Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Review:: The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby

Book Title: The Christian Mama's Guide to Having A Baby
Author:  Erin Macpherson |Website| Twitter| Facebook|
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Genre: Non Fiction, Christian, Books For Mothers
Format: Paperback
Cost: $15.99
Pages: 287
How I got it: From Publisher
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Everything you need to know about pregnancy--from weight gain to stretch marks to figuring out how to rely on Christ through the ups and downs of the next nine months. This comprehensive guide is packed with information that every newly pregnant Christian mama needs--including: help for pregnancy insomnia, morning sickness, weight gain and moreadvice on how to maintain a godly attitude and outlook during pregnancy--even when you're feeling anything but godlywhat to expect from doctor check-ups, your encounters with the scale and labor and deliverytips on how to survive food cravings, aversions, and even dreaded pregnancy exercisehealthy eating advice for pregnancy that doesn't outright ban ice cream sundaesideas on how to keep your marriage a priority when you're pregnant, including a guide for Christian dads-to-be and even pregnancy sex tips This detailed guide takes you through each trimester with helpful tips, humorous accounts, and supportive spiritual advice--all with a girlfriend-to-girlfriend approach that will help moms feel comfortable as they navigate this life-changing time.(

This book is great for those not seeking the medical jargon of most of the pregnancy books out there. It's written by a lay (non medical degree or medical field professional i.e not a nurse/midwife/doctor) person, a simple mother who was pregnant and wanted a little Christian fellowship while she was pregnant, finding none she decided to fill in the blanks herself and wrote a book for the other women who were like her.

Now being in the medical field I know she lacking a whole lot of necessary information, she does have her sister fill in some information about diet, I do wish she had some more information, but this is more for the spiritual aspect than the medical one.  If your looking for more medical information try "Pregnancy Week by Week", or "What to Expect When Your Expecting", but for the spiritual pieces this is a good book.

Her witty banter makes me love this book even more. I found myself laughing while reading her stories of each of her pregnancies and she gives great advice especially when she notes that you should run everything by your birth professional. I loved that she didn't judge or make it her business to make you feel like you had to go to one professional over the other. I liked that she advocated that mothers take care of themselves and that she advised them to allow things to start to slip so they can get used to it when they are mothers of toddlers.
It's a great book filled with lots of good stories & lots of little prayer sections along with great verses from the Bible.

I highly suggest this book to any Christian Mama getting ready for her first baby.
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