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ARC Book #Review: Seducing Janey ( Liberty Crossroads # 1) by Sherri Hayes .@Sherri_Hayes

Book Title: Seducing Janey ( Liberty Crossroads Book 1)
Author:  Sherri Hayes |WebsiteTwitterFacebook| Pinterest
Publisher: Sherri Hayes
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 1
Format: ebook
Cost: $4.99
Pages: 263
How I got it: Author 
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Publication Date: December 10, 2019
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Can he keep his hands off her long enough to catch a killer?

Detective Janey Davis is trying to find a killer. When another body turns up outside the small town of Liberty, Indiana, she’s sent to investigate. Nothing prepares her for what she finds there...and it has nothing to do with the case she’s working on. It’s the deputy who’s been assigned to tag along on her investigation.

Kyle Reed has been a sheriff’s deputy since returning from the Army ten years ago. He loves his job and the small town of Liberty, which is why he’s determined to help Detective Davis find out who murdered a man and dumped his body on the side of a country road. What he wasn’t prepared for was the undeniable chemistry between them.

After convincing her to attend a get-together with him at a friend’s farm, Kyle and Janey give in to their passion. The problem is, he doesn’t want just one night. Can he convince her to give a relationship between them a chance?
When I got the email from Sherri asking if I wanted to read this I literally sat there staring for a while before I reminded myself I have to give an answer to be able to get the book. As much as sitting in the seat nodding my head made me feel good, Sherri wouldn't be able to see that and know I wanted it. Then when the book came through?? I danced a little because clearly, she meant to actually send little ole me a review request. It wasn't an accident. (Now that the dramatics are out of the way let's talk about the book).

Once I got the book I went right into it. It took me way too long to realize that the Paul mentioned in the book was actually Paul Daniels from the Daniel Brothers series and that's not Sherri's fault I just didn't connect it for whatever reason and when it finally did I laughed and loved this even more. Janey gets sent to a small town a few hours outside of her jurisdiction in hopes of finding out if the recently discovered body had anything to do with their most recent case.  When she gets there her liaison is Kyle and my gawd is the man fine, he creates a buzz for her and she's hoping she's not giving it all away because she doesn't want to appear unprofessional.  The second Kyle is introduced to the officer from Indy he's attracted but he's here to do a job and he's going to keep it together damn it.

This was a great blend of romance and romantic suspense. There are moments that the investigation isn't going anywhere while they wait on the results from others that the investigation kind of gets pushed to the back and the romance comes forward, but they keep moving each other forward.  With the recent discovery of the bodies, and the lack of evidence they are working with very little in an attempt to discover who killed these men, who they were and why they had been dumped the way they were.  It takes a while but Kyle and Janey hit it off and when she's in his small town Kyle makes his move and suddenly they are working on the chemistry between them.  Once they realize they have nothing else to go on Janey heads home; not long after she's there another body is discovered in another town. Then a small clue gives them a chance to begin unraveling the mystery, meanwhile, the two cops have to figure out if they want more as well.

I loved  Janey as she felt so real, being nervous and yet excited when she made the leap. Kyle was pretty good as well, being vulnerable and yet being the one to take the bulls by the horns when he needed to, he knew from the start Janey was going to be more and he wasn't afraid to pursue it. They had some serious chemistry and yet that didn't stop them from having serious conversations as well, they talked and that was awesome to see characters work at it and acknowledge the difficulties they might have to face if they pursued this, especially with one of them being gun shy.

The mystery of the dead bodies did take a bit to solve, but that time gave Janey and Kyle plenty of time to work together. When it all starts to unravel?? Well until the end I was like ok maybe ok nope didn't see that one coming, ohhhhh girl what??? How did y'all think that would work out?? Yes, I talk to my books while reading.  It was a good ending, even if I thought the perpetrator clearly didn't think things all the way through.  Those moments with Janey & Kyle facing them?? Yeah, I felt the adrenaline with Janey. Yikes.

I enjoyed myself and especially loved the relationship that Janey and Paul had, he was a great partner and because he was he treated her like family.   Janey's life was full she had great friends, a job she loved and a place she totally enjoyed living in, so Kyle didn't rescue her, but he helped to give her life a little more.  Kyle also had a pretty good network of friends and family, having moved back to his small hometown. I loved his relationship with his sister even if he's trying to be willfully blind.  His relationship with his nephew is so sweet.

I'm looking forward to reading the other romances in this small town as it's shaping up to be awesome. We got glimpses of what I believe are at least two more?? Not sure we'll stalk Sherri's website and see over the next few weeks.  I liked that it didn't all neatly wrap up, she left a few threads to be tugged into the other stories and gave us glimpses of some of the town as well. I'm looking forward to the journey back.  I was in a bit of a slump before reading this and it helped to pull me out; now I'm addicted to reading all the romantic suspense on my shelves. 
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