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Book #Review Darkness Eternal (Guardians of Eternity 7.5) by Alexandra Ivy .@alexandraivy .@lyricalpress .@pumpupyourbooks

Book Title: Darkness Eternal (Guardians of Eternity 7.5)
Author: Alexandra Ivy |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Lyrical press (Kensington)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Book 7.5
Format: ebook, paperback
Cost: $1.99
Pages: 108
How I got it: Publisher via Blog Tour Company
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Publication Date: March 31, 2015
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For the Guardians of Eternity, battle is a way of life—whether the plight of their world is at stake, or the fate of their heart… After being held captive by one vampire for four centuries, Kata had no intention of taking another one to the underworld with her. Yet even in the pits of Hell, there’s no ignoring the intoxicating desire awakened by Uriel’s touch… Previously published in Supernatural.
I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into, but that cover sold me and I needed something different from the contemporary books I've been reading lately.  When I saw this one I was like ok, cool. I will say that even though this is book 7.5 it doesn't quite read like one, it moves quickly but doesn't bog down the story with history nor does it leave you out the loop.  Characters from previous books are previously mentioned and even though there are hints about their stories there aren't any real spoilers, which is great because I want to read the other books in the series now.

I really ended up liking this one because it flowed so well.  I did have one sticking point in the story and that was her history with the Jinn.  Because this is the novella we never quite get her full story of that time, and we understand that there is more to it than we know.  I am going to go backwards and read all the other stories because it sounds like this world is pretty intriguing.  I did feel bad for our heroine Kata because it's gotta hurt that the one person who should have your back in the entire world is also your worst enemy.  I really enjoyed Kata because even though she hasn't been of the world for centuries she kept up through her family and she was more than willing to learn and engage with life.  She was really funny and I loved that she was also willing to admit when she wasn't strong or adept at something. I really enjoyed Uriel, because he was a strong character who was willing to do all he could to protect those who needed it.  And when he was faced with a scary situation he still manged to grasp that not everything was as it seemed.

I cracked up quite a it with this story because both of the characters didn't take themselves seriously, they were witty within their inner monologues and with each other. I loved their banter and how well their conversations flowed.  I had a good time reading and found myself finding time to jump into the book so I could find out what misadventure they had stumbled into next.  Together the characters were steamy in their love scenes and I felt like the emotions expressed were genuine for them and moved with the story and their world arc.

I really enjoyed myself with this one and now have even more books on the to be read pile because now I need more from this world.  I would recommend this for those looking for a good paranormal romantic comedy.

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