Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge: Book Blogger Resolutions

Ha!! Didn't I just say I'm not doing resolutions???? Well I'm not I'm making this my book blogging goal list. This isn't a comprehensive list as I'm sure as I reach each goal I will want to go higher, achieve more and learn more.

1) Network more, I'm going to go ahead and confess that I suck at Social Media (SM). I don't always pay attention and I certainly am not completely up on what's going on, I'm going to learn more about the different networks and how to use them to enhance the blog, drive traffic to the blog and how to share my information with more people.

2) Refresh my memory on HTML, and all the computer crap I have forgotten since leaving college, yeah yeah yeah I know I majored in comp Science but I switched in my third year and I haven't looked back since, now I need to, so I can make the blog a whole lot more fun and a whole lot better looking.  Even though I'm loving the new simple look aren't you??

3) Blog Blog Blog, I'm going to learn to schedule my blogs more and actually just go ahead and type them up instead of writing them down, because the I lose papers, get bored and don't transcribe them. Consistency will be key, so bear with me over the next few weeks because I have a huge back log to clear so, the posts will be coming up pretty often.

4) READ books I want to instead of books that are big but not really my genre, or even my kind of books.  I found that this year I picked up quite a few books because they were big in the book community and some weren't even my cup of tea, I simply didn't want to be left out of the conversation. This however meant I missed out on reading the books I really wanted to.

5) Participate in more book events, I love going to BEA and meeting wonderful authors, bloggers and fellow book lovers.  I can however go to more events especially because there are so many near me. *I really don't have an excuse other than poor planning, and not being in the know when I need to be, which of course goes back to SM and networking*

6) Share the love, I have a few extra copies of books I love, new books I have gotten at different events, and of course a few I have received from publishers. I'm going to get better at giveaways, at advertising them, at actually hosting them and doing the hosting better. so if you love books, why not subscribe and keep an eye out for those wonderful freebie days??

7) Sharing the know how, when I learn something new I love to share with everyone, so when someone shows me, I learn something new or a book blogger does something totally awesome, I'll share the links and the blogs so y'all can learn it too.

8) Youtubing more in the new year, I have a ton of videos recorded but I haven't posted them yet, I'm going to be editing and putting them up, along with posting there on Fridays and Sundays every week.

And that's it, I have more but those are more for me not for public consumption, as you noticed I didn't list the dates on these, that's because these are for the whole year, but I'm breaking them down, starting with networking and using SM more with the end goal being growing the blog, but that's going to take time so, SM more, and grow one new reader at a time!!

What are you resolutions?? Or are you like me calling them goals??  Share your link below and I will swing on over and share the love.  Want to participate?? Swing on over to Rachel's blog and see all the information for yourself.

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