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Book #Review: A Princess In Theory (Reluctant Royals 1) by Alyssa Cole .@alyssacolelit

Book Title: A Princess In Theory ( Reluctant Royals 1)
Author: Alyssa Cole |WebsiteTwitterInstagram
Publisher: AVON
Genre: Romance, Black Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 1
Format: ebook, Mass Market
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 389
How I got it: Purchased 
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Publication Date: February 27, 2018
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From acclaimed author Alyssa Cole comes the tale of a city Cinderella and her Prince Charming in disguise . . .

Between grad school and multiple jobs, Naledi Smith doesn’t have time for fairy tales…or patience for the constant e-mails claiming she’s betrothed to an African prince. Sure. Right. Delete! As a former foster kid, she’s learned that the only things she can depend on are herself and the scientific method, and a silly e-mail won’t convince her otherwise.

Prince Thabiso is the sole heir to the throne of Thesolo, shouldering the hopes of his parents and his people. At the top of their list? His marriage. Ever dutiful, he tracks down his missing betrothed. When Naledi mistakes the prince for a pauper, Thabiso can’t resist the chance to experience life—and love—without the burden of his crown.

The chemistry between them is instant and irresistible, and flirty friendship quickly evolves into passionate nights. But when the truth is revealed, can a princess in theory become a princess ever after?
This is the beginning of a wonderful series. Ledi gets the kind of email she normally marks as spam. She's not sure why she hasn't blocked the emails that claims she's promised to the future King of Thesolo, but the emails have become more persistent in the past few weeks. Ledi is a stubborn young woman who grew up in the system and she's managed to make it into a tough graduate program where she puts up with a lazy TA who passes all his work off to her and claims the credit. She can't afford to make waves so she deals. One night while working her second job her trainee arrives late and then is a disaster, there is no way he's the man who he says he is on paper.  After she has to fire him she sees him staying in her apartment building and before she knows it she's helping him and slowly falling for him.

Thabiso is on a mission to find his missing intended. They were betrothed as children and it's now time for them to reconnect and fulfill their contract. What he didn't expect was this young woman who clearly doesn't remember her home country, the language or the culture. He had been under the impression her family ran away to live high on the hog in the US instead he finds Ledi alone. He wasn't prepared for the woman he found, and not just that she's not at all interested in him for his crown because she doesn't know who he is, this is a novelty for him, having someone share their unbiased unfiltered opinion and he's addicted.  Even though his adviser Likotsi keeps warning him about his subterfuge he doesn't care, he's getting to know Ledi and she has no barriers up and he finds himself falling for her. Until one night when Ledi shows up where he didn't expect her and his secret is exposed.

This had one of my favorite tropes, and I loved how their meet cute happened.  That moment was so hilarious ( as a former server I can tell you it was legit). I loved the development of the story and how much the two characters struggled to determine if their feelings were legit. This is the first time I'm reading Alyssa's writing and I have to say she does a fantastic job of making the characters real and relatable. Ledi could have been any of the girls in my group chat. She was so relatable in her drive to succeed and her desire to create a better life for herself. I loved the way she loved her friends and didn't judge even though she was worried about Portia. While her family life was non existent she had begun to create her own kind of family with her friends. I loved found family stories.

When given the opportunity to explore and go for her dream she takes the opportunity even if it means leaving everything she knew behind. I am in love with the country of Thesolo, where their religion is based on a Goddess and she influences every aspect of their lives. This book had smoldering sexy times and great commentary on relationships. Thabiso is everything I would look for in a partner and I loved that even with everything he had to offer he wasn't arrogant when it came to Ledi, because he realized with her nothing was guaranteed and he actually had to work for it. For Ledi she was trying to understand what her parents would have been thinking in leaving a community they clearly were deeply ingrained in. She also has to decide if she's capable of doing all that would be required of her as a princess and if that would go with what she has determined her purpose in life to be.  As she begins to explore and learn about her place in Thesolo it appears that a new epidemic is taking hold, people are getting sick in a way she's never seen before and this is something she can handle. While she may know nothing about being a Princess or talking with royalty she's comfortable in the lab and she can do what she can to help her newly discovered country.

I loved that not only was this a romance that required the couple to learn more about each other and overcome their preconceived notions of the other. It also had some tension due to the circumstances surrounding Ledi's family mystery;  the new disease that seems to be spreading in their country and of course Ledi's welcome or not so welcome presence in the country.  Her return has upset the plans of a few people determined to have access to power and they aren't above getting what they want by any means necessary.

I loved how clear the consent was and just how freaking modern everything was. I've read a ton of romance books and reading Alyssa's writing made me fall in love with the genre all over again.  The characters were so well written and made you want to protect them, yell at them when they did something stupid and root for them when they finally figured it all out.

I think I'm in love with Alyssa's writing and I can't wait to see what the other stories have in store for me.
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