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Book #Review: Raine by J.C. Valentine .@authorjcv

Book Title: Raine
Author:  J.C Valentine |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Self Published Via Createspace
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Series/Standalone:  Standalone
Format: ebook, Trade paperback
Cost: $2.99, $10.99
Pages: 320
How I got it: Received a copy from Publicist
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |
Publication Date: August 2014
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Shy. Intelligent. Naive. Statistic. Raine Forester was an average girl leading an average life. She slipped beneath everyone's radar, until Camron Moss, the most popular guy in school, took interest in her and changed everything. Some acts are unforgivable. Raine thought she'd been accepted. She thought she was one of them. She thought she was in love... until one moment made her realize she'd trusted the wrong person. Lies are told, hearts get broken, secrets are revealed, and sometimes, true love is found in the least likely places.
Do you ever get nervous for your characters?? From the synopsis of the book you knew something was going to happen and as I read I kept fearing this would be the moment and I was so scared for her. Like, no, I want to save her and keep her safe and nothing bad ever happens.  I'm so glad I agreed to read this story because it was amazeballs.

The story starts with Raine and we begin to watch it all unfold and I'm so happy that girlie had a backbone even though she was originally shy, shy doesn't mean doormat and Raine let them all know that right from the get go.  I loved her as a character, she felt real and relateable, she reacted to life in a way that was very believable and she didn't think way too hard about what others were thinking because she was more focused on making it through each day even though the people who should have had her back disappointed her.

I teared up a few times in this novel and even had to take a moment to breathe deep before I went on. This isn't a novel with guns and big scary scenes, this is a new adult novel that shares growth, the ability to forgive ,learning to stand up for oneself, and to have faith in other and also about the power of redemption. This is what new adult is about, that moment when you figure out daily what makes you you, and what helps to shape the person you want to become.

Told from dual perspective we get to see the options left for others and what it must be like to be related to someone who does something you never thought they were capable of.  I really loved reading that scene and I loved Raine even more when she put it all out there.

On page 180 in a totally innocent scene Jarrett showed himself to be a bit sexist, I was like Wait what?? Bitch I kick ass at cards, dominoes, chess, checkers, any boards games I'll have you know I'm hella good.  But I also had to laugh because really that is a stupid thought to have.  Initially I was like wait no why does he have to be so stupidly flawed??

I really loved it and it ended well. I don't know if I would have pressed Raine as hard to do what he wanted but at least the author didn't give it a 'perfect' ending, even though  at the end it was perfect for the story.

I absolutely love then together and I felt the story was extremely awesome and realistic.  I loved the growth of the characters especially Jarrett, because for him it was a total change from what he knew and had in mind.  For Raine, she learnt that she was stronger than she first thought, that she was more capable than others thought and that love doesn't always come easily.

I really loved this story and even after reading it, would think on the scenes and smile.
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