Sunday, July 16, 2023

Recap of Reading In 2023 So Far


Hi my loves

Long time no see. I wanted to come back so many times but life has been lifing (is that even a word?? but you know what I mean) so I have had to prioritize staying afloat and being mentally well versus the pressure I put on myself to read and share and make posts.  

I actually haven't really been reading any books for pleasure this year, as I for some reason decided I had a goal and a dream to complete a degree I started so many years ago, that I now have to repeat some of the courses because they are too old and science has moved on since I took them last. 

While in school to help me destress I have found that I have been re-reading some favorites, right now I have re-read the entire Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh so many times ( probably an unhealthy amount of times, but seriously is there ever too many times to read a book?? ) , and I love more each time I do. Luckily it's available on audiobooks so I've been able to just pop my headphones in when I need time to relax, or play it in the car and unwind. 

I've been obsessed with the series and really have been re-listening because the voice actress is phenomenal. Also because a lot of my favorite paranormals aren't available in audiobook format, and I wish people realized just how much that sucks for those of use with vision impairments.  

While the world has been burning around us (literally, I live in New England and we got hit by the smoke from the Canada fires for days) and figuratively just watching as fascism rolls it's way through American politics, I have found myself retreating to books as a safe place. While I haven't been on the book streets and haven't been paying attention to all the drama, I happened to see that some authors have been acting out and really honestly it's almost like clock work now.  

While I was gone from the blogging world I have been working on purging my shelves and got rid of a few problematic authors works from the shelves, I haven't found too many people jumping at taking linda howard's collection though, which tells me that the word has spread about her toxicity. I'm going to donate them to the local friends of library book sale so hopefully they can get rid of them Even with doing that my shelves are still packed and I still have five bookcases at my parents house.  I'm going to work on more purging down of authors. I pulled all my Julia Quinn books that I hadn't read and went ahead and traded those out as well. Beyond the books I love from the Anita Blake series and the beginning of the Merry Gentry series, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on getting rid of Laurell K Hamilton as well.  

There are just some authors I have grown away from and others who have shown their ass. Comments they have made about why they don't write black people in their series but willingly had black people casted in their shows, while sitting next to the queen of historical black books was just wild and crazy to me. The Anita books fell off for me after Harlequin but like an impulse I couldn't stop would make me buy them and I no longer needed them so off they go to someone else who will love them.  

Working in healthcare and surviving this pandemic has made me a little more brutal about what I'm willing to keep and what I'm still willing to allow in my space. 

How have y'all been?? Getting any reading done?? What have you been doing to entertain yourself ?? Any good books you recommend??

Love & Light 

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