Monday, June 17, 2013

BookTube Challenges: 30 Books In 30 Days

I have joined the book tube community. Yeah At the moment I am stalking the videos and making so many of my own, but without a computer it's getting hard to really do anything for these here blogs. But I'm sneaking in some stuff now.  I'm participating, here are the rules, created by NerdinTranslation.

The goal is to read 200 pages per day or a book a day so you can clean up those TBRs. Mine are getting seriously out of hand right now so this hcallenge is essential to my life.

The Books I will be Reading:
  1. The Submissive Tara Sue Me
  2. The Dominant Tara Sue Me
  3. Indigo Alice Hoffman
  4. Survival Lessons Alice Hoffman
  5. Substitute Creature Charles Gilman
  6. Cake by Lauren Dane
  7. Bared to You S. Day
  8. Reflected in You S. Day
  9. Enticed by You S Day
  10. The Hero Robyn Carr
  11. The Wanderer Robyn Carr
  12. The Newcomer Robyn Carr
  13. Unwind N, Schusterman
  14. Unwholly N. Schusterman
  15. The Goddess Test Aimee Carter
  16. The Goddess Inheritance Aimee Carter
  17. The Immortal Rules J. Kagawa
  18. The Eternity Cure J. Kagawa
  19. Born Wild Julie Ann Walker
  20. Giants in the Land
  21. Poisoned Politics Maggie Sefton
  22. The Night is Watching Heather Graham
  23. the christian mama's guide to baby's first year erin mcpherson
  24. Soapmaking Anne Marie Fiola
Those are the ones I know MUST be read by the end of the challenge, what are you doing for this challenge my love??

I still have six more to go that should be added in as well, what are you going to read.
Happy Reading

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