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Book #Review: Greek Tycoon's Love Child by Jacqueline Baird .@HarlequinBooks

Book Title: The Greek Tycoon's Love-Child (Greek Tycoon's #26)
Author:  Jacqueline Baird |
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
Genre: Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Cost: $4.50
Pages: 187
How I got it: Purchased 
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Publication Date: October 2004
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Bedded, then wedded -- by the Greek tycoon! When millionaire Theodore Kadros first sets his sights on beautiful Willow Blain there can only ever be one outcome: a night of incredible desire! But the next day Willow is gone.... However, their brief passion results in a legacy that Willow is eager to conceal. When the Greek tycoon discovers the shocking truth, he is enraged. Theo demands they marry, so he can have what he feels is rightfully his -- Willow as his wife... and at his mercy! 

I liked that she wasn't a push over although as she stated she liked to hide from change and reality she got her head straight and tried to work with facts and not just emotional fear.  I'm not sure if she realized she wasn't going to be able to hide the facts for much longer, how long did she think this secret would hold?? Although to be fair, she made several attempts to do the right thing but always ran just when it would have gotten harder to actually do the right thing.

As a male Theo (who I only just realized is the same name of Divergent's Four, yeah nothing to do with the story except, they kinda had some similarities in attitude, hmmmmm)  had his emotive moments and then moments when he just bulldozed his way in (think China shop and angry bull).  Granted he had many reasons in which to be angry, however there were a few moments that were all self created and then he took it out on Willow.

They had passionate explosive moments and boy did they have miscommunication issues; but they kept at it.  Willow never quite grew up and learned to accept herself as a confident woman, she was as her friends called her a Mole and she hid away from life so she had the confidence of the young child she had been when she first met Theo. I'm not sure I believe a grown woman who has managed to make it this far and accomplish this much wouldn't be more confident in herself, but I guess.

There are two key moments where I want to slap Willow, she doesn't trust Theo and takes EVERYBODY else's word over his. If this is the man you claim to love, aren't you aware of his basic character?? If he's never done something so dumb before why would he start now??  Girl???  Then the second time, she once again makes a arbitrary decision for them based on her own misconceptions  (yes intimately it's her body, her choice) but if he'd done the same?? She would have hit the roof.  Girl What??  I just thought it was funny how quickly she judged him in error and so did he judge her.  They both needed to throttle down and actually communicate.  Instead they clung to their pride and kept making stupid mistakes.

Still enjoyed it. Loved that she was a writer and was quick witted and when pushed could use her wit to come back at her husband; that party scene near the end was awesome.

I enjoyed the story but I have a few gripes.  The 'passionate times" especially in the second meeting where he threatens her that not all men know when to stop. Ummmm not sexy at all sir.

Yeah it's still a good quick read and I really enjoyed it even with the few issues that I had with it.
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