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Book @Review: Inked Destiny by Jory Strong.@jorystrong

Book Title: Inked Desitny ( Inked Magic Book 2)
Author:  Jory Strong|Website| Twitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Genre: paranormal Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Book 2
Format: e3book, trade paperback
Cost: $10.99
Pages: 336
How I got it: Purchased 
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The righting of an ancient wrong. A future foretold. The bands tattooed around her wrists are laced with a dragon’s green and more, destiny preordained… Mind Thief. Gift Thief. Feared for an ability to seize another’s thoughts and powers with a touch, San Francisco tattoo artist Etaín is such an elf—and the time has come for her to learn it. Close to the transformation and about to discover her place in a supernatural world, Etaín once thought intimacy and permanence were impossible. Now she’s bound to Cathal, the son of an Irish mobster. And claimed by Eamon, an Elven lord with powerful gifts of his own. Eamon is determined to keep her safe—from others as well as herself. But a quest for justice is more than it seems, leaving their future to hinge on choice and magic. On promises made and dangerous bargains.
While I get Etain's need to remain in control of her life, she constantly does shit that puts others in danger then gets dumb, when it blows up in her face.  she kinda reminded me of Anita in the earlier books, where everyone had to thread lightly because Anita hated to be told she was wrong, and when you did she tended to hurt those who told her.  Ugh this shyt was getting old fast. Take your head out your hindparts Etain. It kinda felt like they went backwards a bit, to like the first part of the first book before she really accepted the changes. I was getting kinda tired of them doing dumb shyt for prides sake.  Get it the eff together y'all bit things are coming and y'all are more worried about things that aren't going to last.

I however did not see the changes coming for our police officer friend nor for her bestie, that was seriously strong magic, that woman wasn't playing no games with Etain.  Etain wanted to prove she didn't need anybody and actually put herself in deeper trouble than she needed, because you know talking to the man that's been an elf his entire life, that might not make sense.AT.ALL.  I so badly wanted to shake her like Why?? Stop being stupid and stubborn.

At page 277 I started to panic because I went online and there isn't anymore information about other books, and this only came out in 2013, so there should be some buzz or something, there is nothing.  And the setup for the ending?? Chile listen I was laid out. All these things became clear, and we know based on what happened in the beginning that even more things are coming and Etain Eamon & Cathal are in the dead center of it all.  Cathal's family doesn't trust her, there is the weird new girl, Eamon's people, Etain's family, her missing mother, the trouble that was at the beginning of the book, and of course the Dragon.

They better get it together because the storm that's brewing is going to be huge.  And I can't wait to contiuue the series, when Jory puts out another. As for the price, ahhha, nope I paid way less than that, I paid $7.99 but still, damn for that I might as well get the physical book (which I'm going to have to get anyway because I have the first book in physical form.)

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