Friday, October 2, 2015

31 Days of Scare: My Favorite Paranormal Writers

Hi My loves,

I'm going to be sharing my love of the paranormal genre with you, from middle grade, to young adult, to new adult and to the all too awesome adult and romance sub genres, if it's paranormal I'm sharing.  I'm sharing show recommendations as well.  But for today we're talking about some my go to authors for the paranormal genre in adult:

The Queen for me has been and probably always will be L. A Banks' Vampire Huntress Series, and not because they are the most horrifying books (because they really aren't ) but because they have a badass female protagonist and she happens to have locs, be Black and is one hell of singer. Her crew and love interest are so good and while sometimes doing a little too much, you can't help but love them. This series does have strong faith discussions, not just Christian or the Abrahamic traditions, but influences of the Kemetic, Yoruba, Buddhist and so many more.  One of the best mutli cultural paranormal book series I've read in a long time.

Heather Graham, she's written books from contemporary paranormal to full on paranormal and she does it all under several names including Shannon Drake,   She's a versatile author who has had a long career creeping people out.  Some of my faves include her Krewe of Hunters series, her paranormal romance that features law enforcement working with psychics and mediums, heck sometimes even the cops are mediums.

Katie MacAlister, if you're looking for the rom com of paranormal, look no further than Katie's books, her Aisling Grey series, features a witty protagonist, who is an American expat in England and the foolishness she gets up to when she stumbles into the world of Dragons. I love this series and just how great Katie is at writing humor into her romances.

Next we have two openly pagan authors who still make it their mission to share amazing stories while sprinkling in a little bit of facts about Pagan paths.  I really enjoy that

The first is Maggie Shayne, who has written several different series featuring witches and many of the other paranormal creatures, her witches of course have to battle many different foes, and tend to be ultramodern women who just happen to be witches/psychics or mediums.  My fave by her is Gingerbread Man which is a thriller, and it's haunting and creepy and just plain scary.

Next is Laurell K Hamilton. Not only is she openly pagan, she's also in a non traditional relationship and she shares all of that on her facebook, and blog posts. Her paranormal series, both of them are amazing to read and feature more mature female characters that are super badass and really cool.  The Anita Blake Series  and the Merry Gentry Series

Another great author for me is Tracy Fobes, she writes historical paranormal books, especially ones which contain the Fae. I've loved each of the ones I've read and can't wait to read the one on my shelf that's unread.

A great author featuring the Fae is by Karen Marie Moning.  Her stories feature magic, the fae, Highlanders and time travel. I really love these.  Her books are always seamy and romantic and fun.

Gena Showalter landed on my radar several years ago when she created books about Atlantis, and now she has the Lords of the Underworld series, I've read a few but now I want to read the whole series.

Another that I love and admire, and y'all shouldn't be surprised since this was one of my new year's goal to catch up on the series.  Christine Feehan has written several different series. However, my favorite is the Dark Carpathian series.

Some of my old school favorites are:
  • Shana'a Abe, she was doing dragons and the fae in the early 90s and she is still amazing at it.
  • Susan Krinard her wolf series is really good, and she's wonderful at world building
  • PC. Cast's Goddess Summoning series
  • Charlaine Harris A Southern Vampire Series (Sookie Stackhouse series that True Blood was based on)
  • Cheyenne McCray her Magic series is amazing!!
  • Lilith SaintCrow The Devil series, which features a bounty hunter who is a necromancer who happens to work for the devil.
Well those are just some of my favorites, I'll be sharing more from each sub genre, like favorite authors for weres, or witches, or all the other supernatural categories, so stay tuned.

Why don't you share some of your favorite paranormal authors??

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