Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 TBR How Long???

Hi my loves

Welcome back to another day on the blog. Sooooo, about to be read piles.  This is inspired by a  series that Rachel over at The Parajunkee's View used to host at the start of the new year, to help bloggers kick-start for the new year as well as a way for us to blog-hop and meet new bloggers. Looking over some of the topics I thought it would be great to revisit and see what has changed and what game plan I have for the year 2019.

I made a series of videos in 2018 during the August VEDA about my TBR shelves. At last count, I was heading towards 1600 books unread on the shelves. I mean some shelves had 150 mass market books. I have 4 large bookcases unread and two medium size ones as well.  It's just a little bit daunting. I know for a fact I will NEVER have a zero tbr. I mean on kindle I have something close to 2000 ebooks.

However, because I don't get paid to read books (oh gawd why isn't that a job?/) I'm only saying that this year I'm aiming for 150 by Dec 31, 2019.  How I'm going to pick them?? Who knows but I have a few specifics I want to get in. Check that list out here Beyond that?? Whatever catches my fancy.

What's on your overall TBR?? What's this year's game plan?? Share in the comments down below and let's motivate each other. 

Happy Reading my loves. 

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