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ARC Book #Review: Boy In Luv (In Luv Duet # 2) by Jay Crownover & Rebecca Yarros

Book Title: Boy In Luv ( In Luv Duet)
Author:  Jay Crownover |WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram
Author: Rebecca Yarros |WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram
Jay Crownover LLC
Genre: New Adult Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 2
Format: ebook, Trade paperback
Cost: $Free w/ Kindle Unlimited. 
Pages: 195
How I got it: ARC From Author
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Publication Date: October 21, 2019
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Distance sure as hell made his heart grow fonder… But it shattered hers into a million pieces.

Langley Vaughn knows she's never going to make the same mistake again.

Who falls head over heels in love in a week? Langley did, and she's regretted it every day since she handed her heart to a boy with too many secrets and too much baggage. Iker doesn't fit into Langley's world, and he made it clear he doesn't want to. He left before she even got a chance to try and change his mind or to prove to him how good they could be together. Langley's spent the last nine months healing her heart and making big plans for the future. Plans that absolutely don't include Iker… even though he's back, looking better than ever, and saying all the right things.

Iker Alvarez knows he made the biggest mistake of his life.

At first, the pretty blonde in the red dress was nothing more than a means to an end. But, she quickly became so much more. As soon as Iker walked away from Langley, claiming it was for her own good, he knew he screwed up. He left her so she wouldn't worry about him when he deployed, so she wouldn't waste her time waiting around for a guy who was never going to be good enough for her. Only, nine months and a deployment later, Iker still can't get Langley out of his head… and he totally underestimated the hold she has on his hardened heart. He's a guy who's not sure how love should work, or how to go about winning his girl back…he's about to get a crash course in both.
This one picks up right where Girl In Luv left off. It's been a few months since Iker made his move and since that fateful weekend, now he's been rotated home from his assignment overseas and he had realized his mistake in making the choice for them but will Langley???

As this story picks up a few months after the events of Girl in Luv and is being told mainly from Iker's POV.   We learn that pushing people away is a special skill of his.  Learning to navigate this world with Langley in it but not really in it, is hard for him. He realized too late that he was being very much like the people in her life in making the decision for her instead of with her. When he gets back Langley has shown that she's moved on and the news devastates Iker. He's proud of all her recent accomplishments bit when he realizes one of the decisions she's made without him means leaving him behind he's willing to fight to get what he wants.  Hr's not sure how to do this as he's never been in love before and he wants to protect her as he plans to remain in the military and he's always believed it to be too much to ask someone to wait for you.

Langley was devastated the morning after the wedding and finding that letter. She's pushed her way through her studies and is graduating. She's found herself the perfect opportunity to use her degree and it takes her away from town and from all the memories, except now Iker is here and she doesn't know how to navigate this space. She's always been open and trusting and Iker's betrayal showed her she shouldn't trust as easily even if Iker is giving her everything she had wished for, it's too late or is it??

It's funny to see the roles reversed here, int he first one it was Iker with a secret and now it's Langley. I loved that even though she missed him, she moved on, she made some changes and focused in on school. While her time with Iker had been brief he had made some lasting impressions on her. I loved that Langley was such a badass like she didn't breakdown, she just kept going despite the blow he'd dealt her.  I loved that her life was just as full as before and she's made changes that enhance it even more. I enjoyed the back and forth between them and the way in which Iker tries to regain the ground he lost when he made his decision in book 1.

I loved seeing his family in here and learning more about him and the people he'd been willing to date a stranger for.  Due to his family history, Iker isn't used to relying on others, he's always been the one to step up and to be vulnerable with Langley lets him learn about the gaps he'd created with his family. I enjoyed seeing both sides of their families, especially Langley's. The changes form book 1 were pretty good and even if it for me it's eff them bitches for life, I'm glad that there was a good resolution to it.  I loved the tension and how it's eventually resolved because for me it was touch and go there for a few. I didn't know if Iker was going to make it.

There is so much I want to gush about but I don't want to spoil you. Definitely read it and come back my loves so we can talk about it. It's a fantastic romance that talks about so many real things without trying too hard and becoming bogged down. It's a well done interracial romance that doesn't *other* the person of color and finds ways to wind his culture in without it being a glaring 'see we have a person of color in here'.  I loved when they talked about the differences between them from culture to socio-economic classes and how it affected them personally and as a couple. I loved that Iker was career military so that would impact who they became and what they could do.  And that it was a part of the tension in the relationship. It was well done and I loved the discussions they had to have because of it. Of course, it's not a Jay Corwonover romance if the sexual tension doesn't leap off the page and singe you when they are together.  Smoking hot tatted man and just to die for sex scenes?? It's the Crownover brand and I loved every second of it.
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