Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Review: Survival Lessons

Book Title: Survival Lessons
Author:  Alice Hoffman |WebsiteFacebook|
Publisher: Algonquin Books by Chapel Hill
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Genre: Inspirational
Format: Hardcover
Cost: $13.95
Pages: 96
How I got it: Book Expo America 2013
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Fifteen years ago, Alice Hoffman received a diagnosis that changed everything about the life she d been living. Most significant aside from the grueling physical ordeal she underwent was the way it changed how she felt inside and what she thought she out to be doing with her days. Now she has written the book that she needed to read then. In this honest, wise, and upbeat guide, Alice Hoffman provides a road map for the making of one s life into the very best it can be. As she says, In many ways I wrote this book to remind myself of the beauty of life, something that s all too easy to overlook during the crisis of illness or loss. There were many times when I forgot about roses and starry nights. I forgot that our lives are made up of equal parts sorrow and joy, and that it s impossible to have one without the other. . . . I wrote to remind myself that in the darkest hour the roses still bloom, the stars still come out at night. And to remind myself that, despite everything that was happening to me, there were still some choices I could make

I love Alice, yes, I love her so much, so when I heard she was going to be at BEA I was all over myself to get to her.  I got the book and I love it!!! As a long term disease sufferer, it's a pain in the rear to read books that try to make it sound like that you will be fine (you will be, but still don't invalidate my pain).

I read this book on the train and I was crying my eyes out, because it's so good to hear so many of these lessons from someone who has also suffered.  The book is small but she gets right to the point and shares what she has learnt during her years of chemo.

It's crazy to think all of this was happening and we didn't know about it.  I'm glad she is sharing with us now, This is a small but had quite a strong impact and I totally recommend this to anyone who loves to read survival stories.


Happy Reading my loves

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