Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review: Blood Of The Sorceress ( The Portal 3) by Maggie Shayne

Book Title: Blood of The Sorceress (Portals Book 3)
Author:  Maggie Shayne |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Book 3
Format: ebook, Mass Market Paperback
Cost: $6.15, $7.19
Pages: 352
How I got it: NetGalley
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Shelfablilty: Must Have
Season: Fall/ Halloween
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As an ancient king’s favorite harem slave, Lilia committed the worst of all possible crimes: loving another man. When the king discovered her treason, her lover was sentenced to lose his soul and linger in eternal imprisonment, and Lilia herself was executed alongside her sisters. While they reincarnated through countless lifetimes, she lingered alone between worlds for thousands of years, waiting for the moment to rescue her beloved Demetrius. Now that moment has come. Demetrius has broken free, but without his soul and in the thrall of the same high priest who betrayed them so long ago; he has become an icy, uncaring cad, devoting himself solely to pleasure and power. Somehow Lilia must convince him to reclaim his humanity, to abandon the enemy tempting him to give in to his selfish desires–or her life will be lost alongside his, both of them condemned to eternal damnation, eternal isolation, their love lost one final and irrevocable time.

I'm totally in love with this series, these books are just amazing.  I can't wait to hear more from the sisters again. I really enjoyed reading this book, and having the whole story come together. I laughed with the characters and could totally understand why the rest of the family wasn't on his side at first, I mean just the history there is almost too much to make trusting him easy. Even with that history they were willing to back their sister while keeping a keen eye on Demetrius. As I was reading I kept trying to guess who Gus was then a couple of things happened that let me know who he was way before the reveal.

The second sisters' story I missed but I can't wait to complete it..  I mean I know what happenes in the overall story but the specifics of her tale are still a mystery and I can't wait to unravel it  Lena sounds like an amazing woman.

This book is well written, the magic, the love it's all well done and believable, I mean it is written by Maggie so yeah, of course it's good. I truly loved how Maggie shared so much good information about witchcraftt and she makes thier rituals so beautiful.  I did however have two minor issues with the book

1)the main character states that she's willing to give him back his soul even if it means letting him go, then promptly puts a spell on him when he makes a move to throw her out. No madam that's not playing fair is it?? And I thought this was about choice??

2) the mention of 3500 years, 35 centuries over and over again. We get it you waited a long damn time for the right conditions. We get that you loved him even past death and beyond, but umm is this going to come up every time y'all fight??  But then she makes the statement that there is no obligation for him to return your love Yeah no pressure AT ALL

Holy Crap that man was Goddess blessed awful. How does one call themselves a holy man but advocate so much pain and suffering? Not just once either, sir have you learnt nothing in the past few centuries?? I hope Father Don rots in a hell of his own making.

I really enjoyed the series and meeting Amarrah again was good.  I just feel so overwhelmed bu the love expressed in the story. I was drawn into the story and I have loved it since reading,  I'm purchasing all of them for my shelves soon. I highly recommend, especially now heading into fall, it's a perfect Halloween Read.
 ★★★★ 1/2☆
Happy Reading my loves

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