loved that Brit had good friends who were trying to look out for her (some of the things they said however were just this side of racist). I loved the secondary characters, they were well written and well rounded.

I wanted more from Alex's mother, we got plenty from Brittani's mother and her reasoning for being a total idiot, but we got almost nothing in way of reasoning from Alex's mother.  I also felt some stereotypes were relied on heavily throughout the book.  I found it hilarious that Simone called the gang Latin Bloods considering the arm of the bloods are called the latin kings.  When she said the crown as the symbol it solidified it for me.

I did find this entertaining and interesting, and i really enjoyed how ell the characters were written.  I felt intrigued and wanted to know all about their world and the things they were experiencing. Simone had a way of pulling you in and making you love what she was sharing so  the story was very good.

I wish we got more from Isa, because she seemed like the most put together member of the group.  , but I'm going to enjoy the rest of the series.
I have two more books in the series and I'm interested in seeing how this works out for the other brothers.  Happy Reading

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Waiting On Wednesday January (2015) 2: The Secret Affair by Brenda Jackson

Hosted by: Jill over at Breaking The Spines.  This is a weekly book lust prompt, asking for us to share our absolute can't wait to get our hands on a copy books. Swing on over to find out how to participate and to see what others are sharing.  

The Secret Affair by Brenda Jackson
It has been a year since Jillian Novak ended their affair — a year that left Dr Aidan Westmoreland determined to win back his lover. He knows they don’t have to keep their relationship a secret, but he has to follow her around the world to prove it. Fourteen days on a cruise ship — just Aidan, Jillian and the deep blue sea...and a passion that won’t be denied.
Due Date: Dec 2nd
Print: ebook, Mass Market Paperback

It's another Westmoreland tale and it's Brenda Jackson I have no reason to not purchase it, so it's on!!

Publisher: Harlequin Romance

That's it, that's all I'm lusting for this week. There will be more I'm sure and soon too, but this one comes first!! What's on your book lust list?? Share in the comments down below!!
Happy Lusting

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Top 15 Book Series I Want to Complete In 2015: Bewitching Bibliophile

As the title says, I have a few book series that need to be read, some are perpetual series books like the ones by Christine Feehan, Heather Graham and of course JD Robb.  However there are few that are trilogies that I need to finish and I wanted to track them somewhere visible.

In 2015 I wish to catch up with a complete the following series books so I'm not completely behind anymore.  Books I own will denoted by a *

Gina Damico's Rogue * (Croak Book 3) I'm still not sure why the hell I haven't finished this but it needs to get done like asap.

Shayla Black's Wicked Lovers Series  The following books are on my list to read:
  • Wicked Ties 1
  • Decadent 2
  • Delicious 3
  • Surrender to Me 4 **
  • Belong to Me 5
  • Wicked to Love 5.5
  • Mine to Hold 6
  • Wicked All the Way 6.5
  • Ours To Love 7 **
  • Wicked and Dangerous 7.5
  • Wicked All Night
  • Forever Wicked 7.8
  • Theirs to Cherish 8 **
  • His to Take 9
  • Pure Wicked 9.5
  • Wicked For You 10
Katie McGarry's Pushing the Limits Series  ( this isn't a complete series but these books are the ones I haven't read yet
  • Take Me On 4 **
  • Breaking The Rules 1.5
Tammara Webber's Contours of the Heart Series. I read Easy last year and it just Wow. I'm not emotionally ready for the second book, however I totally want to read it.
  • Breakable **
  • Sweet ( Book Three Due out April 27th 2015, already pre- ordered) 
JD Robb's In Death Series. I've been a fan of this series since it's inception and I love it at times and hate it at times. I always take time between the books then binge read a sugar ton of them because I always want more Roarke and Eve ( even if she's crazypants sometimes) 
  • Concealed in Death 38 **
  • Calculated in Death 36
  • Thankless in Death 37
  • Festive In Death 39
  • Obsession in Death 40 ( due out 2015)
  • Devoted In Death 41 ( due out 2015)
  • Interlude in Death 12.5
  • Remember When 17.5 ( Big Jack) **
  • Haunted in Death 22.5
  • Eternity In Death 24.5
  • Ritual In Death 27.5
  • Missing In Death 29.5
  • Possession In Death 31.5
  • Chaos In Death 33.5
  • Taken In Death 37.5
I'm a huge Jay Crownover Fan so I want to read all the books she has coming out including:
  • Better When He's Bold ( due out Feb 2015)
  • Better When He's Brave (due out Aug 2015)
  • Asa (due out April 2015)
Cora Cormack
  •  Losing It Series ( Losing it **, Faking It **, Finding It **, Keeping Her)
  • All Lined Up *Rusk University Series) **
Zoriada Cordova's Vicious Deep Trilogy. I started this in 2013 and I finally have all three books and wish to complete them this year the only two I have left are:
  • Savage Blue (Vicious Deep 2)**
  • A Vast & Brutal Sea ( Vicious Deep 3) **
Perfect Chemistry Series by Simone Elkeles This series has been on my tbr shelf ever since I read her Wild Cards books back in 2013 and I finally picked up all the books last year so it's time to finish this one as well:
  • Perfect Chemistry **
  • Rules of Attraction **
  • Chain Reaction**
Laurell K Hamilton's Merry Gentry & Anita Blake Series.  I've been a fan of the Merry Series since it started and I've read Anita's series for a few years then when it fell off stopped reading it,  I found a lot of the books at the dollar store and picked them up, now it's time to read them.
  • Divine Misdemeanors 
  • First Light
  • Bullet **
  • Flirt 
  • Skin Trade **
  • Blood Noir **
  • Hit list **
  • Beauty
  • Kiss the dead
  • affliction
  • jason
Iron Fey Series spin off and Blood of Eden by Julie Kawaga
  • The Lost Prince
  • The Eternity Cure
  • The Forever Song

Black Knights Inc Series by Julie Ann Walker's 
  • Born Wild **
  • Hell For Leather **
  • Full Throttle
  • Hard to Handle ( due out 2015)
  • In rides trouble **
  • Hell on Wheels **

Colter's Family Series, Slow Burn Series, Breathless Trilogy Maya Banks  and then so much more. Maya writes faster than I'm reading her catalog, but I own almost all of these books by her and I need to catch up quickly.

Maggie Shayne Way too many to name. I love her writing and I just keep collecting whatever I can from her.

Heather Graham Krewe of Hunters Series. Heather's never going to finish writing books in this series and therefore I'm never going to be done reading and trying to catch up in her catalog.

Well that's my list so far. I'm trying to get my shelves cleaned up a bit before Book Expo America in May. What's on your list for 2015??

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Waiting On Wednesday (2015): In His Keeping by .@maya_banks

Hosted by: Jill over at Breaking The Spines.  This is a weekly book lust prompt, asking for us to share our absolute can't wait to get our hands on a copy books. Swing on over to find out how to participate and to see what others are sharing.  


In His Keeping (Slow Burn 2)
#1 bestselling author Maya Banks continues her suspenseful and steamy Slow Burn trilogy with this second book-a twisting tale featuring a strong yet vulnerable heroine in danger and the sexy alpha hero who must save her Abandoned as a baby to a young wealthy couple and raised in a world of privilege, Arial has no hint of her past or who she belonged to. Her only link lies in the one thing that sets her apart from everyone else—telekinetic powers. Protected by her adoptive parents and hidden from the public to keep her gift secret, Ari is raised in the lap of luxury, and isolation. That is, until someone begins threatening her life. Beau Devereaux is no stranger to the strange. As the head of Deveraux Security, he’s more than familiar with the realities of physic powers. So when a family friend approaches him about protecting his daughter, he’s more than ready to jump on board. What Beau isn’t prepared for is the extent of his attraction to his beautiful and powerful client. What began as a simple assignment, just another job, quickly turns personal as Beau discovers he’ll do anything at all to protect Ari. Even if it costs him his life
Due Date: Jan 5th, 2015
Print: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 256
Publisher: William Morrow Publishers

I read book one in one day and I can't wait to read this one!! I'm so excited for more from Maya, she's one of my favorite authors so I'm on pins and needles waiting.  

Are you getting any new books?? What's on your book lust list?? Share in the comments down below!!
Happy Lusting

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2015 Erotic Reading Challenge

I'm not sure if you can tell (lol) but I'm a huge fan of erotic romance (actually romance it all it's sub genres) so I'm super excited to see that there is a challenge going on this ear. And it's over at one of my favorite blogs Herding Cats & Burning Soup.

Here's all the information you're going to need if you wish to participate:

Making this one really easy!
All erotic romances over 80 pages count!
Erotic Romance--means the sexual side of the relationship is front and center in the storyline and a focal point of the relationship. 
Examples of authors that are NOT erotic romance--Lori Foster, JR Ward, Jill Shalvis, Nalini Singh
All you do is read then review (on goodreads, amazon or your blog) then link up your review :)
It can be a fusion read (ex--erotic historical)
Cross over from other challenges count.
You don't have to be a blogger to join in. Just use your Goodreads or Amazon account to link up.
Levels (you can change your level during the year)

1--6 books
2--12 books
3--24 books
4--48 books
5--100+ books

Just enter your name, email and a link to your blog, amazon profile or goodreads shelf being used

Yeah so I have a huge pile of books to clean up. A little too long to list here, so I'm just going to go ahead and pick number 3. 24 Books, which will allow me ot read 2 books per month for the challenge.  

What are you doing for the challenge?? Share in the comments down below and I'll cheer you on.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 TBR Pile Reading Challenge

Find out more about the challenge it's rule and such here.  
Challenge Guidelines: 

 The challenged will run from January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015. The sign up link below will remain open until January 16, 2015 at 11:30am. Anyone can enter! You don't have to be a blogger, just as long as you review the book you've read. You can review on your book on your blog, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc. 

  1. Any genre, length, or format of book counts as long as it is a book that's been sitting on your self for some time. Short stories and novellas do count! The only stipulations that the book must have been released in 2014 or earlier. No 2015 ARCs or 2015 fresh-off-the-press releases allowed. 
  2. On the 25th of every other month (see schedule below), we will post a wrap-up for the previous two months. These posts will be done by one our bloggers and will contain new linkys for you to add your own wrap-up posts. If you did not sign up by January 16, this is where you can sign up as well. 
  3. To help you tackle your TBR piles we will also be hosting Read Alongs on months that do not have wrap-ups. Voted on by challenge participants, Read Alongs will have two post dates: the first half of the book and the second half. Please note: You do not have to take part in our Read Alongs to participate in the TBR Pile Challenge. You can participate in all of them, some of them, or none of them. This aspect of the challenge is entirely optional. 
  4. There will be two giveaways - July and December. Giveaway details will be explained once the giveaway post goes up. We don't want to overwhelm you with too many details now :) 
  5. You don't have to follow Bookish to join the challenge, but you do have to follow us to be entered in the giveaways.
 How many books are you planning to read for this challenge? 
1-10 A Firm Handshake 
11-20 A Friendly Hug
 21-30 First Kiss 
31-40 Sweet Summer Fling 
41-50 Could This Be Love? 
50+ Married with Children

Yeah we all know that my TBR is a disaster of epic proportions, if it ever tipped over I would be buried for centuries and alien life forms would wonder about the crazy lady buried beneath her books. So I'm going for "Married with Children" level, this means reading 50 books from my TBR  Totally doable, because my goal this year is 200 books, this will help it right along.  This means that 5 books from every month's list must be apart of this challenge. I have a few in particular that I want to get read.  I'm going to list them below in hopes that I can get them knocked off this year.

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff's Series:
  1. Accidentally in Love with A ..God??
  2. Accidentally Married to.. A Vampire??
  3. Sun God Seeks Surrogate 
  4. Vampires Need Not Apply
I need to catch up with Christine Feehan's series I only ave a few left from the backlist including:
  1. Dark Demon August 
  2. Dark Melody September
  3. Dark Destiny August
  4. Dark Blood September 
  5. Dark Crime
  6. Dark Ghost
I also have a few random books by other authors I want to get cleaned up.  Nothing that I purchase this year counts for my personal list so here are the ones I already own that need to be cleaned up:
  1. Vincent Boys Abbi Glines
  2. Wait For Me by J Lynn
  3. Be With Me J Lynn
  4. Take Me On Katie McGarry
  5. Walking Disaster Jamie McGuire
  6. Ours to Love Shayla Black
  7. Theirs to Cherish  Shayla Black
  8. Harry's Sacrifice Bianca D'Arc
  9. Grady's Awakening Bianca D'Arc
  10. Afterburn/Aftershock Sylvia Day
  11. Awakening the Warriors S.E Gilchrist
  12. Fever Maya Banks
  13. Rush Maya Banks
  14. Breakable Tammara Webber
  15. An Angel's Touch Heather Graham
  16. All For You Jessica Scott
  17. Eternity Cure Julie Kagawa
  18. The Lost Prince Julie Kagawa
  19. Training Their Mate Vella Day
  20. 1001 Erotic Nights Part 1 Lisa Cach
  21. 84 Ribbons
  22. Beautiful Surrender
  23. Before You
  24. Burn
  25. The Black Sheep's Inheritance
  26. Born Confused
  27. The Chance Robyn Carr
  28. The Promise Robyn Carr
  29. Me Before You Jojo Moyes
  30. Rogue Gina Damico
  31. Unwind Neal Schusterman
  32. Unwholly Neal Schusterman
  33. Hush, Hush Becca Fitzpatrick
  34. Just Listen Sarah Dessen
  35. 20s Girl Sophie Kinsella
  36. WyrmeWeald the Returner's Wealth by Stewart and riddell
  37. Calculated in Death by JD Robb
  38. Thankless in Death by JD Robb
  39. The Edge of Never by JA R
  40. The Water Witch
  41. Enslaved
Okay that's the list so far. I'm sure I'm going to ignore this and deviate but I really wish to get these done this year. I think it's about time to let them go from the list and move them to the read pile. What do you think??

Share what's on your list and don't forget to swing over and sign up as well.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pulled From My Shelves 2015 | Bewitching Bibliophile Reading Challenge

Hi my loves
Today I'm sharing with you just a few of the books on my selves that I really want to read.  This Challenge is going to run from Jan 1 until April 1. Then I'm going to write another list of books to read.
The goal is to read as many books off my selves before May 26th which is the start of BEA 2015. 'Cause I know myself and no matter how much I caution myself I always get talked into another book and another one an oh look that one looks good.

So here we go, I want to finish up a few series as well as clean up the shelves so here we go:
  1. Dark Melody by Christine Feehan
  2. Dark Demon by Christine Feehan
  3. Walking Disater by Jamie McGuire
  4. Finding it Cora Cormack
  5. Losing It Cora Cormack
  6. Faking It Cora Cormack
  7. All Lined Up (Rusk University) Cora Cormack
  8. Savage Blue by Zoraida Cordova
  9. A Vast & Brutal Sea by Zoraida Cordova
  10. Afterburn/Aftershock by Sylvia Day
  11. Captivated by You by Sylvia Day
  12. Spellbound by Sylvia Day
  13. Take Me On by Katie McGarry
  14. Now & Forever Suzanne Colasanti
  15. The Night is Alive by Heather Graham
  16. The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness
  17. The Witch's Boy by Kelly Barnhill
  18. Talon by Julie Kagawa
  19. Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles
  20. Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
  21. Rogue by Gina D'amico
  22. Ours to Cherish by Shayla Black
  23. Theirs to Love by Shayla Black
  24. Surrender to Me by Shayla Black
  25. Wait for me by J Lynn
  26. Quade's Babies by Brenda Jackson
  27. Irresistible Forces by Brenda Jackson
  28. Courting Justice by Brenda Jackson
  29. A Brother's Honor by Brenda Jackson
  30. A Man's Promise by Brenda Jackson
I can already feel the side eye y'all are giving me considering some of these were on my most anticipated list of 2014. I know I know, but so many books not enough time.

I'll do a check in March then in May to let you know how I'm doing and of course how I did totally.
Let me know fi any of these are on your list and share down below.  Happy Reading


Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Highly Anticipated Books of 2015 (Part 1): Bewitching Bibliophile

2015 is shaping up to be one of the best book years ever!!! Some of my most anticipated sequels or series books come out this year and I can't wait to be all over them.  These are the ones I've already pre ordered and I'm not ashamed about ti at all.  There are more coming out but these are the ones I NEED in my life as soon as they can get here ( they also almost all happen in the first half of the year so yeah there is going to be another list like this late in the year.

The Secret Affair ( Westmorelands) by Brenda Jackson Jan

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen Jan 20th

In His Keeping ( Slow Burn 2) by Maya Banks Jan 27

Better When He's Bold (Welcome to the Point) by Jay Crownover February 3

The Dead Play On ( Cafferty and Qquinn 3) Heather Graham March 31

The Enticement (The Submissive Series) by Tara Sue Me April 7

Safe at Last (Slow Burn 3) by Maya Banks April 14

Asa (A Marked Men Novel ) Jay Crownover April 24

Rogue ( Talon 2) Julie Kagawa  April 28

A Lover's Vow by Brenda Jackson  April 28

Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas May 5

Briar Queen ( A Night and Nothing Novel) by Katherine Harbour June 2 ( Perhaps my most highly anticipated title of the year)

The Silenced by Heather Graham June 30

The Collar (The Submissive Series) by Tara Sue Me  July 7

Dark Ghost (Carpathian Series 27) by Christine Feehan September 1

That's it folks, at least for now. When they release all the later dates this list will explode. I haven't seen anything from a few of my fave romance authors so I KNOW this will triple when I hear from them.