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Book #Review: Eternal by Cecy Robson .@Barclay_PR .@CecyRobson

Book Title: Eternal (A Carolina Beach Novel 2)
Author:  Cecy Robson |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: CrushStar Multimead LLC
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Series/Standalone: Book 2
Format: ebook, Trade Paperback
Cost: $3.99/ $12.99
Pages: 306
How I got it: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BAM
Publication Date: October 2017
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After months of bad luck and even worse men, Luciana Diaz just wants to crawl under the covers and forget the year ever happened. Her friend has other plans, convincing Luci to attend a New Year’s Eve party on the affluent shores of Kiawah Island.

Luci never expected to have fun. She also never expected to wake up next to a man she just met, or for this man to be the new attorney at her firm.

Landon Summers is done with drama. After an ugly separation and even worse divorce, he has no desire to jump into another relationship.

When his sister Trinity drags him to a New Year’s Eve party, he doesn’t plan to stay long. One drink, a few hellos, and he’s out. Until he meets Luci, the first person in months to draw his smile and incite his passion.

Neither Luci nor Landon planned on each other, and they definitely didn’t plan on love. But the New Year means a fresh start, and eternal possibilities neither could deny .
"I know people...powerful people"  "Oh my Gawd you're in the mafia??!!!!" 
Luci- a strong young woman who comes from a difficult home life made something of herself but is still struggling with her past.
Landon- brother to Trin from book one in this series and is a bit of a Captain Save a Hoe, this comes back to bite him in the ass.

There are so many reasons to love this book, and so many reasons to rage at a certain character because they are dumber than a box of bricks at times.  One of the many reasons I love this book is the familial relationships that are involved.  Some of my favorite people are Trinity from book one, she's Landon's little sister who loves to meddle and be in everything, and his parents who are just so amazing in their love for their children.  They were so much fun and they were so down to earth that they because great anchors for their kids to help keep them from drowning in their pain.

As with so many of the books I read I went into this one simply because of the author, I love her works and just knew I needed to read this one as well. So I knew nothing about the synopsis or the characters and I just fell in love as the story unfolded.   I kind of expected Becca's story to be honest and after the glimpses we got here I just know that when we finally do get it?? God it's going to slay me.

Landon had according to everyone done everything 'right' and still ended up being screwed over, and while he accepts that he has to move on, he's still a bit bitter about how things turned out.  He goes to this New Year's Party because he promised his friends and his sister and he's planning to have one drink and dip, then his sister's family needs her and he has to step in to help and we just get one of the funniest scenes I've read in a while.  I absolutely loved that we were back in Kiawah island, Cecy can write then heck out of a scene and just the description of it made it sound so amazing.  The beach also played a big part in this novel just as it did in the first book.

This story that unfolds is fun, funny and at times dark and emotional.  The book was very therapy positive even if the patient wasn't compliant. I loved that the book also owned the darker emotions and talked about taking the time needed to get them under control.  While I personally didn't need some of the lessons within I certainly hope others realize that people have to want help for you to be able to save them.  You can't make them want it.

One of my favorite scenes in the novel comes after Landon tries to help Luci and botches it, that conversation was so hilarious.  I believe it's only outdone by the accidental dinner with the family back on Kiawah island when Landon went on a weekend vacation.  It was so much fun to have the family together and the chaos that comes with that. I loved reading those moments.  I absoluetly loved that Luci had her life together so well all except in two small areas, and yet these areas were the ones she felt it the most.  I loved how she and Landon were together, how brave she was in exploring that part of herself.  I loved their chemistry and how well they were together.  And man they certainly burned up the sheets as well.

My least favorite part of the book is Luci's secret.  She's so insistent on being the person to 'rescue' this person that she ignores all the conventional wisdom and she also hides it from the person she claims to be falling in love with.  She knows she's wrong for lying about it and still does it all the while hiding it.  If there isn't a problem with what you are doing then you shouldn't have to hide it. This was my one con for the story, she was willfully stupid at times and while I understand the emotions behind it, you can't help someone if you yourself aren't safe.

Reading this I got so frustrated with her because I kept thinking to myself, what would have happened if she hadn't met Landon?? Or what would have happened if her staff didn't love her enough to know when something was wrong?? Her fate would have been terrible all because she can't separate her emotions enough to accept that she's done all she can, now it's up to them.  Maybe because this is part of my career field I knew better & can separate the emotions out more, so to me her actions were reckless for no other reason than she's too emotional that she's not willing to seek the help she needs herself, because she knows what others would say.

All in all this was a wonderfully written story.  It was emotional as all of Cecy's books are and it certainly kept me glued. I needed to know what her secret was, how they would work out their individual issues while working on become a duo.  It was awesome to read and I can't wait for more from Cecy.
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