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Book #Review: Perfect Timing (The Perfect Series) by Brenda Jackson .@AuthorBJackson

Book Title: Perfect Timing (The Perfect Series)
Author:  Brenda Jackson |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Dafina Kensington
Genre: Romance, African American Romance
Series/Standalone: Series 1
Format: Mass Market, Ebook
Cost: $4.99
Pages: 317
How I got it:  Purchased
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound
Publication Date: March 1, 2004
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Childhood friends Maxie Chandler and Mya Rivers, estranged for years and brought together by a class reunion, turn to each other for support when Maxie's fiancae dies and Mya discovers that her perfect marriage is not what it seems.
I went into this one not knowing the premise (which is a popular refrain around her so you guys know autobuy author means no need to check synopsis).  I originally started Perfect Fit then discovered it was actually a second book, so I put it on the back burner and went into this one. Let me tell you, I wasn't ready for the mess, the drama and the steamy down to earth love story we got, but I was all for it.

We went into this meeting Mya and Maxi on the playground forming a friendship that will be the basis of this novel and the reason they both go on the class reunion cruise. Years later Maxi is facing a daunting diagnosis and for her the cruise will be a chance to stop taking the knocks the world seems to be handing her and have a chance to relax, for Mya it's a chance for her and her husband to have fun without their little ones around & also to break up the cycle of their lives which is hectic right now.

I loved the characters, the story and just about everything about the story. I loved that everyone was so casually successful. I was saddened to realize that for Maxi her goals outside the home had been accomplished but her deepest desire wasn't and not because she hadn't tried but because fate kept stepping in.   Once we got deeper into the story and we met the Paige I knew it was going to be some drama, and when homegirl stated her intentions??? Yeah no ma'am you a problem!!

I did love the fact that the characters were relatable, that each of them had grown out of their stupidity from childhood, as many of them had made life hell from Christopher during school over something he didn't have a choice in.  I loved that Maxi was his friend from the beginning and even though he had left without a goodbye she still was such a good person that she only had the best intentions for him.

Chris and  Maxi getting to know each other again and realizing that they had more in common than they thought was beautiful to watch. I loved the story unfolding between them and how they come to the solution they did.  I loved that Chris was open and honest about his feeling with Maxi as far as he knew.  I loved that they were honest with each other, even if Chris was slow on the uptake about the change in his feelings for Maxi.  I loved how despite everything he thought when faced with having to make a change to their plans, his immediate actions weren't to just call her but actually seek her out and discuss the changes. I also gotta say I loved that Brenda wrote them as real people. I loved that while she shared how sexual Chris was, she never wrote his other partners like they were whores for enjoying sex with him.  I loved that they were allowed to enjoy their sexuality the same way he was and not be denounced for it because of a sudden he's met "the one and she's perfect and virginal" which is a sad plot device I see a lot in other romances.

Now the chemistry that Mya and Garrett had??! Whew chile, all those years together and they never faded, took each other for granted or had any real issues. They did, however, have two very different philosophies in life and for many that would have been the end of their relationship. I don't like the way it was resolved, I thought she should have stuck to her guns, but far be if for me to judge how another woman lives her life.  Mys should have known going into the relationship that this is how he was raised, how all the men in his family are currently with their families and this for him goes deeper than their surface.  Garrett failed to take into consideration that Mya wasn't the kind of woman he wanted her to be. He should have had to learn to accept that and their family would have been stronger for it I believe.  Now I get what his dad was talking about speaking to someone who had been there so he would be the best to concousil them, however, I call B.S. on that, you are supposed to be a shepherd, I don't need you leading a double life being my counselor. You willingly lied, cheated and broke not just the trust your partner had in you but the church had in you?? Bruh fail!!

I will say I felt all the emotions, from Maxi's fear about her situation to Mya's heartbreak, to Chris's contempt of the town and it's people. Brenda writes in a way that draws you in and you can't help but become invested in the story and the characters.

I loved the friendships here and the fact that the family was the backbone of the story. Even though Chris didn't have a conventional family, they still supported him and loved him like one.  I loved the great relationship that Maxi had with her mother, that Mya had with her in-laws. It's just great to see amazing healthy relationships being shared.  The only part I wasn't a fan of was the throw-away line at the end of Mya's decision, but I get she did it for her family.  I was going to make this a 4.75 stars, taking off points for that small dislike but I realize the overall story and the overall romance makes this a full 5 so yeah I'm changing it back to five stars.
Have you read this one?? Can you recommend some more amazing romance stories?? Share in the comments down below and as always Happy Reading my loves, 

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