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Book #Review: Deadly Sexy by Beverly Jenkins .@authorMsBev

Book Title: Deadly Sexy
Author:  Beverly Jenkins |WebsiteTwitterFacebook
Publisher: AVON
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romance
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 384
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: October 30, 2017
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Though her Lexus may be broken down on the California freeway, Jessi Teresa Blake is no damsel in distress. Rich, smart, and beautiful, JT, or "Lady Blake," as she is called, is one of the toughest sports agents around. She's negotiated megabucks contracts for every superstar in the business, and only the most confident of men can match wits with her. Men like Reese Anthony, the impossibly sexy trucker who gives her a lift back to Oakland.

But Reese isn't just a truck driver--he's a partner in his family's multi-million-dollar company, a lawyer, and a former cop. He's been asked to quietly investigate a murder in the world of L.A. football, a job he's thrilled to discover brings him closer to the beautiful woman he found stranded on the highway. And when he detects a bitter enemy threatening JT's life, he's willing to protect her--and pleasure her--all night long.
I loved reading this. This is Jessi's story which comes after Sexy/Dangerous  (which I reviewed yesterday) This story shared a little bit more about Max's story as well, expanding on a shared scene they had.  This story shares what happens when women succeed in a place people don't believe they should and how those who can't level up react to your success.

Jessi known as JT in the business world is a successful lawyer who becomes a sports agent in a world dominated by men. She's brash, confident, successful and beautiful. This is another story where tall women get some love. She's a sports fan who turned her love into a profitable career and because she's good she's well loved and also hated by those who wish they could be her.  On the way back from talking to a client her brand new baby breaks down and she's rescued by a fine a** trucker named Reese.  Their chemistry is off the charts and even though he's a stranger, she makes some calls puts her emergency plan in place and gets help from Reese. I absolutely loved their meet cute, because she established right away that even though she's beautiful and looks cool, there are brains behind it.

I loved that they had a bonding time due to their road trip to drop her home and Reese knew immediately he didn't want this moment to end. Listen, the way he went after courting her??? Sweet Gawds, no walls are standing up after that.  Much like her sister's book this a grown and sexy romance, with two successful people who are self-aware, well adjusted and have their lives together except in this one spot.

As the story advances we get more going on that just these two fine people working on dating and becoming more, we have a murder to solve, we are left with the mystery the motivation and then the who did it of some events.   Even though we know why they are doing some of the things, reading it I kept saying but my guy *because I'm from NYC* if you put that much energy into going after her, you could do the same with your goals. Duh!!

Even though Reese and JT have great chemistry, they started on a bit of a falsehood and that plays into how she handles them going further in their relationship. As the story got deeper and the mystery kept getting deeper and the situations kept getting worse I wanted to just scream at the villain like GET A LIFE and leave Jessi out of it!!! Then we get the ultimate betrayal??!!! Girl, how the heck didn't you realize you were in over your head?? Like I get what she meant when she said she could overlook the first two requests but when he asked for that final thing??? Bitch I would have singed like a canary in a coal mine. Is you crazy?? I'm not doing that. Call me a snitch if you want but nope nope NOPE!!!

I absolutely loved this story and because so invested, I would really love more from the brothers and know how they end up.  I'm interested in the father's story, does he go courting?? Do Pinky & the Brain find love, do they ever invent something else??

Another thing I wanted to note, was the casual wealth discussed and embraced within the novel. It's not brought up a lot but it's displayed in their actions and how they go about their world. Considering who they are descendants of (she links back to a few of her historicals)  it's nice to think that their ancestors would love knowing their dreams came through somewhat. I loved that they were moving through a world that wouldn't normally include successful black men and women in the backgrounds ( making the deals, determining the worth of the athletes, making the serious money) even though the athletes might be predominately black and brown.  I loved the discussion of hanging on too much to the past and how that can be destructive and how success without reaching back to bring another along isn't really success.

It's a great read and I'm going to add it to the favorites shelf and of course highly recommend it to you to read.  *Psst* she includes a great soundtrack with it as well!! Oh, and it's now a movie adaptation on Amazon. I will be reviewing that as well!!!

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