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#Review & #Giveaway:Untamed Hearts ( A Highland Hearts Novella)

Book Title: Untamed Hearts (A Highland Hearts Novella)
Author: Heather McCollum |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Entangled Edge
Genre: Historical Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Novella
Format: ebook
Cost: $0.99 Introductory Price
Pages: 163
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Publication Date: 4/21/2014
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Will Wyatt has always played the part of pirate, but now he’s a fish out of water in the Highlands of Scotland. With a bounty on his head, he’s laying low by helping his sister and a troop of abandoned children journey to a new home. He didn’t count on a spunky Highland lass stealing his breath after he steals a kiss. Jonet Montgomery has longed for a chivalrous knight her whole young life. Instead she found herself wed to a cheating scoundrel and left a widow. Giving up on love, Jonet turned to helping the orphaned children of her clan, but when a lusty, silver-tongued rogue opens a crack in Jonet’s routine life, she’s tempted by his offer to taste adventure of the most pleasurable kind. Will’s heart of gold shines through despite his infamous past, making Jonet risk her reputation once again. But can she possibly be enough woman to keep this sexy pirate from straying? With her past embarrassment haunting her, she risks more than just her reputation this time. She risks her heart.
Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to the amazing Will Wyatt *I pictured him as Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time* who is a pirate who is landlocked due to some unfortunate circumstances.  Where does a pirate go to hide?? Why the Highlands of Scotland of course, and this is where he meets Jonet, a wild Highland lass who is doing her best to help the less fortunate of the clan.  As a widow, Jonet is left to try and make her way in the clan, and she decides to do so by being a surrogate mom to all the orphan children of the clan.

Can I explain how much I love Will & Jonet?? How much they made me laugh?? Will with his outlandish tales told to the young children, his willingness to help Jonet when it appeared like she was in need of help and instruction.  Jonet, a woman who is looking for a white knight, but isn't exactly as helpless as she appears. She's witty, and challenges Will when needed and makes him totally work to get a rise out of her.  Jonet has a bit of heartbreaking past, as her dead husband was a bit of an idiot.  And meeting Will makes her want to challenge that past, but she's still a little afraid of what others are going to say about her if Will lives up to her husband's past actions.

I loved the moments between them, I loved how funny Will was and how willing he was to do whatever would help Jonet and the children. he was brave when needed and great at being a comfort when needed.  I can't wait to see if there are going to more books from this clan, because Meg & her hubbie are too cute, I loved all of the friends we got to meet.  I can't wait to read Ann's story, & even see who tames Donald.  I know my heart hurt at the waterfall and I'm a little scared of Searc ( why do he eyes do that?? Is it why I think?? I don't know but I must read to find out!!)

This Clan with their magic and strong ties to the crown (even a stronger tie than the current King) made me intrigued to read.  I was saddened when it ended because I loved their tale so much.  This time is one of my favorite parts of British history and I loved the author's turn through the Highlands. I will definitely be reading more from her in the future.

Heather McCollum is an award winning, historical paranormal and YA romance writer. She earned her B.A. in Biology, much to her English professor’s dismay. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood of 2009 Golden Heart finalists. The ancient magic and lush beauty of Great Britain entrances Ms. McCollum’s heart and imagination every time she visits. The country’s history and landscape have been a backdrop for her writing ever since her first journey across the pond. When she is not creating vibrant characters & magical adventures on the page, she is roaring her own battle cry in the war against ovarian cancer. Ms. McCollum recently slayed the cancer beast and resides with her very own Highland hero, rescued golden retriever & 3 kids in the wilds of suburbia on the mid-Atlantic coast. For more information about Ms. McCollum, please visit

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It's a great little adventure through the Highlands, I recommend you get it *I mean it's only a $1.00 for a limited time*.  You won't want to miss this it!!
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