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Hi, I'm Aisha
*FTC Rules*
If the Book Review starts with ARC then it means I received it from the publisher or author as an advance published copy for review. It does not, however, mean an excellent review. I review honestly with or without the publisher/author providing the book. I am required by FTC rules to state the origins of the books that are being reviewed. Beyond the books being received by me, I am NOT compensated for the reviews.

Who We Are:
The Bewitching Bibliophile is now just Aisha as Akili now works in publishing. , 

I read because I love it, I blog about the books I truly love and wish for my readers to know about. I give honest reviews and will not give a false opinion of a book. If I don't like it I generally don't review it, if it's a book I have received for review I am honest but attempt to highlight the pros and cons of the books. Books are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. If the book is an ARC I will post my review one week before the publishing date or on the publishing date. If there is a better date that you wish for the review to be posted, let me know in the letter and I will have it done then.  I will post reviews here on my blog, on Goodreads,  & Amazon.

This is the new weekly schedule for the blog. Open posts mean there is no real set schedule, I will just share whatever pops into my head, my life or whatever is going on that I wish to post about.
  • Monday: Monday Book to Movie Reviews
  • Tuesdays: Book Reviews
  • Wednesday: Waiting On Wednesday
  • Thursday: Book Reviews
  • Friday: Book Review/ Free Post 
  • Saturday: Raunchy Weekend Reviews
  • Sunday: Stacking The Shelves 
Books categories I am interested in:
  • Erotica
  • Chick Lit
  • Historical Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Science Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy
  • YA Books & NA (new adult) 
I will not review any technical books, autobiographies, religious books not already listed, or any genres not listed. If your book falls outside of the above categories but I have personally requested it then I will review it.

I will review books at the request of the author if it falls in with my listed categories, simply email me at AishaOaktree1122 {@}   Turn around time for books and reviews is 1 month. If there are any problems with this deadline I will let the individual parties know.

I am willing to participate in Blog Tours.

Rating System:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★   ~ Burn Rubber to get it. It's a must read!!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆   ~ This is awesome!! It's an add to your TBR Pile, asap.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆   ~ It's Okay, check it out when you have a chance.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆   ~ Ugh Why did I pick this up??
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   ~ So..Why did I read this?? Don't even bother with this book, the cover is pretty
No Stars~ Meh, Did not finish

Erotica Rating System:
5 ~ Extra Steamy: great story excellent plot, amazing sex scenes
4 ~ Steamy: Okay plot, excellent love scenes
3~  Steam: Only read the erotic scenes
2 ~ Is the shower on?: Bad, bad all around bad
1~  Not even in the bedroom: put down and walk away, don't even bother reading

Find Me on the Web:

I Netgalley

Any other questions I will be happy to answer via email.
Thank You


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