Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Wrap Up 2015

Another month is over and all I've done is read. Lol that's not a real problem. Well since it's gone here are the books I have read, the reviews I have written and a recap of all the awesomeness that came my way.

The TBR Pile List & How I Did:
Now normally I wouldn't do these because I know myself well enough to not pretend that I'm actually going to stick to these, but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf so here we go.

My goal this year is 200 books, if I break that down it comes out to 19 books per month , and  4 books a week. Totally doable in my books, so as the proverb says, you can eat an elephant one bite at a time, so here's my first few bites:

  1. White Trash Beautiful (I'm almost done so time to finish it) Counts as second ebook
  2. 1 Christine Feehan book from either of the two series I'm reading
  3. 1 Nora Roberts title I haven't read before
  4. 1 Brenda Jackson novel from my pile
  5. 1 Non Fiction book (religious or educational or as my mother say edifying) 
  6. Read 3 books already on my bookshelves.
  7. 2 ebooks ( 1 for NetGalley and 1 Kindle purchase) I Read 3 ebooks (see above), 2 NetGalley Reads "30 Days to Win His Wife" & 1 Kindle purchase: "Inked Destiny by Jory Strong")
  8. 1 JD Robb book from my shelves
  9. 2 physical ARCs 1 physical ARC was read ( In His Keeping, Maya Banks)
  10. Finish a series (Gina Damico Rogue)
  11. Start a series Perfect Chemistry Simone Elkeles
Book Hauls
Here are the goodies I got in the month, some I purchased, some were gifted, some received for review.
I was good this month and didn't request or purchase anything since my list is already hella long.

Books Read This Month: 5
Yearly Goal: 200   Monthly Goal:16    Balance:195

It's a slow start to the year but I loved most of the books I read this month. I'll take a great reading month over large numbers any day.

A Link to:( a few of my favorite posts from my blog, and around the blogspere)
Faves of the Month:(my favorite Youtubers, Book Bloggers, New Bookish Items, Books turned TV shows and of course the newest authors on the Faves list)

The 100 written by Kass Morgan, now on the CW. Book turned into to a kick ass t.v show.

Kass Morgan's Goodreads Page 

Favorite BookTubers:

Thug Notes, recently re branded as WiseCrack, our friendly "Thug" Sparkie helps us to understand classics and really popular books in every genre. I love his breakdown and sometimes find that I understand the books way better than when my teachers taught it,  With humor and a lot of colorful illustrations, we get the morals of each story and a summary that makes watching this channel worth while.  At over 1/2 million subbies I would say Thug Notes is definitely the most popular booktube channel out there!!

Bookish Things To Look Forward to Next Month: (on the blog and in the outside world)

In February Romance Writers will be taking over Washington D.C. in a event that has, Brenda Jackson, Beverly Jenkins, & Robyn Carr along with other authors, Professors and scientists all discussing "What is Love, Romance Fiction in a Digital Age".

Registration is open and the event is free, the convention runs from Feb 10-1. More Information can be found here and here.  The event is being sponsored by Harlequin Publishers & The Nora Roberts Foundation, along with Romance Writers of America, Berkley/NAL Publishers, The Library of Congress & The Popular Romance Project.

I want to attend but we'll have to see how my schedule shakes out.

Anything going on your side of the screen you're looking forward to?? Share how your month wnt my loves.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Reading and Happy New Month

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