Monday, January 13, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge: Blogger Horror Story

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Horror story?? I'm a perfect blogger I would never have one of those...... ok where do I start?? Shall I tell you about sending the wrong review to a publisher?? Or crediting the wrong author in a tweet?? Maybe I should share how I wrote an amazing review, and put the wrong book info?? (to my credit it was late and I needed to post and go to sleep oops).

Or maybe I should share about scheduling two blog parties for the same day?? Then having the blog tour host spank me in the comments section?? Yeah fun times.  How about forgetting to edit the post, hitting post; then discovering spelling and grammatical errors all over the place??

Shall I wow you with how I scheduled a blank post with my review notes (for my eyes only) or how when I was just learning about Windows Live Writer I was too lazy to open a new document so I simply deleted all text I had written then wrote a new post, not knowing it was also deleting the already published post?!?

Nah I don't believe I have any horror stories to share. As I said before I'm a perfect blogger, I would never do silly things like that.

Okay y'all share in the comments, what are your horror stories??
Happy Reading

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