Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Goals & Objectives For the Year 2019

Welcome to the New Year my loves

It's a fresh slate and a chance to make new goals and objectives.

After reviewing my 2018 year, as well as the last few years, here on booktube and the blog I have come to accept that during the fall and winter I'm not much of a reader, this seems to be the time I choose to catch up on tv shows that I love but haven't watched all year. So with that in mind, I've decided to change my reading strategy and objectives.  With the game plan now being to front-load the year and relax during the winter and fall and do all the fun things I love to do especially my crocheting then.

For the new year, I am setting my goal to 150 books. Yes I know that's totally achievable for me since I read over a 100 books a year, and I know I just said that I'm losing four months of reading however this leaves me with 19 books a month as a goal and since I generally hit that during my awesome reading months I'm good.

For the Year I would like to finish a few series that I have on the shelf but after that, I wish to read whatever I feel like. Of course, there are the Perpetual Challenges I will be doing again this year.

Brenda Jackson Challenge reading any of the 40 of the books from her.

Nora Roberts Challenge I wish to read any of the 79 books from her and clean up my shelves a little at a time.

Christine Feehan Challenge, I also need to pick up on the five series on the shelves. I'm now completely caught up on two of the 7 series she writes and I can't wait to catch up more.

BlackOut Challenge for this I also which to read all of the authors of color from the shelves. Along with this I plan to complete 2 pages from the Lemonade Syllabus.

I also purchased all the books in the 50 states of the Men Made in America Romance.  I plan to read at least 25 of them for the year.

I'm also adding in my Freshman Series books as well, and I wish to read 20 books.

I also plan to only read books I own from my shelves either kindle or physical books as I have some series where I have the first or third books in ebook and the rest in physical form.   I plan to read 100% my own shelves in 2019.

With the new year I'm pre-prepping as many posts as possible so I can keep posting here since I find this relaxing as well. I'm hoping to keep to a three times a week posting schedule, more when I have breaks and time.  For the booktube I am posting on Mondays and Fridays.  If you have any tips or tricks for keeping up with posting while life gets busy please do share in the comments down below. Thank for stopping by and Let's go get those goals setup and make a plan.

Happy New Year My loves and best of luck!!

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