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Book #Review: The Edge of Midnight (Detroit/NIA Book 1) by Beverly Jenkins .@authorMsBev

Book Title: The Edge of Midnight ( Detroit/ NIA book 1)
Author:  Beverly Jenkins|WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: HarperTorch
Genre: Romantic Suspense, African American Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 1
Format: Mass market, ebook
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 384
How I got it: Paperbackswap
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: Feb 13, 2007
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Blackboard bestselling author Beverly Jenkins launches her first contemporary romantic suspense with this exciting sizzler. Sparks fly when Mykal Chandler, the head of a covert government agency, fights to protect the woman he has fallen in love with.

Sarita Grayson is desperate. That's the only explanation for her late night rendezvous with a bag of stolen diamonds. But then a handsome stranger stands between her and a clean getaway. In the struggle for freedom, she accidentally shoots him.Mykal Chandler, head of a covert government agency NIA, can't believe he's been shot. He's shocked, he's furious, but he's also attracted to this sassy woman. Unfortunately, Sarita has stumbled unto a smuggling plot and he'll need to protect her, even if he has to kidnap her to do it. But Sarita isn't one to go quietly into the night...
I absolutely loved this one. I went into this one because once I posted my review of what turned out to be the fifth book in this series; Ms Bev corrected me in letting me know there was a series name and an order to read the books and I took my homework seriously.  With my new directions and a map of how to read these books, I was off to the races and I'm so glad I had them on hand. I finished this one in a day and I loved everything about it.

This is the series starter, in this, we meet Myk the head of a successful architectural firm and brother to the mayor of Detroit. Myk's also head of a secret experimental government agency called NIA. Nia's purpose is to aid in the restoration of Detroit by any means necessary, and for a few weeks now those means include busting in the doors of known drug houses.  While doing so they learn of a big deal going down and decide to intercept the goods before the deal happens.

Sarita is a good woman, the kind that aides her neighborhood anyway she can. She's fighting a losing battle to keep her neighborhood community center open, especially after she receives a letter letting her know the building is being foreclosed on. Desperate when offered a deal she can't refuse she takes it. Even if she hates the person offering her the help. All she has to do is steal some goods and she and her building are safe. Except Myk intercepts her in the process of stealing the goods and she needs to getaway.

I laughed so much reading this one. Especially after the opening scenes. Myk wasn't prepared for the craziness that Saria would bring to his life and she wasn't prepared for the over the top opulence Myk was used to.  I loved their chemistry, the misunderstanding that led to them being in the situation they were in lead them on a bit of journey to discover who they were together.  Throw in a contract, Myk's secret life, someone wanting to get back at Sarita for the missing goods and you have one heck of a story. Like all the couples Beverly writes this couple had a healthy sexual relationship that blows you out of the water.

I loved that Saint popped up every once in a while and kind of added levity to the situation while giving Sarita a person to talk to who had her back completely.  Sarita was used to finding a way to make her life run with little and isn't sure what she's supposed to do with the abundance Myk keeps showering her with. Myk for his part isn't sure what he's supposed to do with his attraction to this woman who isn't anything like what he's gone for before. He can't charm her the way he normally does so he's had to learn to meet her where she is and build up the things she loves. He's fighting to save the city and she's fighting to save its future (the children) and it's soul (the neighborhood).  I loved that she talked about giving the kids discipline and making this a place they could be proud of.

I loved that Myk's family history was used as a way to bring them together, and I can't wait to read that historical novel because the Vachon ancestor sounds like a deeply romantic man.  I loved their romance and their explorations of each other, their love scenes were extremely hot. I loved the push and pull of their relationship, the doubts they both had, as well as the issues of trust. Could Mykal trust Sarita with his biggest secrets and what would he do if and when he had to tell her?? All of this while they tried to solve the mystery of who was after Sarita, who did the good really belong to and just how far would they go to get them back.

I love how her contemporary romances connect back to the historical romances she writes. I laughed so much when we found out who Sarita was related to because talk about being so much like her ancestor.   I highly recommend this one my loves. I was so addicted to this one. I started this at work during lunch and I was useless the rest of the day. I was hooked this was an amazing ride, & adventure to the end. I loved how they met and the mystery of who they were.
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