Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Welcome August 2022

Hi My loves, 

It's been a while. I've been posting sporadically recently and just trying to share when I feel like sharing. This month I want to try to see if I can come back to blogging or if this is now in the past. I miss this actually and the community of book lovers. While I follow somewhat on twitter, it isn't the same really because there I'm interacting mostly with authors and not really with other big readers like myself.  

With this new variant and the newest concerns in endemics and a new pandemic brewing I'm trying to stay clear of all the crazy by being home and reading. I work in healthcare so I'm freaking out but using reading to escape.  My reading this year has been the best it's been in years.  I have read some beautiful books, some that have broken me open and some that are a must read for everyone who calls themselves an ally to children and the black community.   Today, August 1st in my faith is the first harvest, it's a day of celebrating what you planted in the beginning of the season and the start of putting away for the harsh winter ahead.   It's also a time for introspection. During this season I want to focus more and study more about my faith, which means digging deeper into the non fiction books on my shelves.  

I'm not going to share a big elaborate reading plan because I never stick to them. I want to keep reading like i have been, working on my challenges and taking on at least three of my spiritual books.  I'm also hoping to share more about my reading with you this month. 

Goals for the month:

  1. To Read: 15 books
  2. Non Fiction Religious Goals: 3
  3. Read daily
  4. Blog at least once a week
  5. List more of my purge books on paperbackswap
  6. Update book planner pages
  7. Update blog pages

What goals and challenges do you have for the month my loves?? 

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