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ARC Book Review: Lord Of Night by Erica Ridley .@EricaRidley

Book Title: Lord Of Night (Rogues To Riches Book 3)
Author:  Erica Ridley |WebsiteTwitter| Facebook|
Publisher: WebMotion
Genre: Historical Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 3
Format: ebook
Cost: $4.99
Pages: 350
How I got it: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |IndieBound
Publication Date: July 22, 2017
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Unlike proper debutantes, Miss Dahlia Grenville is secretly Robin Hood in a bonnet. Her home for wayward girls has too many dependents and not enough donations. But just as she’s about to pull off the heist of the Season, she tumbles straight into the arms of the handsome detective who has sworn to deliver Mayfair’s mysterious thief straight to the gallows.

Highly principled Bow Street runner Simon Spaulding’s world is black and white. There’s no mastermind too clever, no criminal alive who can escape the hangman. Until he realizes the delightful young lady he’s been courting is a liar and a thief. Suddenly, his career—and his heart—are in peril. How can he bring her to justice when it means losing her forever?
This one ended really quickly, I wanted so much more from this one.  It was a great read.  I really enjoyed the push and pull of the characters and what they believed to be true.  The story can be read as a single story, as the previous books and characters only make a small appearance and their story lines are summed up really quickly.

I loved when Dahlia realized that losing her stance in Society meant losing a way to protect her girls. Way too often the authors write the women as 'independent' women, however they are pivoting on their father's money or Society's good grace, like you can't be independent if you have no social standing.  I loved that she questioned how Society worked and how shallow so many of her contemporaries were, but at the same time realized that she needed society even though she knew it was flawed.  In this she really reminded me of Mary from Downton Abbey. 

Simon was seeking the Thief of Mayfair and he wasn't trying to see beyond saving the city and doing his job due to his past.  His life was small and he didn't realize that living so small did him a greater injustice than having a life would have.  He had tried so hard to not be like his father and even was jealous of his half brother and he never gave thought to how his half brother might have felt about him.  From his point of view things should have been black and white but once he realized people were complex and feelings made things more so.  It was so interesting to see how he bloomed from knowing Dahlia and the girls. How just a few small conversations made him really think and look forward to more than just doing his work, it even made his work life worth looking forward to.

Dahlia's mission was so sweet and I couldn't understand why more weren't trying to aide her.  I loved her sister and her friends and I can't wait to see if we get more from them.  I'm definitely getting the first few books in the series. I'm especially interested in seeing what happens to Faith. 

I really loved the back and forth between them and ho witty their conversations were together.  I really enjoyed how the author made me feel like I as back with Downton Abbey especially with the story line of the chauffeur and the middle sister. 

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