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Book #Review: Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride by Kate Hardy | Bewitching Bibliophile

Book Title:  Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride
Author:  Kate HardyWebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Format: Ebook, MM
Cost: $5.99
Pages: 256
How I got it: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |
Publication Date: August 2014
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A royal surprise! One look into the stranger's dark, mysterious eyes and Indigo Moran knows she's made a mistake in taking his picture. But who does he think he is? A prince? That night Indigo discovers that's exactly who he is: Crown Prince Lorenzo Torelli of Melvante. To Lorenzo, duty lies with his country—he can't offer Indigo forever. The trouble is…once he's kissed her, one unforgettable night will never be enough. And now Indigo's little secret is about to turn his carefully ordered world upside down!

Meh, I give this 2 stars, because I wasn't a fan of the 'heroine'.  There is a fine line between obstinate and being stupid and being independent and she liked to dance over the edge a few too many times.

She whined a lot too.  2015 and you're telling me you don't know about Princess Diana, or Duchess Fergie, Queen Noor, or Princess Angela, Rania Queen of Jordan, Duchess Katherine, Princess Letizia of Spain, or all of the other men and women who are commoners who have married into royalty
if we need to go back even further than Queen Noor of the 1970s let's look at Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco, or even Duchess Wallis who got a King to abdicate in favor of marrying her.  Why is she acting like a commoner marrying a royal is new and she would be breaking ground?? Biotch please.  What rock you live under??

She was so confident in everything else in her life then turned into a whiny wimp when it came to her love life *which I can understand we may not all have it together all the time but really though??** Then she turned around and compared the two great loves of her life,  then said she wasn't but continued to compare the two 0_o Yeah no.  I'm not buying it.  Lorenzo gave you no reason other than being male to compare him to the first guy.

She literally whined the last half of the book about the same thing even during the last scene but I'm supposed to buy the HEA.  I would have liked it more if the alternative ending we started to get, which was much like the alternate ending in the Prince and I (oh my gosh I love that movie so much), and seen it as a fond memory of a time she dated a Prince, but y'all aren't together because she can't see past her fears, then maybe years later y'all meet again and she has wised up.

I would have loved that ending better, but nope, magically fixed by the Prince's heart felt monologue.

Say it again with me love doesn't fix it all, love makes life tolerable, it heals and it gives shelter but love is WORK and if only one person believes then only one person is doing the work.  I wanted to like this book because for once the male isn't a jerk who becomes redeemed, no they were a couple who decided to have an affair and then he realized he wasn't ready to quit and he started to fight for her.  They were on equal footing and she had some really great qualities, but she used that one flaw and consistently would do the same thing over and over again then wonder why her life was going the way it was. UGh Don't play stupid then expect me to cheer for you.

Sadly they can't all be for everyone and this one wasn't for me. Have you read it?? Did you like it?? Share why down in the comments my loves.  Why not check it out and come back and tell me if I'm being a bit harsh, or am I missing something.  Happy Reading

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