Sunday, November 10, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up Post: November 1- 9th 2019

Hi my loves

I wanted to do a quick check-in and share how I'm doing on the reading challenge this week.  We finished out last month on a high and I love it. I took a few days to find what I wanted to read, bouncing between in-progress reads and starting a few new ones as well. Let's take a look at what's going on and see where we are:

Finished This Week:

Full reviews for all the books are pending:

I listened to the audiobook of Changling by Yasmine Galenorn and loved it. This world is expanding quickly and I can't wait to explore more. I do have another 16 books on my shelves so it should be interesting to see where the series goes.

I also listened to Locked In Temptation by Brenda Jackson and I'm officially in love with Ron Butler her narrator. I need her to have him narrate everything she writes from now on.

Currently Reading:
I'm in the middle of like 20 different books. A few historical romances, a few paranormal and just whatever else there is. Lol

In all honesty, I'm really reading and listening to the following:

The Exhibitionist by Tara Sue Me. I realized I needed some BDSM in my life and Scribd has this on audiobook so I'm going to be listening to this to and from work, it's only 7 hours so I'll finish this week.

Burn (Breathless 3)by Maya Banks.  I  picked this one up because it's the third and final installment in this series and I want to get some series get completed from the shelves.

 Also, so many of the options on Scribd have been timed out due to how many I'm reading I can't continue the Yasmine series until next month so I'm reading the ones I can.

I'm also in the middle of The Duchess War by Courtney Milan. It's going to be the second book by her that I have read and I'm taking my time with this one because I'm not really in the historical mood and I don't want that to determine if the book is good or not. 

A new ARC that I just started and can't wait to dive into is Awaken The Dragon by A.C. Arthur. Wasnt even sure what it was about other than dragons and then I read the first chapter and wow I'm definitely finishing this one this week as well.


I actually have only watched one new movie this week and it's a favorite. 12 Dates of Christmas from Lifetime. It's such a great groundhog date style romance and I now need to do a full review on this one as well. 

Have y'all heard the controversy around the new holiday movie Last Christmas?? I mean we as romance readers on twitter pretty much called it the second the trailer dropped and earlier reviewers have confirmed it, you can check out this article from Vanity Fair if you're ok with spoilers which I totally guessed based on the music and the way the first trailer was set up. They, of course, didn't help matters that once we started speculating on twitter they changed the trailer and all the posters.

This is not a Holiday Rom-Com, and I'm kind of annoyed they think we're so dumb we wouldn't have spotted it. Listen ok, those of us love HEA can tell when a movie isn't going to give us those feels and trying to fool us isn't ok.

Listening To:

I have a general list of artists I tend to listen to, like when I'm working on the blog I have a playlist with specific songs that get me in the introspective mood to write. My latest obsession is from Sylvia Day, in her notes about writing Butterfly in Frost she shared that the song Happy by Marshmello & Bastile was part of her process and I have been obsessed ever since. Then from there I stumbled on Kane Brown & Marshmallo's song together. One Thing Right  Like where have I been??
I've been a Kane Brown fan since I heard him like two years ago and I'm so happy to hear this one from him as well. I have these two on loop even as I'm writing right now. Lol What are y'all listening to?? Anything new??

After that I have a few others I would like to check out but none on a solid list yet. What are you reading this week my loves?? What'd you finish recently???

If you haven't finished anything yet are you participating in NaNoWriMo?? I'm not a writer but I'm using the motivation to write my blog reviews and these posts as well.  Are you watching any new Holiday romances??

Hope your reading week is a great one. If you're participating in NaNoWriMo, good luck.

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