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ARC Book #Review: Save Me by Cecy Robson #SaveMe #NetGalley

Book Title: Save Me ( O'Brien Book 5)
Author:   Cecy Robson |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Cece Robson LLC
Genre: Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Finale
Format: ebook
Cost: $3.99
Pages: 349
How I got it: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: April 24, 2018
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RT Book Reviews proclaims that the O’Brien Family series from award-winning author Cecy Robson “has the hottest brothers ever!” And in SAVE ME, it's time for Seamus, the family’s most notorious bachelor, to find true love.

Three weddings. No date. What’s a hot stud to do when all the women on his speed dial are either serving dinner to their families or serving time?

Out of all the O’Briens, Seamus is the best-looking, most creative, and, did I mention, best-looking? Single at almost forty wasn’t a big deal until every sibling in his large and loud Irish family found “the one.” Now, he’s desperate for a wedding date, one he doesn’t have to worry will make out with the limo driver or rob the bride and groom blind.

Allie Mendes is the good daughter, who’s spent her life living in her perfect sister’s shadow. But when her sister steals the man Allie was supposed to marry, that shadow she’s lived in threatens to swallow her whole. Allie wants to believe a bright future awaits. But when she begs God to save her from this disastrous twist of fate, the last person she expects Him to send her is Seamus O’Brien.

Allie needs a stand-in boyfriend to avoid appearing as lonely as she feels. Seamus needs a decent woman without an ankle bracelet or a rap sheet as long as his muscular arms. The two make a deal to pose as each other’s perfect date. But weddings mean romance and a chance at forever neither had planned.
*sob* This feels like a final book in the series and I'm not ready to let them go.   This has been a fantastic series showing off the O'Brien siblings and their friends It has highlighted that family isn't always blood, love comes in many guises and that healing takes time.  I absolutely loved this story, it was a wonderful ending to a series, that has made me laugh, cry, rage at the injustice and still love the characters in all their complexities.

This is Seamus's story, he's the big brother who gave so much of himself to make sure his siblings didn't need to sacrifice as much. Stepping up after his father failed to be a better man Seamus left school to pursue a construction career that it turns out he's pretty darn good at. Creating customized homes for clients who ask for the unique Seamus and his brothers have gone from the poor kids to being pretty well set.  As all his siblings fall in love and get married Seamus finds himself in desperate need of a date for all the family events and he can't bring any of his "normal" women.
Allie's family is also celebrating a wedding and she can't wait to get out of it. However, her mother keeps insisting she makes an appearance and Allie is desperate to get away. When a chance encounter with a childhood crush leads to a misunderstanding that she now has to embrace to keep from being the only single woman at the wedding.

I totally fell in love with these characters. I absolutely loved that despite her family's input Allie has become a successful woman.  Seamus is a fantastic character even though to everyone else he appears to be the one left behind in the family he's a man comfortable with where he is and who he is.

I laughed so much when it came to this story, from the meet-cute to the final scenes. I loved the wit between Seamus and Allie. I loved how they were doing their best not to be single people at their families weddings and yet they found themselves slowly sliding towards coupledom. Seamus's antics when dealing with Allie made me love him so much. His internal monologue gave us such an insight into him and just made this story funny sweet and sexy.

Even though they appeared to be the most well adjusted of their family members Allie and Seamus had their own scars that they dealt with as well. Seamus had a good reason why he was still single and how he dealt with it.  Confronting it with Allie made him realize that he was holding himself back in a way that wasn't healthy. Allie's family??? My gawd they were definitely terrible. First of all, I can't even deal with her sister, her mother was trash and deserved everything she got at the end.  I never understood parents that treated their kids like that then expected loyalty, like no. When I was reading Allie's interactions with them I wanted to jump in a defend her so badly.  I loved that she shared this vulnerability with Seamus & that when it mattered she took his advice.

I laughed quite a bit with this novel because Seamus is hilarious. However, this novel still had its heart-stopping moments and even a few moments that brought tears to my eyes as we caught up with family members and got to see them as they headed towards their happy endings.  His sister's wedding was a tearjerker moment for sure.  I loved the talk about Catholic weddings and all the traditions that went into them as it definitely brought me back to my school days and reminded me of those moments with my family as well.

Although this novel didn't have as many of the sexy times moments as the others did, it was still sweetly passionate and I loved how they interacted with each other.  Some of my favorite moments were when Allie brought Seamus food because they took such good care of each other in those moments. They shared their vulnerabilities in a way that was sweet and funny and Seamus never allowed the moment to become too bogged down so they felt comfortable.  His lessons?? Absolutely hilarious.  I loved the ending scenes because you just know that they are all going to be alright.  Although I would have loved to have seen more from his other brother who was engaged the entire series, I loved the ending we did get. Maybe Cecy will revisit the family through their kids?? Who knows, even if she doesn't  the ending we got was still wonderful.

Happy Reading my loves, 

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