Friday, June 21, 2013

Book Review: Sleeping With Dogs & Other Lovers

Book Title: Sleeping With Dogs & Other Lovers: A Second Acts Novel Book 1
Author: Julia Dumont |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: BroadLit
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: ebook, paperback
Cost: $8.99, $14.99
Pages: 254
How I got it: NetGalley
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Season: Beach Read
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A SECOND ACTS NOVEL: Sleeping with Dogs and Other Lovers Cynthia Amas has her hands full. In the middle of launching a boutique matchmaking service amid the sun, surf, and celebrities of Southern California, her own romantic life gets a whole lot more complicated...and steamy. While expertly juggling the needs of her exclusive clients, her own maddeningly irresistible bad-boy, sometime lover unexpectedly returns for a hot and heavy reunion. Meanwhile, her high-maintenance mother busily concocts harebrained schemes for meddling in Cynthia’s affairs. And her new best girlfriend—the sexy proprietress of a chic Beverly Hills dog-grooming salon—just happens to roll with a purebred entourage of curiously gifted canines. Before long, Cynthia’s personal, professional, and amorous lives begin crashing hilariously into one another. Join Cynthia as she begins "Second Acts " and find out who accidentally slips into bed with whom, who has a penchant for low-cut lederhosen, and who winds up naked and alone on a beautiful beach in Malibu!

I'm confused, what the hell did I just read??!!! This was supposed to be a good fun love story read, which was what it started out as and then it went left.  Somewhere out there is the point in this story, it just isn't in this book.

First we have the lead character who has a mother that is 'typical' of these novels, nosey, setting her 'lonely' daughter up all the time and has no sense of boundaries AT ALL.  And while yes I freely admit to having my own frustrations with my mother, telling you mother to respect your boundaries and to just do better or limit their interaction isn't that hard.  Why support her shennaigans by going out with the man she tried to set you up with?? Why for the love of God WHY would you go to a Doctor that isn't yours just because she made the appointment?? Please tell me what insurance she has that is paying for all these visits and why haven't the cops been called in???

The story started off great, then it started ding weird stuff, then it began to try too hard to fun, funny and quirky and just dragged. Half way through I wanted to quit reading, but I was already so involved I might as well finish. Each character was thrown in and some of them were just to show how awesome she is at being a matchmaker, yet she makes the world's worst mistakes when it comes to men.  It just wasn't cohesive or worth really reading. I knew I was done when she followed through on the doctor's appointment, as a nurse I know that as a new patient the doctor will have a nurse in the room just to make sure nothing improper was to happen or believed to happen.  Plus asking her out after he had examined her???? So beyond improper & unprofessional.  Then the date?? Her mother being there and allowing it to happen?? I was so done with everything after that.

The phone call from Max, Max as a character?? He was a player, a whore and just the worst human being ever. Just way too much I can't with this book, or it's plot attempts. It's like watching a horrible B movie. I did have a few giggle worthy moments when she talked about who had the biggest pen*s in Hollywood (the asterisk is so that I won't be blocked by filters, not because I think the word is wrong). That list was very cool to know *dirty smirk*; especially because I know that Colin Farrell wins hand down. *yes I totally admit to watching that video*.  Other than that this story was totally not worth reading IMHO. I just can't finish reading the second book much less the third book; but since I'm already reading the second book I have to finish because I refuse to be haunted by any of these characters, especially Max the whore.


Good Luck with this book, & Happy Reading

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