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31 Days Of Scare: #Giveaway & #Excerpt: The Storm (The Rain 2) by Virigna Bergen .@Sourcebooks .@VeeBergin

Book Title: The Storm ( The Rain 2)
Author:  Virginia Bergin |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Young Adult Dystopia
Series/Standalone: Series Book 2
Format: ebook, Paperback
Cost: $16.99
Pages: 336
How I got it: BEA 2015
Purchase: Amazon Barnes & Noble |Publisher
Publication Date: October 2015
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"I'll tell you a weird thing about apocalypses - a thing I didn't even know until I was in one: they seem pretty bad, don't they? Well, take it from me: they can always get worse." Three months after the killer rain first fell, Ruby is beginning to realise her father might be dead . . . and that she cannot survive alone. When a chance encounter lands her back in the army camp, Ruby thinks she is safe - at a price. Being forced to live with Darius Spratt is bad enough, but if Ruby wants to stay she must keep her eyes - and her mouth - shut. It's not going to happen. When she realizes what is going on - the army is trying to find a cure by experimenting on human subjects - Ruby flips out . . . and makes an even more shocking discovery: she's not useless at all. The Storm begins . . .
First the Excerpt then the giveaway:

From Chapter 12 of The Storm by Virginia Bergin

Hiya, Ruby! yells the rain. It is falling on my face.
It is pouring down. Where’d that come from?
It is pouring down. I feel each drop—­I swear, EACH DROP—­land on me.
I am going to die.
“Sorry,” I say to myself, to my life…to the nurse, who’s standing—­looking utterly horrified—­at the door.
But I don’t want to die! No. NO.
I’m coming back in—­right, Nurse? And you’re gonna cure me.
I don’t want to die. I do not want to die.
That nurse sees me coming, and she’d love to shut the door, but she can’t because she’d have to reach out into the rain—­but her face—­her face. The terror on it!
Too bad, lady—­comin’ in… She looks down; I look down. I see small kids coming up, clustering around her. I see the terror on their faces and—­
“Hey,” I say.
I stop where I am…right in front of them all, getting rained on.
I’m great with kids, me.
I try to smile at them. “Hey.”
My own stupidity pours down on my head harder than the rain itself.
What did I think they’d be able to do for me anyway? Cut my head off?
I feel…how I suppose Simon, my stepdad, must have felt…how a ton of other people must have felt…like I just wanna go home. To die. Only I will never make it home.
I’m never going to make it home.
I sit down. I do not fall to my knees. I just sit. And it rains on me.
Hiya, Ruby! shrieks the rain.
I hear the nurse swear, calling on a God I can’t seriously believe she believes in anymore. She pulls kids away from the door.
I am not offended. I am not emotionally hurt in the slightest. I’m going to die. That’s all.
I get it.
Who would want to see this?
Those kids shouldn’t have to see another person die.
I stare into the face of the sky. To every side of me, I can see scraps of blue sky, clouds that have yet to decide to become killers.
But—­hey!—­hello you, cloud that is raining on me.
Cumulus congestus. I get the difference between congestus and mediocris now. Yeah, I get it.
I stumble, roaring—­finally roaring!—­through the rain…and around the corner…
“RUBY!” I hear this shout so muffled it seems to come from somewhere inside my own head. RUBY!
I turn. I look. I see this wibbly-­wobbly shadow person, hands pressed against the plastic of an army polytunnel walkway.
D-­A-­R-­I-­U-­S   S-­P-­R-­A-­T-­T
Wibbly-­wobbly shadow Spratt.
“DARIUS!” I run at him—­
His hands and mine, they press together through the plastic, palm to palm.
“You were right,” he is shouting. “Saskia was right. I checked. They’re killing people. They’re killing kids. The numbers I was crunching, they’re doses. Bacteria doses, survival rates—­oh, Ruby, I…”
I’m doomed. It’s going to hurt a lot.
I wipe my hand across the plastic so, for one last moment, I can see his face more clearly. He has no words left, so I must find some for us both.
“Get out of here,” I tell him.
The rain pours down between us.
I close my eyes. I do not want to see this…but I feel it anyway. My heart lurches at the change of pressure. The gentle warmth under my palms is lost. He has gone.
I open my eyes.

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