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Book #Review: Sexy/Dangerous by Beverly Jenkins .@authorMsBev

Book Title: Sexy/Dangerous
Author:  Beverly Jenkins |WebsiteTwitterFacebook
Publisher: HarperTorch
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romance
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 352
How I got it: Traded on Paperbackswap
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: October 31, 2006
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Wearing her shades, a black Stetson, and snakeskin cowboy boots, security agent Maxine "Max" Blake is the baddest thing walking. Ex-marine, ex-cop, and a whole lotta 'tude, Max doesn't have time for anything but her job. Her latest assignment: to protect Dr. Adam Gary. Her problem: he doesn't want her there.

Adam wants to focus on his work, not to be distracted by this tall, sexy woman. A foiled kidnapping attempt may have forced him to take an undercover agent into his household, but no one said anything about the agent being a woman, or that she'd be beautiful, or that she came with two monster rottweilers. How is he supposed to concentrate on his top-secret project that could revolutionize the world when all he can think about is her smooth, coffee-colored skin and those long, lean legs?

But as danger nips at their heels, love may be a distraction neither of them will live to enjoy . . .
I went into this one blind like I always do. I was looking for something fun to read and because I know I can count on Mrs. Bev, I grabbed this one and boy was I in for a treat.  Told through a few perspectives this is the story of Max & Dr. Adam Gary.  Dr. Gary has invented a new way to create energy and being the optimist that he is, he was thinking of how this can benefit the world, someone, however, is trying to use this invention for their own means and from there were get one hell of an adventure.  I was hooked within the first ten pages of this story. I couldn't wait to see how everything would shake out and just what Max was capable of. The story flowed extremely well, taking us from a beautiful lab to the wild adventures of a getaway scene to the hot romance. I loved every second of it.

Dr. Gary's invention was going to revolutionize the way in which energy was cultivated within homes and would help to cut costs and our dependence on oil. We know that the oil companies weren't happy to hear that. After attending a conference for other scientists and sharing his finds on his invention Adam is attacked and because they under anticipated what black men from Detroit can do he was able to get away. Knowing he's in danger Adam agrees to have security as long as they don't interrupt his bid to finish the prototype before his enemies catch up with him.  Enter in Maxine, Max to everyone but her Mama. She's a Marine (because once a Marine always a Marine) a former cop and now an agent for the hidden group NIA. This job should be a piece of cake for her, protect the brother with the big brain and his prototype until he's done, then turn him over to homeland security and she's onto another job.

I loved Max, she was confident, funny, a badass and she loves my favorite kinds of dogs. As an agent for this group, she works best with her canine duo who are trained to protect her and the client. Unfortunately for her, Adam hates dogs, but she's not here because he wants her here, she's here to do a job.  The story is very engaging from the beginning, as readers we are away of the motivations of the people going after Dr. Gary, and we realize just how far-reaching this effort is, way before they even begin to get a glimpse of the deep trouble they are in.  As the reader with this knowledge as I read I kept freaking out because I was saying "oh no, y'all don't know what's coming at you right now', like when you watch a horror movie and you want to yell at the screen "don't go in there girl, run".  As the adventures unfolded I wanted Max to come out on top so badly. I loved that she was such a badass even when it scared him.

It was great to see the characters tackle the role flip and how it made Adam feel to rely on a woman for his safety. I loved that they discussed how often she's had to deal with attitudes like his from the get-go. men always underestimate how competent she is because she's a woman and for the clients it's frustrating but the people she's protecting them against its an advantage she exploits.

As we read we were introduced to a few characters that I wanted to get five minutes alone with. Especially Dr. Kent, that man needed his butt kicked so badly. Like just how dare you?? You got some nerve, sir. How do you call yourself a father then be such a jerk to your own child?? You suck sir, badly!! Adam's parents were a great highlight of the story as well. They were a great way for Adam to realize that love endures and that it shouldn't be taken for granted. His Mama was such a treat and didn't hold back from cussing him out when he needed to hear it.

This is a grown and sexy novel y'all, filled with mystery and intrigue and adventures, sexy hot times which lead to even sexier adventures.  Max a very fun, and confident character, who came from a slightly troubled background because she just loved adventures.  I loved that she was confident, knew her worth and wasn't willing to compromise who she was for a relationship.  I loved that she made choices that were for her personal growth and well being instead of what the person she loved was asking for.  I loved that Adam grew as the novel advanced and he was willing to embrace the changes that Max represented in his life. Not at first of course because then there wouldn't be any conflict, but growth comes through loss and change and they both needed their own time to come to what was right for them.  Considering how smart Adam was supposed to be it took him a while to get out of his own way but he needed that time and it wouldn't have been as realistic as it was if he didn't work at it.

Ohhh there is so much I could gush about, from the call signs everyone had for Max, and getting to meet Hanibal!! It certainly makes me wonder what the real call signs were for the Obamas.  I can't wait to read her sister's story. This definitely going on my faves shelf. The story was extremely well done. I just wish we had a series name and a reading order so I could get to know all the other characters we were introduced to. I'm hoping we get more from these men and women as she expands the world of NIA.

  • Nora Roberts 
  • Julie Garwood 
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