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ARC Book #Review: Switch It Up by Sara Brookes

Book Title: Switch It Up Noble House Kink 2)
Author:  Sara Brookes|Website| TwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Harlequin - Carina Press
Genre: Erotica Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 2
Format: Ebook
Cost: $3.99
Pages: 368
How I got it: NetGalley
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Publication Date: Feb 19 2018
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Welcome to Noble House, Where Your Passion is Our Pleasure, and Someone is Always Watching…

Hacker Madeline Zane gets off crossing lines. So when she discovers security flaws in the Noble House website, she thinks nothing of showing up at the door of the hybrid fetish club and demanding an audience with the owner. Especially after watching an intense online scene of the notorious Dom bringing a submissive to her knees.

Kochran Duke is weary of always being in control, but meeting Maddy rekindles his pleasure in what had become strictly business. And instead of making him jealous, seeing her submit to his old friend Ezra has him aching for something he didn’t even know he was searching for.

The kind of heartbreak Ezra’s lived through changes a man. Maddy makes him crave a life he thought he’d put behind him for good. Watching her with Kochran only fuels his desires, rousing the caged beast within.

Fortunately at Noble House, virtually any fantasy can become reality.
This was very erotic and romantic, however, it jumped scenes too often giving a disjointed feel at times while reading I would have to skip back a few pages to make sure I didn't miss something. I did find that the overall story was great but there were many things that distracted from the story for me.

I really enjoyed the characters some were well written but more in the vein of telling me instead of showing me why they were great.  Also very little background on Maddie and Ezra and their family.
I really identified with Maddie as she as a nerd who was curious and adventurous enough to go after what she wanted even if it was totally different than she knew.  I loved her description of her computer set-up and her space as that sounds a lot like mine; which made me love her even more. My favorite part of the book was when Maddie found Kochran in the expensive paper supply store and he bought the expensive paper and pen for her.  I really loved that she enjoyed supplies as well, it just made me love her even more.

I did go into this one blind so I wasn't aware of where this story was going & was pleasantly surprised when it went there.  I love it, I enjoyed the story buildup, even if it seemed to move pretty fast.  Time wasn't really discussed so it's encapsulated.  This makes sure that the book would be able to age well but at the same time doesn't ground it in reality.

I did have a few issues with the book because there were moments that were unfinished discussions and scenes that were happening and then we found ourselves in another scene.  I did notice that even though the sex scenes and the scenes between the lovers were off the charts well written, the scenery was lax, and the secondary charters weren't as well written as they could have been.    I would love to see more of the sister's girlfriend and her family.  I would love to learn more about the secondary characters beyond their interactions with the characters in a small scene.  I'm guessing she's leaving space for us to formulate our own idea of how the scenery would look but I like when I'm reading for there to be a good amount of description enough for me to build the scene then I can add in my own ideas.

The story centered more on the lovers learning more about each other and about themselves as they developed beyond friends, boss employee into lovers.  We got the story from all three perspectives, and as the story progressed more from the men than Maddie.  A Warning for those who might need it, there is hot man on man love in this so if that doesn't rock your boat maybe skip this one.

 I found this story to be great, especially for the erotica scenes. Sometimes, however, the author's jumping from scene to scene left much of the story or discussion out and I was left feeling confused or disconnected from the story.  There are questions that aren't answered especially about Kochran's family and his relationship there.  While I know the story is about them as lovers they don't seem to have any attachments outside of this circle, it's almost like they live in a bubble.

I really enjoyed when Kochran challenges his worldview, when he embraced parts of himself he thought he had to hide so that he could be what people wanted from him. I'm glad Maddie decided to challenge them head on when she was introduced to their world. I loved reading Ezra's awakening after his life changed so dramatically.  And their scenes both in the dungeon and in the bedroom were very steamy.

A good hot menage featuring Bisexual Dominant men and their submissive, power exchange, and a lot of hot menage love.
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