Monday, May 26, 2014

Top 14 Things to Know About Me Before BEA 2014

I don't know who started these little memes, but I have seen them on Lexie's blog over at the Poisoned Rationality and on the Irish Banana's Review as well. I'm going to share the top 14 things you should know about me for BEA

1) I'm pretty freaking nice, please talk to me!! I'm one of those idiots who gets around books and forget all social norms like how to talk.  Help me out!! I'm always scared that if I strike up the conversation people will just look at me like a rambling fool.

2) This is my third year going and I'm still pretty clueless. My first year I had no plan and just took whatever they shoved into my hands, my second year I had a plan but hey, still took books like crazy this year I have a plan and I'm sticking pretty close to it.

3) Every year I bring my cards (well last year I forgot them at my aunt's house when we made it to the showroom floor (oops, but for just one day though) and I almost always go home with tons of them. Ask me for a card please,

4) I'm a huge fan of Ellorascave, the first stop I make every year is over at that booth, so I can meet up with the reps, and of course take tons of pictures with those really cute guys. So if you see dreads flying by you on the first day, don't stop me I'm on a mission to kick this party off right.

5) I read mostly romance books, all the subgenres of course,but mostly romance,  I'm a huge erotica, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and new adult fan. If you know of books in those genres let me know now so I can stalk them at BEA, or just add them to the wishlist . Please.

6) Currently in my living space I have 1300 books, Over 650 of them read the rest unread, I should probably stay away from BEA but I'm not going to.

7) I'm a creature comfort kind of gal, I like being able to sit down and relax after stalking the BEA floors all day, it only took one year to learn that suitcases were necessary, that the Center provides shuttles to the train station and that cute shoes don't count for much if they aren't also comfortable.

8) No matter how prepared I think I am, I always forget something, lose something, or forget to charge something. Last year I thought I lost my camera (left it at my aunt's house), left my cards at my parent's house, and of course if they hadn't created charging stations last year, my phone would have been a lost cause.

9) I'm the snack lady, I will forget my cards which are necessary, but I never forget the snacks, like ever, ever. I love my sweets way too much to ever leave them behind.  So if you run out of snacks and need some I'll probably have an extra granola bar, or a chocolate bar or some peanuts. Ask me I'll share.

10) No matter how well I plan, my co blogger always gets cooler books than me. She just goes with the flow and joins a line, goes to a panel, walks by a booth, and I'm always running all over the place. and freaking about sticking to my schedule.

11) I'm a native New Yorker, so I can tell you about some cool cheap places to eat and some fun places to bookshop, as I'll share.

12) Along with being a native NYer, I can be a bit of a sarcastic bitch, and I'm always trying to rein it in because not everyone gets my sense of humor, but I will not hesitate to put you in your place should you act a fool. I'm nice, not a fool so don't push me around or cut me in line. I'm only but so nice ok?? Okay good!!

13) I rehearse what I'm going to say to my favorite authors before I open my mouth, yet every time I meet them I turn into a ninny, so I'm apologizing in advance to all the authors who are going to have me on line in front of you. I'm intelligent I swear!!

14)I'm a chocoholic, and I will be running on little sleep, because New York is way too much for things like sleep, so I'll be caffeinated out to the max, when this happens I turn into Syx from Blossom, if you hear me talking a mile a minute, just tell me to shut up and I will I promise.

So what should we know about you for BEA?? Share down in the comment box and make sure to show some love to the ladies that inspired the post.

See you in a few days at Book Expo!!

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