Thursday, November 12, 2015

Book #Review: Tame Me (Stark International ) by J Kenner @.juliekenner

Book Title: Tame Me (Stark International 3.15)
Author:  J Kenner  |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts
Genre: Contemporay Erotic Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: ebook
Cost: $0.99
Pages: 80
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: March 2014
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Aspiring actress Jamie Archer is on the run. From herself. From her wild child ways. From the screwed up life that she left behind in Los Angeles. And, most of all, from Ryan Hunter—the first man who has the potential to break through her defenses to see the dark fears and secrets she hides. Stark International Security Chief Ryan Hunter knows only one thing for sure—he wants Jamie. Wants to hold her, make love to her, possess her, and claim her. Wants to do whatever it takes to make her his. But after one night of bliss, Jamie bolts. And now it’s up to Ryan to not only bring her back, but to convince her that she’s running away from the best thing that ever happened to her--him.
I really enjoyed this one. It was a great gap closer for the Stark trilogy, and gave us Jamie's story as well.  From the stark trilogy we got to see Jamie grow and make mistakes, here we see her fight to claim a life free from mistakes.  With that idea in mind Jamie make THE PLAN (yes the caps are necessary).

THE PLAN is a way for her to reset her life and not hinge her dreams on a man or chasing men, so she's got a couple of steps, and one of the major ones is going home to Texas.  But first she's going to have one last chance at the man she wants and knows wants her.  However that plan doesn't go quite the way she wants, and when given the opportunity to make a move on the plan she takes it, who care if it looks like running.

I really enjoyed seeing Jaime again and watching the sparks fly between her and Hunter was pretty awesome. Hunter is pretty witty when it comes to Jamie and isn't at all afraid to let her know he's not here to play any games.  And boy does he make the pages singe.  I loved reading them together, their exploration of their desires (holy heck that was hot) and I loved that Jaime was so open and honest with her desires, well not all of them but at least the physical ones.

I really enjoyed the whole reading experience and was kinda hoping there will be more from them throughout the books.

Well now onto the next one!!
Would recommend for those looking for a quick sexy erotic read.  And as always my loves, Happy Reading

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