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Can't Wait Wednesdays (8) Blood Awakens by Jessica Willis #NetGalley #bloodawakens

Originally hosted by: Jill over at Breaking The Spines.  However, the Breaking The Spines blog is no longer hosting the prompt, there is a new one called Can't Wait Wednesdays hosted by Wishful Endings. Same premise of sharing books we can't wait to get our hands on. This is a weekly book lust prompt, asking for us to share our absolute can't wait to get our hands on a copy books. Swing on over to find out how to participate and to see what others are sharing. 

Young Adult/New Adult

Blood Awakens ( The Awakened Book 1) by Jessica Willis 
People called Sean a blood guide, though he never fully understood why. As far as he knew, he could hear heartbeats and heal people. It wasn’t until he walked in on his brother’s brutal murder that he learned of the darker nature of his power: blood speaks to him, and he to it. With a simple song, he can command it to do whatever he wants, and in that moment, he showed his brother’s murderers no mercy. Now Sean must fight to keep his inner demons in check and his path to redemption begins with the establishment of sanctuary for people like him, people with powers, the Awakened.

Graciela is one of many who did not Awaken, but she’s watched as her brother’s power as an empath—the ability to sense other’s emotions—has brought him to the brink of death. Together, they set across Central America in search of a cure, or at the very least, safety. What they find is a sanctuary called Hope, the same one Sean governs.

But they soon discover that even from within the compounds of the sanctuary, no one is safe. Not when there are people in the world with unimaginable power and insatiable bloodlust.

WARNING: Due to the nature of some of the powers and abilities in this book, this story does contain graphic descriptions of blood and some violence.
Due Date: June 26th, 2019
Print: Ebook
Pages: 601
Publisher: Kindle Published
Status: I received a copy from NetGalley and will be reading this and sharing my opinion soon.
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Why I'm Excited:
This is a sci fi new adult and it sounds awesome. I'm just looking at that page count and wondering what is happening in there if it's also a series. 

What's on your book lust list?? Share in the comments down below!!
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