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Book #Review: The Melendez Forgotten Marriage by Melanie Milburne

Book Title: The Melendez Forgotten Marriage (Bride On Approval)
Author:  Melanie Milburne |WebsiteTwitterFacebook| Pinterest
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
Genre: Romance
Series/Standalone: Standalone 
Format: Mass Market 
Cost: $4.75
Pages: 186
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: July 2010
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When fragile Emelia awoke from her coma she had no recollection of the strikingly handsome man before her, whose eyes glittered like fine-cut gems--hard and impenetrable. But he aroused "something" within her....Javier Meléndez had wed Emelia for convenience and bedded her for pleasure. The rules in place during their marriage had suited him perfectly, and he'd ensured his trophy wife adhered to them.... But as Emelia's memory slowly returned, she seemed to be laboring under a misapprehension...that their marriage was based on love! 
This story begins with Emelia waking up in the hospital not knowing where she was or what happened to her. She had been in an accident and when they make her aware of the date and that her husband was outside waiting she begins to panic because it appears she's forgotten the past two years of her life. How could she have forgotten the smoking hot and intense man standing by her bed???

Javier was furious with his wife but he couldn't let her know that he has to play it cool and give her time. It wouldn't do for him to be angry with a woman who states she can't remember him or their entire relationship.  When Emelia gets to their home she's shocked to discover the woman she has become. Perhaps that's why she's forgotten her life?? She's become a woman she doesn't recognize and the house she lives in is clearly not her home because there are no signs of her in it. What had happened to her??

I ended up giving this one a solid three, it's ok. I felt it could have been better if it had had the time to challenge the issues they had. Emelia was a woman who had made herself into the woman she believed Javier wanted instead of being herself and when she finally couldn't deal anymore she cracked and their marriage became rocky.  Having a major blowout with Javier about what she really wanted and having him shut her down was the final straw for her.  Throughout this novel, I just couldn't see why she felt she was somehow the victim. You went into this relationship with your eyes wide open and denied who you were and what you really wanted but were angry with your partner for not knowing that the person you presented yourself isn't the real you. How he supposed to know girl?? You don't even know what you want.

Both Javier and Emelia went into the relationship with hidden agendas beyond what was stated and they agreed upon. Javier clearly stated he didn't want children and she figured he would change his mind. Errm not how that works, if it's a maybe then yeah but a solid No?? You just asking for hurt.  They kept circling around the same issues with little advancement then by the end it's all solved. I do like that they have a few big discussions about why their relationship wasn't working as they originally wanted. Both of them were honest and worked towards the goal of staying married but for a good chunk of the book, they kept having the same issues and couldn't see each other's side.  I loved how much she really embraced herself and refused to continue like she had before. Not with his staff and certainly not with his sister.  While her memory loss complicated some things little things were retained like her ability to speak and understand his native language, even if she couldn't remember him or any of the other things about them.

I know it doesn't sound like I enjoyed myself but I actually did. In the parts that the story worked, it worked well and the characters flowed. I personally know no one was going to talk to me like the two women did and keep their lips attached to their faces but that's just me. I did like how it was all resolved and did enjoy the romance of it all. I loved how Emelia was trying to find out who she had become and decided what parts of that woman she wanted to keep and what she would leave behind.  She certainly gained a backbone due to the accident.
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