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Book #Review: The Billionaires: The Stepbrothers by .@CalistaFoxBooks

Book Title: Billionaires: The Stepbrothers (Lover's Triangle)
Author:  Calista Fox |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: St, Martin's
Genre: Erotica Romance,
Series/Standalone: Book 3
Format: ebook 
Cost: $4.99
Pages: 304
How I got it: NetGalley
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Publication Date: December 2017
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This pair of stepbrothers have their sights set on just one woman...

Scarlet Drake is an insurance fraud investigator hot on the heels of the thief who stole a multimillion-dollar art collection from tycoon Michael Vandenberg's Hamptons estate. Unfortunately, the sexy Wolf of Wall Street is also her prime suspect--along with his equally mouthwatering stepbrother, Montana rancher Sam Reed. Scarlet quickly finds herself tangled up in the two devilishly handsome men, and ensnared in a web of family lies.

Michael is used to getting what he wants--and he wants Scarlet in his bed. Sam had no intention of getting emotionally or romantically involved with a woman again, but he can't deny the sizzling chemistry with Scarlet. And when the three of them cave to one sinfully delicious night of sheer decadence, their sexy menage becomes a fiery affair of the heart. But they don't stand a chance at a happily ever after unless all of the absolute truths are finally revealed...
I went into this one without knowing what the full story was about.  This didn't go where I thought it was going and it's very erotic and steamy but had moments that weren't really cohesive.  My favorite of the characters was Sam Reed because he as the most emotionally available & the most sensible. This is a third book in a series, so it does spoil some of the stories that came before, but nothing too big.

I really enjoyed how the story unfolded, they were pretty cool and very well adjusted considering their history.  I identified most with Scarlett, because she was successful at her job and knew who she was.  Yet she embraced the changes that these men brought to her life with just a little bit of research. I really loved how she discussed it with her girlfriend and how close they were which allowed her to bounce ideas off her friends about doing this massive change.  She was initially here to investigate the loss of a fortune of paintings and when it looked like the case was wrapping up nicely she decided she would take Sam up on his challenge of a weekend away. 

My favorite scenes took place in Montana this was a turning point for Scarlett.  Here we got to see one of the characters in his natural element among his friends and sort of see him mask off.  The book is told from the POV of all three characters and as the story unfolds this aides in enriching the story and really made you fall in love with each of them even more.  The plot was a really great way to look not just at the relationships that the three founded but the relationships that created their bonds.  It looked into the upper crust world of art theft and what people will do when desperate, it totally made you sympathetic to the characters who were trying so hard to fit in and how secrets can break people down. 

One of the things I didn't understand is how this person managed to keep all these secrets as long as they did.  How did no one around especially their partner not notice their need for help??  it was a quick erotic read that has a few twists and turns and a reminded that communication is necessary in all situations.  I really loved this one.  It reminded me why I one click Calista's books
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