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Book #Review: Carved In Stone by Kate Douglas | Bewitching Bibliophile

Book Title: Carved In Stone
Author:  Kate Douglas |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Beyond The Page Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series/Standalone: Stand alone
Format: ebook
Cost: $2.99
Pages: 215
How I got it: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound
Publication Date: 9/13/2013
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Archeologist and folklore expert Nate Murdock has discovered ancient stone carvings that will either revolutionize thinking in his field or get him laughed out of it entirely, and he’s hired world-renowned photographer Alex Martin to document his find and bolster his claim. When the alluring Alexandra Martin, not Alex, shows up for the job, Nate’s not sure whether to send her packing or take her into his arms. Alexandra Martin, the daughter of the famed photographer and just as talented with a camera, is a dark-haired and dark-eyed beauty. Years ago her father built his reputation on photographs he’d stolen from her, and she’s out to prove once and for all that she’s the real deal. When the opportunity to work with the celebrated and ruggedly handsome Nate Murdock falls into her lap, she jumps at the chance—whether he likes it or not. As tempers flare and accusations fly, the two dig in for a battle of wills and an uneasy truce at their remote mountainside camp. But when drug smugglers trap them in a cave and leave them to die, Nate and Alexandra realize they must trust each other—and the fiery passion growing between them—and surrender to a mysterious force as it guides them through a perilous escape and the acceptance of a powerful love as primal and compelling as the mountain itself.
Let me preface this with a bit of background I studied anthropology, with an eye on doing archaeology later after my first degree, with Native American Studies as my focus.  I've said this before, I ended up leaving the program and moving on to something else (which is why I took longer to graduate than my classmates) even though academia wasn't going to be for me, I still and will always love both anthropology and archaeology.  So when I say I have a high standard to which I hold books dealing with this topic?? Yeah my tolerance level for ignorance and cultural appropriation, and misrepresentation is hella low.

The plot started off so good then she got stupid and he's a chauvinistic pig and then yeah I no longer cared.  I finished because the bigger mystery was originally going good.  The back and forth of her emotions were exhausting.  She wanted to be taken seriously for her art, then freaked out when he tried to give her instructions, she took everything to heart like he was judging her when he was simply assessing her skill level to do the job,  Alex is there because of a mix up and she's acting like he personally asked her there then told her to leave.  Then there is his childish move to prove she didn't get the drop on him and I just wanted to push them both over the edge into the river.

They both seemed to get worse as the story progressed instead of better, especially after they've been rescued.  The second they make it, she goes back to being a dumbass and I really am not here for it.  You can't have it both ways.  You can't say he's nothing like your dad or your ex boyfriend then decide he's exactly like them because hes a man.  Seriously?? Can't you think like any deeper than that??  That's a bullshyt copout.  Then she kept demanding to be in charge, bitch I'm the boss, I'm the one paying you. I'M THE BOSS!!!!!! Errrggggg she was soooo stupid.

1) Who is stupid enough to take on drug dealers with machine guns with no back up. Bitch??!!! You have no military experience, you aren't into martial arts so what the heck did you expect would happen?? She has,way, too many too stupid to live moments but manages to live, no stupid I need you to die. Don't pass on your idiot genes just die already.

2) how are you going to get mad that the person with you call you an effing idiot for your "plan" that's just about a death wish??  Seriously your plan is to what??!! Shout at them that they are being criminals?? Chile... have some seats you're officially a moron.  This is all so you can prove you're in charge and not under someone's thumb .  Bish what??!!! Shut the hell up You big dummy (yes I used a Sanford and Sons quote because it so fits).

" It wasn't going to be easy, lusting with a feminist" location 607 at 13%

3) what the fudge does this quote mean??  What does he mean he can't lust after a feminist??? Are you serious?? Bruh?!! And this is a hero??
Then there is their time in the caves, Le Sigh, what happened to spiders, rodents, snakes, and all kinds of insects that make caves their home, Did they go on vacation this week?? Nah these caves are clean so let's roll around on the floor, and in water that we don't know the source of. Let's also drink this water that we don't know is uninfected with all kinds of germs or bacteria of which we have no way of killing off since we have no purifying tablets, but by all means let's take a bath and expose all of our orifices to these potentially deadly things just so we can get our rocks off.

Te story was going so great too.  Then they just started doing the dumbest things.  The part that change my like of the story was her complete about face once they make it.  In the caves she changes started to grow to open up to see beyond the stupid stereotypes, they make it and BAM back to being a dummy. Le Sigh Really. Like the second they step outside she starts judging him like she hadn't seen any changes or growth not for herself or for him.  I kinda wanted to push her off the cliff.

" once you let a man take control, your independence was gone, kaput"
You need to take your head out of your hindparts.  He needed to do what needed to be done, Isn't that the point of y'all risking your lives?? Had it been me I would have left your to your fate and gone about my business but no he stayed to help you with your stupid idiotic "plan".  Then when she gets checked at 74% and it's pointed out to her that's she's (irrationally and childish * nah I wish that had been said* ) being unreasonable since bitch I'm paying you!! I'm like DUUUHHHHH  Are you sure you're an adult?? Because these reactions are that of a teenager, it's smacks of some serious immaturity issues.  the  as we read more and learnt more about her back ground you can see she gets her stupidity honestly, and that is why she needs to die.

In the end it was just ugh, not an experience I will repeat again personally.   The main reason I kept reading was the over arcing mystery which is solved in like half a paragraph and I'm not satisfied with the way that was done.

To me the characters weren't fleshed out, they were two cardboard pieces shouting at each other from across a canyon.  They couldn't hear each other and neither had enough depth to their personalities to warrant me caring.  They were full of angst from the get go & both of them were so blinded by their own issues that it was impossible to really see the full story.  Who brings their baggage to work with them?? You are right now about to climb some scary mountains and risk life and limb but still dragging around stuff than you distract your and literally get you killed.

There were so many inconsistencies within the archaeological aspects of the story that it almost lost me even more.  Then each character would do something as dumb as the other.  It felt like she was supposed to be a 'spicy Latina' persona and it didn't come off well.  She was psychically connected to the ruins which we haven't proven are really what he thinks they are, but she's part Latina so she is connected. What?!! I just naaahhh bruh nope. All the nope that even been noped.
Something ain't for everyone and this right here?? Is one of them. It clearly was not meant for me.  

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