Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Most Unread Author Challenge: Nora Roberts

Total Books: 51

2022 Goal: 12

 A few years ago I shared with you my most unread authors on my shelves.  The queen of this list of course was Nora Roberts. Since December 2021, I have been working on really knocking out the books on this shelf.  I'm going to share with you the books on the shelf that I still have to read:

  1. Key of Valor 
  2. Chesapeake Blue
  3. From the Heart
  4. Truly Madly Manhattan 
  5. Summer Deserts
  6. Lawless
  7. Hot Rocks
  8. Birthright
  9. Key of Light
  10. Forever
  11. Table for Two
  12. Face the Fire
  13. The Quinn Legacy
  14. THe Quinn Brothers
  15. The Villa
  16. Daring To Dream
  17. Savor The Moment
  18. Happy Ever After
  19. Dance Upon The Air
  20. Bay of Sighs
  21. A Little Magic
  22. Holding The Dream
  23. Bed of Roses
  24. Rising Tides
  25. Vision in White
  26. O;Hurley's Return
  27. Entranced
  28. The Law of Love
  29. Key of Knowledge 
  30. Public Secrets
  31. Inner Harbour
  32. Treasures
  33. Hot Ice
  34. All The Possibilities
  35. Honest Illusions
  36. Sweet Rains
  37. Charmed & Enchanted
  38. Mysterious
  39. Irish Hearts
  40. Big Jack
  41. Nightshade/ Night Smoke
  42. Playing The Odds
  43. Temptation
  44. Treasures Lost Treasures Found
  45. Tribute
  46. O'Hurley's Return
  47. Stars
  48. Heaven & Earth
  49. Love by Design 
  50. High Noon
  51. Dangerous
Ok considering when I did this it was originally 72 books on the shelf from her. I'm not doing too bad. My major problem was that I would finish books or series then go to the library book sale and buy more because they used to be so cheap. However, the panorama we are living through (yes I know it's called a pandemic but we have decided to call it everything but that)  put a halt to the library book sale which means that I'm actually clearing more off the shelves than I am hauling.  Currently, this collection has dropped down to one shelf instead of a shelf and a half.  

The goal for 2022 was 12 books, one a month was thr plan. I have read a Nora Roberts book for the year so far however I actually didn't own it.  I paused my read of Night Tales because the audiobook version I was reading became unavailable so I'll have to find if the library has the discs.  

Have you read any Nora Roberts?? I am aware of Books Like Whoa Reading Roberts Challenge, which echoes my Perpetual Author Challenge of reading Nora's entire catalog. 

I'm excited to see what she has to say about the books she reads and shares her thought on them.  I will of course be sharing my updates on my challenge and how I'm doing in clearing the shelves. I'm not adding any new books because I really need to work through this stuff first. Yes, much of it is backlist and older but I'm looking forward to seeing how she grows (grew because obviously, she's still cranking them out).  My ultimate goal will be to knock these off them continue collecting the others I don't have and then go to her Inn. I want to stay in the Eve and Roarke room.  

What have you read from Nora??? Want to work on your Nora backlist with me??
Happy Reading

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