Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July 2020 To Be Read Pile

My goal this year is 225  books, if I break that down it comes out to 18 books per month, with 3 to 4  books a week. Totally doable in my books, so as the proverb says, you can eat an elephant one bite at a time, so here are my first few bites:

To be real the last few weeks have been very trying and I haven't really gotten anything read. I start a whole bunch of stuff and DNF for now because I just don't feel the reading bug. Or the blogging bug or anything really, I'm just working on getting up and going to work on time. I do believe though if you fail to plan that you plan to fail so here is my obviously ambitious plan for the month, well see at the end where we are.

Blue means the book added during the month. 
Red= DNF (Did Not Finish) 
Black= Original Titles at the beginning of the month.

Read So Far This Year: 

TBR Pile 

TBR Balance:
    Lemonade Syllabus:
    1. .
    2. .
    Perpetual Author Challenge:
    • Spencer's Forbidden Seduction Brenda Jackson 
    • Beverly Jenkins
    • Coel's Red Hot Pursuit by Brenda Jackson
    • Bane by Brenda Jackson
    • One Night with the Wealthy Rancher by Brenda Jackson

    Black Out Challenge:

    • .
    • .
    • .
    • .
    Erotica books:
    • .
    • .
    • .
    Non Fiction Books:
    1. Religious Book
    2. Religious Book

    How is this quarantine affecting your reading my loves?? What are you going to be reading my loves?? Share in the comments down below if you have read any of these and as always

    Happy Reading

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