Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome To Bewitching Bibliophile Book Blog:

Hi my loves,

Welcome to the new book blog. I started this blog because I noticed that my personal lifestyle blog was being consummed by the books and my love of books, I mean I will still highlight my favorite books on the blog as well as pagan books, but By The Broomstick will return to it's original purpose of being a pagan lifestyle blog.

When creating a blog you have to have a purpose; at least if you want people to keep coming back you can't just post random thoughts, so this blog is dedicated to my love obsession to books, I'm going to share my favorites, the new and fun, the ones I can't believe I wasted my time reading, the epic, and of course my thoughts on everything to do with them.  I'm a 20 year pagan with passion for education, reading and sharing all the adventures that books can bring, I love to explore religion and spirituality, and I will discuss those themes when reading books.  My blog is going to be dedicated to reading the paranormal, the weird and the religious books out there while sharing my thoughts as a modern pagan woman reading these books.

The schedule for the blog is listed under the Blog Policy Page.  If you're a rep or an author looking for a review make sure to check out the Review Request Tab and fill out the forms there.

These reviews are my own thoughts and ideas, and are unsolicited unless noted. I am receiving no payment for reviewing, or recommending books, or bookstores or ebook services.

So stay tuned to reading more from me about books, music, movie adaptations and all things nerdy from the pagan perspective!!

Happy Reading my loves
The Bewtiching Bibliophile

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